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  1. thanks, saw the windjammers. Wondered if they were effective for larger wind blasts as they're localized to the mic itself
  2. About to get 2 DPA 4060 mics with the SD MixPre3. I'm wondering if anyone out there has found a good solution for wind protection. I'm recording ambiences and will likely come into some windy areas. I do have a Rode Blimp and cat, could use that. But, wanted to get the capsules farther apart and was thinking about local wind protection to each capsule.' Thanks so much
  3. Wow, so many people here are angry about a screen. And some calling it cheap without having used it. If it works, fills a need and sounds good then so be it. There are some out there who need a more capable recorder and don't want to spend the cash. This doesn't mean it's a cheap product - it fills a price point / per feature set. The equipment you have is the stuff that gets used. Better to be recording than discussing the finer merits of cost / value / brand
  4. Hey guys, Looking into getting a set of omnis for amb spaced pair recording. Have heard some good things about the line audio (made in sweden) brand. Price point is nice. Any stories to tell about them? Decent sound, wind noise, etc....
  5. Jez, thanks again. Question, MKH 20 ---or--- MKH 8020? Do you like the MKH20's?
  6. Jez, thanks for the advice. I'm actually looking at mostly recording AMB in OMNI - spaced, for a wide open stackable (in Fx lay) sound. I guess the cardioid isn't so much needed at the moment, as I have the NT4 for stereo. But buying something that can be upgraded is nice. I have looked at the 4060's and they're great. Didn't really think about using them for AMB gathering, though close mic's hard fx seems amazing with something so small. Do you just tape them to a rod or something similar to keep them placed or angled? And if someone has suggestions for OMNIS in the sub 1200 range then I'd love to hear about it. So much research and I really don't want to make a purchase that I'll regret later.
  7. Ive tried (at least what I thought) of the Oktava pencils and was not impressed. Lot's of handling noise and distortion from the slightest amount of wind. I'm not interested in replacing my NT4 capsules, the mics fine as is. Actually I really want two OMNIs but if at all possible to grab changable capsules for those then all the better. And yes, top gear is top. But always mentioning the best of the best isn't always the best. "Hey, what's a good car to buy?" A BMW 7 series..... Not really much help when budget doesn't permit. But, the responses here have been great. I've got to see where I might rent a couple of the AKG Blue series here in LA. I'd love to test them Being that I already have the NT4 I might stray from the NT55's for similarity in color. Trying to spend about 1200 and under for two with capsules. I'm a post guy and have those financial concerns too (software, plugins and speakers etc...) Thanks guys
  8. Hmmm, looking at the BLUE series now. Very nice. Any history with these versus the RODE mics?
  9. ha. very helpful guys..... Pencil mics are SDC mics usually 5-6 inches in length. often found spot micing drums kits. Great with stereo bars. http://www.seelectronics.com/se5-mic http://www.rode.com/microphones/nt55
  10. Hey guys, finding this forum very helpful. Starting to build a rig to go out and grab FX and AMB. I've got a RODT NT4 for stereo and will purchase a shotgun soon for spot mono fx and DX... but... I'm looking into buying a pencil set with replaceable capsules for cardioid and omni. Idea being cardioid for xy and spaced and omni for larger spacing. I like the NT4 but the AMB is a little busy with the XY pattern. I'd love to space out the mics a few feet, omni would help too. Thinking I could get a workhorse in a mic with two capsules. Thinking RODE or SE for these. any experience with this and how durable are the capsules when switched out. also any sound advice towards this? thanks
  11. Ok, don't shoot me. I know it's been covered. Been looking through posts for quite a bit and wanted to get some opinions. Can't buy a Sound Devices - Too expensive. I'm between 3 devices. Fostex FR2LE Tascam DR-680mk2 Tascam DR-100mk2 I'm using my own mics, A Rode NT4 Stereo and soon to purchase a NTG3. I'm interested in gathering SFX and BGs. Any reccomendations on buid and preamp quality of these three?
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