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  1. Would mode of wireless noise reduction play into this? Brand of wireless.... Properly wired cos-11... servo- non servo-tx? There are more moving parts than you'd think...
  2. Phil-- my current method is turn them on and let them burn... just looking for a better method. Was hoping ZTS analyzer would be the right way. I understand that does place battery under load ( they call it pulse load) .... I may try it. I am so bad at managing my battery usage. And in the end- i am wasting a bit of money... j
  3. I've gotten not so hot batteries, right out of the packaging. So i am not necessarily looking just evaluate partially used batteries. j
  4. Staring at a bucket full of questionable voltage LI AAs... Curious to see how everybody tests these batteries under load... Looking at this https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1012277-REG/zts_mini_mbt_multi_battery_tester.html?sts=p ZTS tester. Is it worth the money?
  5. johngooch


    Solo button right next to the Arm Button on the App....... that concerns me.
  6. Beware the noisy accessories... I ran into some “tilta” modules that were so much worse than the actual red cameras they were attached to. No fan control at all.
  7. What a picture Mike! Thanks for posting. Happy New Year.
  8. Strange- i had the original R4.. the limiters were always on- no choice. And i never heard them work, they just sounded good. As i would expect with Sonosax.
  9. Passing thru LA this weekend. Curious if there are any CAS screenings happening. I very hastily cleared out my "junk" mail recently and got rid of my emailed invites. I do not get to LA much- but when i do, i like to catch a movie... thx. j
  10. That sounds risky. Wingman has lots of volatile critical controls with it’s display/ interface. I would be afraid of bumping something important. I’d sooner look into using tentacle Timebar ( tentacle ) andor if possible movieslate... one option is to use tentacle to feed an app like the ones that Denecke and ambient support- Connect via hardwire......
  11. OK that is all working -Thanks Nick! I have a simple "Mic" input cable to my ipad. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OAW85ZG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and using the lightning input to the ipad via another adapter. Works just fine. Did not work at first- but then after a few tries, it suddenly worked. Thanks again-- the settings were not very clear and not to mention - in German. : ) j
  12. Hey Nick, Looks good- I was able to get TC in and make quick simple logs... exporting.. Everything looks good except TC the numbers in the exported report have are way way off... Am i missing something simple- or do i have to just keep trying to make it work..... thank you.... j
  13. Thank you Nick! I will try LOGSTER
  14. Mix pre-- and i need to make a dozen of notes with their TCs per take. So it is not feasible. I am just gathering lots and lots of wild- and it would be good for editor to have some guidelines. And i can only break the file every 30 -40 minutes.
  15. Looking for a simple IOS app that i can use to input TC stamp and notes into a spreadsheet. I tried using moviesslate but i do not think it is the right tool.. Very few takes but very detailed notes.. thx. j
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