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    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Jeff, I am so sorry to hear of your father's passing. Wishing you and your family love, peace, and my deepest condolences.
  2. Darren

    Radio Mic Frequencies in Italy

    I have used blocks 23 & 24 all over Rome with no issues at all, albeit not recently.
  3. Jeff, another "+10" for your last comment. PERFECTLY stated.
  4. Darren

    Petition for A Sound device CL12

    Hello everyone, I never really feel the need to inject my own opinion into any of these conversations, but I would like to say "+10" (perhaps more) to Jeff's last comment. I have gone from being amazed, to flabbergasted, to disappointed, to almost disgusted, with reading some of the comments aimed at SD lately. They have just released yet another amazing product, that *many* highly skilled mixers all over the world are going to use as they go about the day to day challenges of their particular work environments. Sound Devices has given us nothing but excellent tools, product after excellent product. And I know that I thank them for coming up with the brilliant 664 every time that I have to jump in a helicopter, or a small boat, or up a steep donkey trail, or even quickly move between several insert cars. Isn't the 664 the same tool that the someone just said " should never have been built" or something to that effect? I personally am also extremely satisfied with my PIX260. Thank you Sound Devices! In fact, thank you to EVERY manufacturer that puts so much time, effort, brain power, and financial risk into helping make our ever changing world of production sound both easier and more reliable. How a company can be rewarded for their excellent contribution to our profession, by all of the wining and complaining and, yes, almost bullying that I have read here is beyond me. I find it extremely disappointing. To me, it just feels wrong to "petition" for what you want. Perhaps it is better just to "request" it? I'm pretty sure that we can all agree that every manufacturer is doing their very best to meet our needs. That is what their businesses are all about. My 2¢ Mistyped on Darren's phone.
  5. Darren

    CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

    Wow. I loved that. Thanks Jeff!
  6. Camera dept here, that originally rejected using the (handle-less) slate, is now calling it the "end all, be all of slates". They also commented that the slate's horizontal handle has now made it safer and easier to attach the slate to their modified painter's poles when needing to get the slate up into the air on crane shots.
  7. Darren

    6 new Ambient products

    Ambient has manufactured a handle, for the slate, a slot on the upper stick for one's thumb, and new parts for the slate hinge that give it adjustable tension. All can be retrofit. I believe that these parts are on the way to dealers right now, to be retrofitted to existing slates. But I'm just a customer. So I will leave any actual announcements to Ambient.
  8. Darren

    6 new Ambient products

    Dear Ambient, The new handle, and the friction modification to the sticks, are installed and functioning well. The camera dept is happy. I am happy. Thank you so much for your great customer support!
  9. Darren

    6 new Ambient products

    I also own the new slate, and am also working with camera assistants that are finding the slate quite challenging to use due to ergonomics. It is very difficult to hold onto and pretty much impossible to slate with one hand. I concur that moving the display a little further away from the sticks would likely be a successful solution. I also agree that the "low" option in the auto brightness menu should allow the display to go much dimmer than what is currently possible. Likewise for the manual brightness settings. Thank you, Ambient, for confirming that the early adopters will be taken care of, and for being so receptive to the user's needs and observations. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  10. Darren

    Pix 970 - Delivered

    Ramsay, I've been running Metacorder with Dante VSC for quite some time now. it's reliable and incredibly simple. Immediately makes cabling and an audio interface seem very very "yesterday". Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  11. Darren

    PSU-3 for Video Assist

    Goldy had this unit out on the production that we just worked on together. An absolutely amazing piece of gear that, to me, seemed quite revolutionary when compared to any other video assist gear that I have ever seen. The business model that he spoke of at the time, with regards to obtaining ownership of one of these devices seemed to also be rather revolutionary. Although the units ARE expensive, they do replace an awful lot of gear, including the need for carrying HD mixers, etc. The way he described the path to ownership, it seemed to make financial sense with regards to making them financially obtainable. Goldy, of course, has as much experience as anyone out there, and he REALLY believes in this product. I was there when he took delivery of his first one and I can tell you that he was VERY excited about it!
  12. Darren

    788T/Fusion comparison and advice

    Did I understand your post correctly in that you said you think SD's file naming scheme is "not usable on set? These are mature recorders in use on sets all over the world! One is definitely entitled to one's opinion, but that really struck me as "out there"... Personally, I actually prefer the file being named as Scene_name.wav
  13. Darren

    re: 8050

    8050 is, in my opinion, probably the best sounding microphone I have ever owned. Been using it practically every working day since the day it became available. The combination of an MZF8000 with the filter switched out and an HPF set to 60Hz on the input strip of my mixing board has worked very well for me. I completely concur that the additional filtering on the MZF is "too much".
  14. Darren

    Nomad update

    O1v96 has it as well. Originally got used to that on my Cameo. A very nice feature indeed.
  15. Darren

    DVD RAM rushes.

    Gosh, I think it's been at least 5 or 6 years since I've done a paper sound report. My experience has been that no one at Technicolor, deLuxe, or anywhere else has ever thought twice about it, and that editors prefer the PDF's for their detailed information, clarity, and the fact that they're harder to misplace. Aside from from the fact that they're on the DVD itself, further distribution via email is much simpler than could ever be achieved with paper.
  16. Darren

    Firmware 2.14 for 788t

    I agree. The 8 input limitation is the ONLY reason I haven't bought one yet. I need 10 channels minimum. As soon as that's available, I'm in. I too, really wish that one could use the 12 tracks to record up to 12 inputs from any combination of the AES and analog inputs. For me, 8 inputs today is already like having 4 inputs was a number of years ago. Really nice when first introduced, but no longer enough... I'd also like to see the tracks simply numbered 1-12, or at least A-L, doing away with the notion of tracks, mix tracks, and aux tracks.... I'd be very surprised if all of this wasn't available from SD at some point. If not on this machine, maybe their next one.... All of that being said, the new wi-fi option is a total game changer for me. Being able to enter track names and notes, etc. so easily really is fantastic.
  17. Darren


    Congratulations to the Inception sound team for your BAFTA win!
  18. Darren

    Rick Patton's retirement party.

    Glen and the Trew Audio family here did a fantastic job of celebrating and saluting Rick yesterday. For those of us that have known Rick for our entire careers, and have had the privilege and pleasure of having been mentored by him at one time or another, it was wonderful to be provided an opportunity to say a collective goodbye, to share some memories, and to enjoy each other's company! A big thank you to Trew Audio! Thank you for not just being a valuable professional resource, but for becoming a big part of the "community" of sound people here. There is more value in that than can be put into words. And to Rick... what can I say... Your business was a place where every visit came with a cappuccino, great conversation, and profound wisdom. You will always be an integral part of the fabric of the sound community here. You have played such a large role in everyone's careers! Cheers! Darren
  19. Darren

    Remote Audio Rainman - any users?

    As someone that records a LOT of sound in the rain, I can safely say that this is easily the best product of its type that I have ever come across.
  20. Wolf, I don't have any idea why you would comment that you would not recommend Samlex. I have been using their 1215 battery charger on my cart for longer than I can remember and have been using their inverter for as long as I have owned my 01v96. Neither has given me any trouble and have been worked hard in all kinds of nasty conditions. There is nothing there not to recommend. In fact, I can heartily recommend them. As stated, my experience has been that the Samlex inverters outperform similarly spec'd Xantrax ones, while being much less expensive, and much lighter. A clear contradiction to "you get what you pay for". FWIW, my previous charger was a Guess. When using the Guess, I used to have to replace the cart gel battery approx. once per year. I have not had to change my cart battery even once since switching to the Samlex charger.
  21. I only run my video monitors and my mixing board through the inverter. The rest of my gear is DC and is fed straight from the battery via a bus bar.
  22. Head's up: You will need more than a 100W inverter. There is a momentary start up surge. FYI, I couldn't get my mixer to power up with a Xantrax of less than 600W, but works just fine with the 300W Samlex unit (true sign wave of course). Cheers!
  23. Personally, I'm not certain that SD cards are as "robust", for lack of a better word, as CF cards. I know that with my photographic equipment I've had many an SD card lose data or suddenly become unreadable and require reformatting. In tens of thousands of photos, this has *never* occurred with any of my CF cards.
  24. Darren

    Back up Discs...Mix or ISO/Mix

    QUESTION FOR MARK: Have you ever had this occur with DVD-R, or has it been limited to DVD-RAM? Its difficult for me to picture how a DVD-R that has been burned, and verified, would not be able to be read by post...
  25. Darren

    Back up Discs...Mix or ISO/Mix

    Like Jeff, I've probably had 3 or 4 discs over the years that were problematic. They fact that they were defective was obvious immediately upon initiating the burn, and also like Jeff, I simply discarded them and immediately swapped them out for fresh discs. I have never had a disc that burned successfully but was deemed unreadable by telecine. To answer the question at hand, my backup recorder is for the mix only.