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  1. johngooch

    Red, again

    Beware the noisy accessories... I ran into some “tilta” modules that were so much worse than the actual red cameras they were attached to. No fan control at all.
  2. johngooch

    Sound gets no respect! Hmmmm.

    What a picture Mike! Thanks for posting. Happy New Year.
  3. johngooch

    AATON Cantar Mini VS. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Strange- i had the original R4.. the limiters were always on- no choice. And i never heard them work, they just sounded good. As i would expect with Sonosax.
  4. Passing thru LA this weekend. Curious if there are any CAS screenings happening. I very hastily cleared out my "junk" mail recently and got rid of my emailed invites. I do not get to LA much- but when i do, i like to catch a movie... thx. j
  5. That sounds risky. Wingman has lots of volatile critical controls with it’s display/ interface. I would be afraid of bumping something important. I’d sooner look into using tentacle Timebar ( tentacle ) andor if possible movieslate... one option is to use tentacle to feed an app like the ones that Denecke and ambient support- Connect via hardwire......
  6. johngooch

    tc logging spreadsheet

    OK that is all working -Thanks Nick! I have a simple "Mic" input cable to my ipad. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OAW85ZG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and using the lightning input to the ipad via another adapter. Works just fine. Did not work at first- but then after a few tries, it suddenly worked. Thanks again-- the settings were not very clear and not to mention - in German. : ) j
  7. johngooch

    tc logging spreadsheet

    Hey Nick, Looks good- I was able to get TC in and make quick simple logs... exporting.. Everything looks good except TC the numbers in the exported report have are way way off... Am i missing something simple- or do i have to just keep trying to make it work..... thank you.... j
  8. johngooch

    tc logging spreadsheet

    Thank you Nick! I will try LOGSTER
  9. johngooch

    tc logging spreadsheet

    Mix pre-- and i need to make a dozen of notes with their TCs per take. So it is not feasible. I am just gathering lots and lots of wild- and it would be good for editor to have some guidelines. And i can only break the file every 30 -40 minutes.
  10. johngooch

    tc logging spreadsheet

    Looking for a simple IOS app that i can use to input TC stamp and notes into a spreadsheet. I tried using moviesslate but i do not think it is the right tool.. Very few takes but very detailed notes.. thx. j
  11. johngooch

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    -asking “which is better?” What does better mean? No choice works for all situations. I love my cmit for some situations - I hate it for others.
  12. johngooch

    Anyone used Lectro TX with the Wisycom RX?

    Bump on this subject-- who out there is pairing Lectro TXs with Wisycom Res? thx
  13. johngooch

    Bill Drucklieb-- Cross posted from local 52 notification.

    Bill helped me out years ago-- he used to work with Ron Topham at the Audio Services NY. Just thought i would forward this to JWsound community.
  14. Brother Bill Drucklieb, a member of the Sound Department since 1994, recently underwent a triple bypass after having a major heart attack. Unfortunately, his heart was not 100% viable and after surgery is only working at 18% up from 12% pre-op. He needs additional surgery in a few weeks. To date, his medical expenses are over 200K and mounting, his meds alone are bankrupting him. He has no insurance and is living in a church-based mission for the disabled and homeless veterans in Omaha Nebraska after being evicted for non-payment. Donations can be made to the following GoFundMe page. www.gofundme.com/billdheartfunds Thank you,The Drucklieb Family
  15. Loved it. And Peter did a good job of selecting clips that were so well mixed and recorded and natural - and listening to them without picture was so compelling. More please. Thank you.