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  1. I am Swedish, but live and work in Berlin. If you want we can take a coffee sometime if you pass here. Generally I think it is harder to get the well paying gigs unless you know German. Berlin is also lower paid than say, Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt. I am still quite new so to say (held a boompole for the first time in 2015), but I also think it was less competitive a few years ago when I started. In the indie segment there are plenty of gigs, but it's a hustle to make a living from it and I think there are more people now. On the upside, makeup and sound can allways get atleast s
  2. Guess to offer similair "value" as the sound devices trade in for 6 series to upgrade to 8 series.
  3. Yeah, I am really impressed by some of their demos - unfortunately the rumours about that they wanted to enter film and tv market staled and was followed by rumours that they didn't want to focus on that. So who knows when we will see bag friendly offerings from them. Maybe it will be a while till we see big live events again, so who knows how things will turn.
  4. Also new FW just got up today according to someone on FB even tho I dont see release notes above 1.3 right now. Supposed to fix random shutdowns. If you update, it would be interesting if it sorts your issue too. Good luck!
  5. Saw someone else with similair issues in the wisycom user group at FB. Think this person had the issue when not all RX were activated somehow. Good luck! Hopefully wisy can sort out the initial kinks.
  6. There was a thread comparing plugon transmitters a while back with sound examples. I think the gist of it was basicly that Lectro HMa was the most transparent and the digital offerings at that time had some minor artifacts in the highs. Wisy/Audio LTD 2040/highend Sony/Sennheisers were not present. Curious about the new digital Lectro or the new mini Wisy TX when it arrives. I like how the lectro sound. Got the UH400A (a few dbs more selfnoise compared to HMa) and used a HMa this summer. But I dont like how the limiter sounds.
  7. Thank you! Will use this chart as a guideline then to get the antennas in the ballpark.
  8. Wonderful, thank you a lot! I guess closer to 7,35cm above the connector than 8,45cm?
  9. Maybe someone here can help me to understand. I have just got a G3 pair modded.The antenna might not be 100% the right length. But how to measure the right way? From which point of the connector do I start to measure? Seems to be around 8,45 cm according to some calculators. I got range E-Band Pair. I guess the center freq would be 844mhz which would be somewhere between block 32-33 on the lectro guide ~7,35cm above the connector. Orginal whip for the same block is slightly shorter than that even (guess it has to do with how it is connected). Around 7 cm abo
  10. Have you got any experience with the Eagleeye vs the Cineeye? The former seems to be even cheaper, is the performance on par?
  11. Yeah in a real world scenario it should be fine. Never had a single issue using tentacle and MP6. Apart from once but that was the issue of a RED "accepting" a different TC than it was actually shooting. So in this single case I would not blame the MP6/F8 it was recorded on either. And it was easy enough to batch change the tc header from 24 to 23.97 in waveagent once I figured out where the problem was.
  12. Yes, atleast with the Tentacle the mixpres detection has been flawless.
  13. No need to rent a bigger mixer. The mixpre6 is a beutiful machine. You need to set the mixpre TC to EXT on Aux1 and use a TC cable that outputs on a 3.5mm cable for the aux input, simple as that. It is intelligent enough to autodetect the fps from the generator. It also accepts varying levels of signal, but think line is generally preferred if there is an option for volume on the TC box.
  14. A directional mic with an ATE 208 piggy backed on top. Personally I love the Sanken CS3e with that Fig8 on top. Not the best sounding combo, but covers so much ground.
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