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  1. I wonder when they figured it out. I'm no expert at M/S recording, but the mic is great. I'm using it mostly for field recording for an experimental film and it's perfect for my needs: so small in a CiInela Cosi, combined with a mixpre 3 ii, it makes for a small package I can slip in a backpack and hike miles easily.
  2. The fullcompass price may be wrong, but I purchased one from them for 895 and have it in my hands... nice price!
  3. Idiot me. I scrolled right past that with the headphone knob. That is the switch. That was not there in the prior firmware update, unless I am forgetting. Thank you.
  4. So you need the mix-assist plugin. Ugh. But thanks for the info.
  5. Just updated. Anyone know how you turn unused channels to "off" to save power? I see nothing in the channel menu. I assume it's something other than simply dis-arming the channel.
  6. Got it. Thanks. One last question: I cannot find it on your website, but do you make a pistol grip, or is any old pistol grip fine with a Cosi if I order the Cosi-L-CMS50? Put your new website online!
  7. Kick! But a question: you seem to suggest that the Cosi has to be modified for the CMS-50. But places like Gotham sound list a CMS-50 specific Cosi (https://www.gothamsound.com/product/cosi-cms-50-windshield-kit). Do you simply mean that other models are easily adaptable simply by adding a 5 pin cable?
  8. Thanks for the quick replies. Jim--the recommended stuff on Sanken's site doesn't seem to exist, or so I was told by Trew and one other supply house. The "equivalent" item from Rycote is clearly incompatible, or so Rycote says. Hency my confusion and the hope someone would say "I use this and it is perfect..." I think the Cinela will be the solution, since it's clearly designed for the mic, but I was hoping to find something a bit cheaper...but as Ivanovich points out the expense may be worth it in this case. Are Cinela windshields known to be pretty durable?
  9. Anyone here using the Sanken CMS-50? What windshield are you using? I'm a bit confused about this: I see that Cinela makes a Cosi that fits it. Trew told me to use a Rycote WS-2 kit, but it features a 3-pin connector (CMS-50 needs 5-pin) and Rycote told me they sell no compatible windshield. Suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Jay. How could I forget your book! Serious senior moment on my part. I owned what must have been the first edition when I started filmmaking.
  11. Thanks. The Hempton book looks great and I ordered it and am hooked in 5 minutes... Still seeking something more "technical" though.
  12. As someone branching out into field recording for an experimental documentary, I was wondering if anyone can recommend good books on field recording. I'm looking for books on technique/technical aspects of field recording and not books on its aesthetics or philosophy, for which I have references already. Perhaps something akin to the Location Sound Recording Bible... Thanks.
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