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  1. Three greyhounds over 20 years.-- and one over energetic whippet. Sweet pups.
  2. I think the only real way to use bag on shoulder is to "wedge up" the back-- so that you can see the top surface. But no way to test it out without going thru effort of making a special rig.. So i will try--- The Bag i had made for the mini to be used with PSC sixpack is awesome but the mini is way to cumbersome in that mode to be used over the shoulder.. I am relying on my mini more and more- just looking for ways to maximize flexibility. So off the workshop to tinker.. DRpro.. my greyhounds are not allowed there...
  3. Ah-- of course-- from the previous posts of this thread... should have just looked back a few months... Here is the bigger question-- with a wedge type rig-- can you do a bag job actually using mini over the shoulder.... 9 months into Cantar mini- and i am still wondering if using faders while using the recorder on the shoulder is a practical thing. Don't get me wrong-- i love my mini- and am thankful i've made the switch.
  4. DRpro.. I am working on a wedge type rig for Cantar mini . Sort of same structure as yours - using makerbeam t-slot. Have you considered how your rig would go into a bag —. Or thought about having a bag made ?
  5. X3 Cantars can now do VNC connection-- so you can mirror your screen to tablet or computer..
  6. Cantar takes time to learn-- i picked up a mini in Sept... i am still learning how to maximize my workflow.--- that being said. I do love the mini-- and love working with linear faders instead of rotary ones. Best part is that i can assign any fader to any function.. Actually they do not call them faders- they are called actuators.. Mini on the shoulder- very tough.. i am going to design a bag for shoulder use and have it made. The integration with Hydra to my lectro receivers is good but it is not as good as what i had with SL-6/688. With lectros in hydra, not all the menu optio
  7. johngooch

    NP-1 dummy

    Converting away from NP-1s -- I was wondering if anybody makes a Dummy NP-1 that i could use in my 688-SL-6 and use a ext dc in the Np-1 input.. I have seen some short dummy NPs but not full size.. j
  8. Every time we arrived in Kenya- we had a guy meet us who knew the the ins and outs of customs-- each time it was the same guy and he was hired- no payoffs.. All handshakes and smiles.... Coming into Kenya with any kind of sketchiness is not recommended- Have everything buttoned down.
  9. Strongly suggest bringing your own gear. I worked in Kenya years ago and had to rent and it was a bit tough. I found some good people- and not so good.. The fixer was not so good and did not confirm the rental or was not telling us the truth-- and in the end, the gear i really wanted was already hired out in Ethiopia... and what was avail was very substandard. Loved Kenya-- have a good time!
  10. I remember a modification being available to change the blue screen to green... Blue can tough to focus on.. something to think about.
  11. 225$ for a charger that charges the AAs in two units?......
  12. I am running a Mac(catalina) and running Windows 10- via Parallels/VMware fusion. I am trying to connect Phonak Invisity IPU unit- Has anybody here had any success with this combination or their Mac running a PC emulation? After reading the manual- i should have seen a "install wizard" when connecting the IPU aka "toaster" I am going to guess that the only solution is to use an actual PC.... thanks! j
  13. Thanks-- R12 cart has a ¾ diameter-- limits things a little but i found this..
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