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  1. Update on my cables. One broke again from the connector end and when i started to repair noticed that inner wire isolation has turned to almost powder like. Had to replace the whole wire. Something strange is going on with dpa. Two older slims are ok, bit stiff but not breaking. Two newer ones are headache. Hoping that new 606X series is better.
  2. Hi Has anybody noticed that DPA 4060 slim cables are getting stiff by the time. One of mine already broke by the capsule and other shows little crack in the coating.
  3. Cool thnx. Still waiting for reply from sennheiser.
  4. Couple days ago my 8060 started to make strange noise when moved back and forward on axis. Anyone had something similar? Demo audio attached. LL MKH8060.mp3
  5. I have not used it for talent mic, just for camera hop. Works very well in low wifi enviroments. Have gotten almost 100m range. But in wifi/Bluetooth crowded areas dropouts occur even in 1m
  6. I got answer from sennheiser. They said that codec used in avx is voice/music oriented.
  7. When i'm using avx for hop, I adjust camera levels only with voice. Pushing levels in mixer to full limiting and setting camera level accordin to that.
  8. Yes dialogue sounds good, using MKE-2 mic really good. Tested it with white noise, AVX added bit low end.
  9. At first, bit uncomfortable, but got used to it.
  10. Hi all. I thought that AVX systen would be goot to use for camera hop, but I noticed some weird harmonics in the signal. Sent test tone from SD633 to AVX and recorded it on the computer. Did the same test with cable connection and got these results. Also compared AVX to Azden pro-dx. Audio files added. Can anyone confirm that. First pic is AVX, second ,cable connection Azden.wav AVX.wav
  11. SD633 2X Lectro LR/LT 2X Senn AVX Azden Pro-XD for Ref. camera hop.
  12. I had a same issue with 633. Happened after hard reset.
  13. Hi. I did the comparison test between AVX and cable connection for camera hop. I sent test tone from SD633 to computer and got these results. AVX adds lot of harmonics to the signal.
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