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  1. Two CMITs failed me last night. 100% humidity and for sure it was after night fall and the dew point as sky high. All packed up in silica gel ziplock now. j
  2. Update-- wranglers awesome. Have been able to boom around horses with little restriction. They had pre-silenced saddles as well. All is very well. Tough show but horses are not the worst part. Thank you all for your help. j
  3. So far in initial conversations Wranglers they are OK with Booms.. They said they are trained movie horses and booms are not the kind of thing to spook them.. Further discussions to be had. Not using "Action"... Thanks Mike for that tip. Thank you all for your sage advice. Much appreciated.. j
  4. if i can get boom in, i will be at the very least putting away the furry covers. j
  5. Good start to the conversation thanks guys... saddle soap yes! I do not think we have budget, time or talent pool to use fisher.
  6. Taking on a scripted project with lots of horses- talent riding horses with dialogue, lots of horses in BG etc..... Being in the Northeast of the US, this sort of project does not cross my path very often. So i am asking the knowledge base here to share their experiences working on a narrative project such as this. I am still in prep... thx. j
  7. Would mode of wireless noise reduction play into this? Brand of wireless.... Properly wired cos-11... servo- non servo-tx? There are more moving parts than you'd think...
  8. Phil-- my current method is turn them on and let them burn... just looking for a better method. Was hoping ZTS analyzer would be the right way. I understand that does place battery under load ( they call it pulse load) .... I may try it. I am so bad at managing my battery usage. And in the end- i am wasting a bit of money... j
  9. I've gotten not so hot batteries, right out of the packaging. So i am not necessarily looking just evaluate partially used batteries. j
  10. Staring at a bucket full of questionable voltage LI AAs... Curious to see how everybody tests these batteries under load... Looking at this https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1012277-REG/zts_mini_mbt_multi_battery_tester.html?sts=p ZTS tester. Is it worth the money?
  11. johngooch


    Solo button right next to the Arm Button on the App....... that concerns me.
  12. Beware the noisy accessories... I ran into some “tilta” modules that were so much worse than the actual red cameras they were attached to. No fan control at all.
  13. What a picture Mike! Thanks for posting. Happy New Year.
  14. Strange- i had the original R4.. the limiters were always on- no choice. And i never heard them work, they just sounded good. As i would expect with Sonosax.
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