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  1. Yep... sunbathing on a nice day off!
  2. I took my mother to the ENT yesterday, for dizziness and balance trouble. He prescribed a simple exercise for her... five reps, three times a day. From a seated position (on a bed or something) lean all the way over to one side, return to center and lean down to the other side. Each rep is supposed to last 30 seconds or so. It is supposed to help realign calcium crystals which have shed or something in the inner ear somewhere. This apparently happens as we age and diabetics are more susceptible to this shedding of crystals. He also prescribed low dose Valium for only a two week period to help
  3. I have a part 74 license and a couple of 941 sets... one for the bag and one for camera hops.
  4. I used "Nite Ize Original Gear Ties" to mount a GoPro between the horns of a rather wild bull once. The bull didn't seem to mind and the GoPro survived an hour or so of general running bull stuff. It should be easier to make friends with the horse...
  5. I found this on-line. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/821948/Comtek-Pr-216.html?page=8
  6. I once did a video interview with a commercial airline pilot under the wing of his 747 as the very nearby engines were revving up. Great picture. I couldn't hear a thing. If the microphone on your boom is going straight to a camera, without the benefit to you of headphones or a VU meter, you will be similarly blind. Your boom will pick up sounds from your fingers and movements. Relax. Follow your subject as well as your shooter and circumstances allow. Do the best you can and good luck. At the end of the pilot interview the producer asked "how did it sound?". I had to s
  7. Perhaps one of your regular mixers is planning an upgrade and would like to sell off some perfectly usable 'Lectro gear...
  8. I used the Betso Bowtie for my first time in a very crowded RF environment a couple weeks ago. Another mixer picked a frequency we could share. During live TV I received the talent signal just fine, while the other mixer was getting serious dropouts with standard 'Lectro whips, mounted on the receiver, at the same distance. I picked a new frequency to solve the problem for the rest of the shoot. I found the Bowtie easy to deploy and easy to stow on my bag when not in use. I can also see how to mount the SNA 600a using the same hardware. I hope, one afternoon fairly soon
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