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Fostex FR2 TimeCode board install

John Moore

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First off I want to give a big thanks to Mike Van Tine- he was a big help with info on how to do the 3047 card install on an older mother board... I've said it before: he's a go-to guy!

All I had to do was cut 2 board traces, add a shunt wire and a 10k ohm resistor & it's good to go... Of course, my wife kept looking over my shoulder & pronouncing me wacko: "brave man, maybe not too smart- but brave".

Hey- it worked... now it's time to install the 4-pin Hirose power connector. I was tempted to put in a 4-pin XLR, since there's plenty of room, but the Wendt X3 is also 4-pin Hirose & I've decided to standardize on that.


Here's a pic:


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