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  1. The problem with the MKE-2s specifically is that they contain 2 braided wires that are used to hold the shape & strengthen the lav cable. Which makes them tough but once they get kinked, it's game over. It's not the rubber shield/casing that's getting twisted & bent, so no amount of hanging/heating/drying/applying oils is going to remedy it. I've yet to find a solution
  2. Seems like odd logic, as the connector on the end of your BBI sidekick is likely of a similar cost price, as is the female jack on the Comtek. Connectors are cheap. You could have bought a bunch of them, or taken the sidekick somewhere to replace the TRS to a TS jack. Would you have felt better about a $100 gold-plated TS adapter?
  3. Lately I've been seeing this issue more frequently with the HM plugons: wear on the female XLR connector causing a bad contact problem when joining with the male XLR side. I'm sure it's a problem with the Neutrik connector and not a Lectro design flaw, and that careless operation/use of the HM makes the problem much more likely to happen (putting undue stress on the connector in the field). It just seems rather unfortunate that the repair route needs to be to replace the entire XLR assembly (a costly job), rather than replacing a simple connector. Wondering if anyone else has experienced
  4. Thanks Jon. I'm definitely happy in my current position at the moment and will stick it out here for a while to come still. Regarding post work - if I've already invested in the Steinberg route with Nuendo/Cubase/Wavelab, would you say it's still absolutely necessary to become acquainted with ProTools as soon as possible? Doing some basic work with RX7 Standard at the moment, saving for the upgrades. Thank you so much, this all makes a lot of sense. I can definitely work on and immerse myself more in the fiscal concepts and tips you've mentioned.. You make a grea
  5. Greetings, denizens of JWSound Some background: (may be a bit long-winded but context is a good thing I hope) I'm a sound-engineering diploma graduate (not that the qualification really counts for much), aspiring to build a career in either location or post, though I know I'll likely end up focusing on one discipline and dabbling in the other. I don't have any post work experience, but have invested in basic home studio gear and software and am teaching myself in my spare time at home when I can (really just basics & personal/friends projects thus far). I started
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