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01v96 USB issues...

Guest Jeffrey Colon

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Guest Jeffrey Colon

Hello all,

I was running studio manager software between an IbookG4 and the 01v96 and everything was working well...  I needed to do a bit of spring cleaning and decided to upgrade the os on my G4 to Tiger.  My install was an erase and start from scratch...  Everything else seems to work fine and the software and files I decided to transfer (from dvd backups) work well.  The only issue at this point is after downloading Yamaha's Driver, Studio Mgr Software, and editor... I cannot get the 'puter to see the board on the USB bus.  I have queried the 01v96yahoo group and tried a few hours (3498.4) of BS getting them to talk, so far no luck...

I am wondering if anyone is using a  higher version of OSx 10.3.9 (panther) to run Studio Manager to config the O1v96. is having sucess ?


jeff c

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I use Studio Manager with Tiger without any issues.

Please allow me to play Devil's advocate and ask the obvious questions just in case you forgot anything:

- You re-installed the 01v96 editor as well as Studio Manager (http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/downloads/firm_soft/01v96/01v96_edt.html)?

- Can you see the 01v96 in OSX's Audio MIDI setup?  Are the ports enabled?

- Have you configured the 01v96's midi ports using the editor's File-System Setup menu?

- Have you configured the 01v96's midi ports on the 01v96 itself?

- Have you installed the latest OSX Yamaha USB MIDI driver (http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/downloads/firm_soft/midi_driver/usb_osx.html)?



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Guest Jeffrey Colon


I "think" I have covered all the obvious bases,  The UsB midi driver i have downloaded from yamaha is listed as good through 10.4.5 and I am at 10.4.8...  I have enabled ports configed the ports on the console itself... numerous re boots, both devices...  I know it's not a good thing but I have dragged the whole yamaha folder to the trash, re downloaded and installed again, still no link... is there possibly a prefs file I need to delete ?... I usually find I'm the problem, won't be surprised if that's the case. I'll go check the nuendo thread, from what I have been able to find so far It's kind of hit and miss situation for a lot of users ???  Thanks for your help.



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Hi Jeff,

I think that you can take the hit and miss bit with a grain of salt.  The original Tiger drivers were a bit dodgy.  Sometimes it was a bit finicky to make a connection.  But I have found that with the latest drivers/editors, the whole thing has been rock solid.

Good luck!


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Guest Jeffrey Colon

'Lo all,

Some more questions if I may... at least before I do a complete reinstall of tiger etc etc...

Target device in Dio set up... General DAW or Pro tools ?...

I either have conflicting drivers or a non functioning usb port it seems... no matter what I do, I  am not seeing an option in the system set up for usb port IO... Would anyone know how to properly delete and re-load the Driver, editor and SM software ?

In the Midi Ports option, all midi ports are visible, do I enable them all on both in and out side of the workspace panel ?  There is no reference to any usb ports

Not a big football fan, but I heard the Devil was buying up space heaters just in case the Saints beat Dallas tonight...  Seems like hell will freeze over before I ever get this computer to talk to the 01v96...  and it certainly will if the Saints ever go to the Superbow........ ;-J )))))

just tying to keep a sense of humor...  any suggestions or devil's advocacy much appreciated.


Jeff C

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Let's have another stab at this.

More things to check:

-  Start with a hardware re-set of your board to undo any improper setting that may have been selected during your efforts to solve this problem.  (Power up while holding down the Scene Memory Store button).

- Go to OSX's system preferences, ensure that the Yamaha USB MIDI driver shows up at the bottom under "Other".  Do any device names show up?

- Under OSX's Audio MIDI Setup, does the 01v96 show up under MIDI Devices, and if so is it greyed out or functional?

- To re-install all of the software you mentioned above, one only needs to install the latest version over top.

- This is a critical step that is often the missed one that will prevent you from connecting SM2 to your hardware:

Open Studio manager, open the 01v96 Editor inside of studio manager.  Open "file-SYSTEM setup inside of the Editor's window, not SM's window.  At the top of the new System Setup window that will open, Select midi port 2 for both the input and output ports. device ID can be 1.  Select yes for every other selection box on the page.

- If you are having difficulties with the above step, go to SM2, open the "file" menu, and select "Re-map MIDI ports".  Then try the above step again.

- On the hardware mixer itself, open DIO.  Ignore Target device.  Leave the entire DIO MIDI Setup page at it's default settings.  Go to the DIO MIDI/HOST page.  Go to "Studio Manager and for port, select "USB", "2". ID will be "1".

- You can ignore everything else on the DIO MIDI/Host page unless you also want to Use Metacorder's MMC.  If you do, set the MMC to USB MIDI port 1, ID 1.

- Don't fill in the Tx and RX ports, or the DAW or remote ports unless you are using the mixer as a control surface or with a supported DAW such as Nuendo or Pro-Tools, etc.

...here's hoping...

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In case any non-01v96 users are wondering what the heck we are talking about....

Yamaha supplies free software for all of their digital products that allows for them to be completely remote controlled by computer.  Any setting on the 01v96 can be operated via the hardware itself or via the computer.  ALL settings, such as eq, dynamics, etc, and in fact entire snapshots of the entire board including fader positions, can also be saved to the computer for later re-call.

I often find it handy to use the computer to re-configure the board before a shoot that requires a different approach such as a day that will involve live records and playback.  I will pre-enter the various board configurations that I need, including input and output routing, and then save those configurations to the computer.  The really cool thing is that you don't even need to have the 01v96 connected to do this; you can just open up studio manger and edit your board's configurations from the software.  That means you can even do it in the comfort of your own home during prep, or the night before, etc.  Then, when those configurations are needed, I simply re-call them to the board from the computer.

Using this same technique, in the very unlikely event that one of these boards were to fail, one could plug in a replacement console and simply upload ALL of your settings into the new board and then very quickly continue where you left off.

Here are some screen shots of Studio Manager:




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Guest Jeffrey Colon

Hello Darren, All

Thanks for the time and effort in such a thorough, well thought out set of instructions.  Reminds me of Nagra's STC setting instructions which were summed up with the phrase...

"The Complexity of this procedure is inversly proportional to frequency it must be performed"

I did do a firmware check and it allowed a write although I thought I was at the lateset version... also re initialised and screwed around with port settings to no end...

I think I had tried both setting the ports to DAW and SM... as well as assigning the midi txrx to the usb port...

After one (two) of "THOSE" nights trying to figure this out I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but following your instructions has me up and runnin'  SM did crash the first time I tried to sync but it seems to be fine now.

If I worked for Yamaha I would want to hire you in a second... those screen shots illustrate a very versatile patching machine... Your instructions are actually for our use and not the pro tools contol stuff they are marketing to... I am beginning to have that moment of clarity where some of this is making sense to my ole grey matter... I cannot express my gratitude enough... Thank You Darren !

Where is the Superbowl being played this year anyway ???

Jeff C.

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