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  1. Disk Drill found the corrupt file-- i was able to preview it- sounded fine... After that they wanted payment to go further.. So it worked well for this application.. It also found another partition on the same SD card, that did not get erased when formatting. "Recovered" audio from that partition was garbage..... Good learning day... j
  2. Sorry for confusion--- the solution would be the same right?
  3. I had thought that Audacity could do this-- but i do not see how it would work --- are there any free options out there? j
  4. 2023 reviving this topic-- i had a corrupt file-- i caught it before there was blind panic-- Backup already in posts hands.. happily. I do want to recover the file just as a learning experience. What is best method these days. Recorder data SD 633, Sandisk approved media. File metadata was edited on the while recording.. CF media was fine.. Thanks in advance. j
  5. Endorsement for Q-lab... When you need more features than is provided by the free version, you can lease them for short period of time if needed.
  6. Bumping this thread--- any field experience with the kortwhich box? thx. j
  7. Bringing this thread up again.. Would QSC k12.2s work for thump? 45hz-20k........ j
  8. I always bring a slate- i encourage slates, but do not push it if production does not want it... However- most times it is on and jammed-- and sometimes things just come up.. added camera, problem with jam , confusion with frame rates...etc.. But one of the reasons i use a slate is to indicate to the editor that there are higher quality files avail that he or she can use to sync and not have to use the on camera tracks.. I have rarely heard of an editor complaining about having slates..... And just having the clap-- can save the day in post,.... j
  9. From time to time i end up using tentacles as last ditch effort with some Alexa minis when JB-1 do not work.. do not know why but it has happened several times.
  10. Test driving USB interfaces for PB cart. Picked up a MOTU M4, and it is Ok.... what i find limiting is the headphone mix choices-- Curious if any here has any strong suggestions-- must be Bus powered. Mac compatible.
  11. I am putting together some new tools that i really want to pressure test to get an idea of overall performance... So the question for the group is how would you test RF performance-- not just range, but vulnerability to adjacent RF troublemakers. Walkies- Video TX.. other transmitters.. Tools i am working with .. DSQD- SRCs(A1), HM/SM TXs(A1+B1), PSC sixpack, Wisycom LFA-B-2 s, I'' grab some walkies, and a terradek too.. Wondering how you would simulate your RF reception nightmare-- fun:)! OR is it not really possible to do a reasonable test without putting it all together on a working set... ? thanks, j
  12. Thx Jim-- reached out.. I thought pete might have been done with this... We'll see.. I've had several preamps modded by Pete in the past-- every one done perfectly. -j
  13. Checking to if there is anybody doing this conversion... I have one last CMC4 to convert....
  14. I am curious what the overall protocol is-- I want to thank people without just giving cash.. Gift card-- is kind of like cash.. At least if if is a certificate for a local restaurant you like-- it has a personal touch... I like to thank my crews in some way.. but i am not terribly creative... j
  15. Glen sound makes a bunch of Bi-Directional AES Dante boxes- very simple..
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