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  1. https://www.trewaudio.com/articles/playback-by-jim-malloy/ the following quote is from the descriptive text on a video playback page : https://watch.countrymusichalloffame.org/special-programs/videos/audio-engineering-society-nashville-lifetime-achievement-awards-2015 " Jim Malloy speaks about his experience working in Los Angeles studios, including Radio Recorders and RCA Studios (where he recorded with Henry Mancini on songs like “The Pink Panther” and “Charade”). Country Music Hall of Fame member Chet Atkins recruited Malloy to Nashville in 1965, and Malloy spent three years as an engineer at Nashville’s RCA Studio, recording Elvis Presley’s “How Great Thou Art,” among others. Malloy shares stories of his time as an engineer on “The Johnny Cash Show,” as well as recording experiences with Townes Van Zandt and Sammi Smith. His son, producer David Malloy, quotes wisdom from his father, saying, “The best producers are engineers first.” " Here is another link to that same video, on it's own video-player page sans text and other links -that, which unfortunately, cannot be, embedded, nor autocued - So, if you are indeed interested in Jim Malloy, et al?.... Go to 1 hr 11 minutes 50 seconds - 1:11:50 - to catch the beginning of the interview with Jim and his son, David - https://embed.vhx.tv/videos/877490 Here is a 16 minute long "Johnny Cash Show" highlight reel called "JCShow Compilation" on Country Music Hall of Fame Vimeo channel (which also cannot be embedded here) https://vimeo.com/502370144
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