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  1. Awesome-- they look pretty well fed.. which is not always case coming off the tracks..
  2. We Have had three greyhounds... lovable sweet dogs.. frequently misunderstood breed - they are not hyper- they do not need tons of space or excercise - great with kids and. Some even like cats. if i had room. ......
  3. Marshall- makes dual monitors.. similar to black magic smart view duo..
  4. How did you do the 5 pin xlr to ta 3f mod?
  5. Great book-- get the hard copy-- worth it.
  6. HI Constantin- As i understand it, X3 does not have faders in traditional sense. What looks like faders and pots are actuators and any level control can be assigned to any actuator. Sooo I think -yes you can have track level control on one "fader" and the fader next to it a can control pre-amp gain of that track.... Actuator can be on the control surface like cantarem2, or cantaress- or the top slide faders(actuators) i think the rotary faders as well. But i am sure there are experienced X3 users here who could chime in and explain it better. The X3 manual can be quite confusing and there are a few basic functionary concepts that are tough to grasp at first. Looking closely at CL-16-- X3...
  7. just sent two mics to them... I have no problem waiting-- as long as the repairs are done right..
  8. Yes, it is very tempting. New product?
  9. reviving this thread.... any other options? Seems like kortwich is the lightest...
  10. Strongly suggest getting the paper version of Purcells book. Some of the diagrams- screen grabs--- non text info a little hard to grasp in the E-book version.. At least the version i read. j
  11. The schoeps capsule pad ( dz something ) as part of collette system can definitely be protection for capsule overload. Not sure if the built in pad of the mkh-50 actually pads the capsule or just knocks down the output........ for an an opera gig I used a dpa 6061 dialed the gain to down to handle the outrageous SPLs. When I listened to regular speaking levels( increasing gain on my panel) - it was all still there and self noise was manageable. Dpa was going to make extra reduced unit for opera - but decided not to because of the ability of the 6061 to handle extreme volumes..
  12. 552 sounds good. SVEN clunky but is workable. You can do high quality stereo recording- with tC including MP3s... 5 quality mic pres can be front end( with limiters) for feeding 688 inputs 7, 8,9 ...etc. Quickly feed two cameras and have returns. I had my 552 on sale several times and never sold. But, i keep finding an occasional use for it. Solid piece to keep as a backup.
  13. johngooch

    HHB Dat

    Yes-- it think HHB came up with that widely used mod. Mine was literally salvaged from a blown up Stelladat... Sounded great.
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