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  1. Curious. As there seem to be some light on the new 888 with accessoires. How many tracks would the 833 be able to handle with the forthcomming AES extension?
  2. In my case it is the one for 3.5mm, Dad6034 I believe. I believe it is the mics themselves, but I would like to verify by using another adapter (some got better connection when unscrewing the adapter slightly sometimes). Good to hear about your experience tho. It is appealing to stay microdot as I have mixed wireless. You are based in Germany too right? Where have you sent your dpas for microdot repair?
  3. I have a few 4060s terminated to Lemo 3 and while delicate and have had a few repairs, Kortwich has literally repaired these issues in 10 minutes. They explained that if they use microdot, they could not reuse the connector and would have to use a new one which is an additional 25 euros. 3.5mm is such a pleasure to work with in comparison as it is cheap and can be re-terminated by oneself. Now I have a few additional 4060s with microdot and I am having some issues at the connector. I have only one microdot adapter so far (the official DPA one to 3.5mm), so I cant compare with another. Is it common to have problem with the adapter itself? The reason I am asking is because I would love to stay microdot if possible to change adapters and use various colors for both my SK2000 sets and G3, but I am hesitating to invest in more adapters and potentially re-terminating them.
  4. Heya! I found these round shaped stickies in Modulor. https://mattiaslarsensound.wordpress.com/2019/10/24/cheap-alternative-to-rycote-stickies-advanced-or-ursa-circles-to-pair-with-overcovers/ Have anyone else found cheap good sticky alternatives to pair with overcovers?
  5. On paper it looks impressive. Watson Wu did a shout out for its sound quality too. If I didn't allready have a couple of shotguns I might consider trying one. The only thing that concerns me a tiny bit is the roll off at 100hz
  6. Heya! I mainly do narrative work. I will in the upcoming weekend record the sound for a documentary who is following a guided tour around. How would you go about this? How active booming would you do? As much as I would love to almoust scratch the frame line of the camera and get a close sound, maybe it can also be distracting for participants? I think we will manage to have a lav on the main speaker. As for equipment choice I am leaning towards a MS rig with a shotgun. Any comments there?
  7. That sounds like a great way to transition to Zax. As great as Nova plus two 414 modules look, I will have to save up quite a few years till I can afford that combination. On the other hand, if I could have a RX4 to slot in one 414, then that would be a perfect companion to my Mixpre6 and a part investment in something like the Nova.
  8. Just a thought regarding the distortion. Transients from for example a hammer is much shorter than the human voice and can actually sound quite natural even if it is hard clipping or having a quick limiter, or at least more so than voice. Are the levels the same on TX and the isos? Just to eliminate that you are either running the Tx too hot or overloading the recorder. Does this happen even without the recorders limiter engaging?
  9. Interesting. Just thought I would chime one that my Samsung S9 is listed as incompatible as well. Guess they will sort it soon
  10. Thank you for your quick reply and clarification Jeff. Yeah, I am mainly curious and think that in practice it makes very little difference as a bag mixer for Film and TV.
  11. Will it do 32bit float files or just internally?
  12. For sure! If it sounds good I could imagine that it would be a pretty neat tinyscopic rig for A B 4060s
  13. Yeah I think this might be the application. Can you feed TC to it somehow or link two? Would love to do Ortf without cables.
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