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Rob Stalder

Rastorder Mb (Mixer bag) cart

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The "beach" boys and the mixer bag cart.

Pahlawan Beach, just south of Singapore.

From left to right:::  Nuriskandar - sound; Noorman - DOP; Alfian - camera Assist.

Thank you guys.


The beach boys re-sized.jpg

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Fred's at it again, modifying another of my carts...  This time its the Mixer bag cart and he has been dragging it half way round the world in a suitcase - as check in luggage all under 23kg .

Suitcase is;  by Sandpiper of California Rolling Loadout Luggage X-Large

AND he's added a small shelf out the front for his mixer. Maybe I should look at that as an option?






bag 3_resize.jpg

bag 2_resize.jpg

bag 1_resize.jpg

Himalayan Inn_resize.jpg

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That's very cool and a testament to ease that the Mixer Bag cart can be broken down and travel in a suitcase. Having put one of these carts together myself, it is very easy and quite quick to do.

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I've made a shelf for the Mb cart. For a control surface mixer.
Dimensions - 450mm wide x 330mm F to B and 70mm side ht at rear with 30mm side ht at front.
It bolts on using 2 existing bolts at the front top shelf position.
I'm wondering if this might be a little low and if the shelf might be a little large. I could also make a smaller one to be available as well. Any comments from Mb users would be appreciated.
Cantarem 2 is 280W x 190D x 35H.
Cantares is 410W x 282D x 100H. (I think)
CL-12 Alaia is 380W x 287D x 96H.


It could also be attached to the top front bar position, making it a bit higher.
There are 3 rivet nuts on the (facing front) top bar for a Quickfist or Toolflex. One of the holes in the rear of the shelf could utilise one of these rivet nuts and a hole could be drilled through the other side of the top bar by the owner to insert a bolt and nut.
What I could do is put another rivet nut in all the Mb carts I sell from now on. 

Mb accessary she_6.JPG

15 up or down shelf.jpg

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