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  1. Thank you all for your input, I have a quite good relationship with my local Sennheiser Service shop and they are in walking distance, so I'm definitelygoing to head there. MobileMike, RadoStefanov: Yes, I troubleshooted, and it's definetly the mic, and I think it's an internal issue, I couldn't recreate the problem on the spot and since either.
  2. Hello all! My recently purchased used MKH 40 just did the strangest thing last week and again today, this modulating high pitch noise appeared depending on mic position and angle. Today the problem went away after a couple of minutes, but it may come back anytime. Anyone experienced simiar issues with a MKH mic? Thank you for your input MKH40_noise.wav
  3. There is a Matt Price Soundchat with Jeff, which I can only recommend to anyone, because it's highly entertaining and informative.
  4. Constantin: Exactly. I'm still learning a lot every day and every job, but I think I know enough about production sound already to write my paper, however I need citeable material to back me up. I'm not looking for instant answers or shortcuts.
  5. John: I read this forum daily since I've started in motion picture sound and learned a lot from all the people here. I appreciate all the knowledge gathered here, however public online forums are not the greatest source material in the eyes of academia. David: Thank you, I know about the Quarterly, but haven't dig through the archives yet, but this series looks promising!
  6. Dear Colleagues! I'm currently finishing my studies as an electrical engineer and working on my thesis titled 'Motion picture sound production from an engineer's perspective' focusing on production sound. I would like to cover current techniques, gear choices and how we get to these from the 1920s. The major chapters I want to include are: -history of capturing sound for motion picture -microphone techniques and choices, including a comparison and measurement of a handful of usual mics -wireless systems, including a comparison and measurement of 3-4 setups -mixers and recorders -how a production sound system is built up I'm looking for references (books, articles, etc.) on the technical and historycal (aesthetics are important but not touched in my paper) aspects of the craft. I have acces to the AES library, and have the following books already: both of Jay Rose's books, Sound for film and television 3rd edition, the Lectro wireless guide, Thank you for your help Levente
  7. No experience with those, but here's the 'pinknoise device': http://www.marenius.se/audiodesign/sd633.htm Also a local mixer uses a direct out modded FP33 and he loves it.
  8. Gotham says it's 349.99 bucks. Fair I think.
  9. You beat me to it Eric here it is in english: https://www.zoom.co.jp/products/field-recording/frc-8-f-series-remote-controller?_ga=1.3550064.1548697036.1469607758
  10. Fascinating article http://shureblog.co.uk/rf-coordination-rio-2016-steve-caldwell/?utm_source=Shure+UK+-+Losing+Your+Voice&utm_campaign=58ad32722a-Wireless_at_Rio_2016_The_Process_Uncover11_25_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f85b00fe22-58ad32722a-418676585
  11. Levente Udud

    Zoom F4

    So apparently this is a thing. Sadly it is even more prosumer than the F8.
  12. I use it between my Oktava MK012/Sennheiser MKH416P48 and Zoom F8. It works great in controlled enviroments, however it has crazy interference with transmitting walkies closer than 1 meter. 416_rycotetact_zoomf8_interference_sample.wav
  13. He has some serious anger issues. Today's game: https://cdn.streamable.com/video/mp4-mobile/hiyg.mp4
  14. Same bag, I keep my NP-1 in the back pocket, what do you have in there?
  15. Yeapp, if you don't power it down, its timecode is quite steady.
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