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  1. Unfortunately there's no port for it on the 633.
  2. Ok. No I can understand what's being said on it but I expected something a bit better. On my Aeta Mixy the sound isn't that bad. There's not this medium dirty color. I don't think there's some dust on it as I noticed this when the unit was brand new.
  3. Hi everybody. I recently purchased a SD 633 that I love. My only issue is with the internal slate mic, it sounds crapy, hi-medium with some resonnance. Do you have the same feeling with yours? It's no big deal but I'd like to know if mine has a problem, or if it's just normal. Thanks
  4. Could the app be compatible with Mac Os 10.6? I still use for post-production it as it's a rock solid platform! Thanks
  5. I'd say a good knowledge of the script (ask it to production people) so as to anticipate boom movements and catch all dialog perfectly
  6. Hi Folks. I live and work in the south of France and cicadas are part of the soundscape all summer here. On stage, one of the better way to get rid of their sound is to have an assistant with a hose pipe. Between each take, he waters the tree from which cicadas are singing (in french we say they sing). As it cools down the temperature, cicadas stop singing for a while (they don't make noise when temparture is below 25° C). As a re-recording mixer, I'd rather use a post-production tool such as Izotope RX.
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