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  1. Have you seen this page too: https://www.sounddevices.com/installing-wave-agent-on-mac-os-catalina-and-big-sur/ (I'm still on Mojave so I have not tried it myself)
  2. https://www.sounddevices.com/product/wave-agent-software/ I have not found anything. Would be cool.
  3. I haven't found anything either. I suspect there is some automatic going on based on the impedance you plugged in. Or Deity thinks that their gain range could handle both. Not sure if that is a good idea ... Maybe I am to old for "simple" devices.
  4. Transmitting stereo was possible for line signals in my tests. Have you set the input mode of the transmitter to stereo?
  5. Received the Timecode Kit a fews days back. Unfortunately I had to send it back for diagnosis/repair. I had some high frequency noise when using them in TX mode. (Rec only mode was fine). Apart from that I think thIs is quite a versatile system - with some quirks (some already mentioned by others in this thread): - stereo works for line signal only, not for mic input - mono mode records stereo files - recording indicator on receiver hardly visible - no way to manually lock the device (Autolock always gets in the way of my workflow) - the buttons have a cheap feeling - but I guess some compromises have to be made at this price point I hope my noise issue can be sorted out. Looking forward to make some real world testing. Johannes
  6. Does the TRX have a stereo mic input? I have one lav with normal level on L and -12dB on the R channel. I also sometimes use two lavs as AB-Stereo atmo setup (wired to one trs plug) and would like to record and transmit both channels using the TRX. Thanks, Johannes
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