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  1. darrenaug

    Barcelona Rental

    I will be in Barcelona, Spain on the 21st of June and the documentary I am on sprung an interview on me that requires more gear than I brought. Anyone know any sound rental shops out there? Or are there any sound mixers looking to rent out their gear? At the moment this is what I am looking for: (x1) C-Stand (Full or baby works) w/ Sandbag (x1) Boom pole holder for C-Stand (x2) BNC to 5 pin lemo T/C cables (Alexa mini) (x3) Comtek receivers w/ headsets Extras: (x1) Timecode slate (x2) Wireless audio to camera - 1tx, 2rx Thank you!
  2. darrenaug

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    I like this. I may start doing this as well. How involved do you get with the slating process that it would be something you would have to speak to the director about? I usually just jam the thing and pass it off to the 1st or 2nd AC and then go on with my day. What they do with it is up to them. Last week production requested a timecode slate, they rented it from me, I hand it off the AC, they never actually slate takes. I don't feel responsible for that.