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Taking apart a 302 mixer.

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Have an old 302 mixer. Works fine, but the LED ribbon is either broken or unseated. 


I could most likely buy a part from Sounddevices or just look up the part number and find it from an electronics supplier.


However, I cannot get to the actual ribbon. It's sandwiched between the two boards. I took the rubber knobs off of the pots. Seems like the nuts are holding it together from the front side. Any idea as to any things I need to do to disassemble the unit enough to get to the inside?


Many thanks.




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I guess I'm assuming you don't want to pay SD's service fee?  The 302 is a tight sandwich and its really easy to break stuff in taking it apart if you don't really know how it works.  I had bad luck trying to fix an old MixPre many years ago for the same reason, they were made the same way.  It ended up visiting SD....

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You need to get that right cheek off first, which means removing all the screwsr off that panel. Be really careful when you take it off as there are plenty of cables jumping connectors to the board. The AA holder stays attached to the cheek but unclips from the board at the end (you can pull it out of the tab at the end and retaining wire near the cheek). Then you can get all the pot caps off and take the front off.

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