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Antenna setup question


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From my experience using multiple SRC/SRb blocks in the past and currently the DSR4 A1/B1, yes... the passive Betso Bow Ties seem to perform better than whips. It may be that by mounting the Betso on the front corners of the bag, allowing for greater antenna separation and a higher mounting point than the whips, is part of the improvement.





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My bowtie's have worked well with my SRC's... blocks 19, 21 and wideband Lectro LR. They really shine when you need to get an antenna up above a group of people, to establish a clean trajectory between TX/RX. Quick to deploy and attach to anything, so long as you have long enough 50ohm BNC's. I carry a pair of 10 footers with me everywhere, which work 90% of the time. 

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