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  1. For the ones using schoeps boundary. Do you use 1 for each actor or just 1 in-between them. I have used it in conjunction with others, but just 1 of them in the roof. But most of the time just 4060 in the visors as its quick to deploy. Not everyone is happy to use some strong tape on the car interior for the schoeps boundary to stay (also the cable can be a bit tricky to hide depending on what the camera is seeing).
  2. Then MkH30 may be the way to go as something tried and tested, also another exotic contendant: Nevaton MC59 with fig8 capsule if you can get your hands on one for a reasonable price. Reportedly only have 8db of A weighted selfnoise.
  3. The CCM41 seems to do a good job, surprised how well the small DPA gosenecks held up as well when driving. Normally I just use 4060s (since that Is what I have), so was good to have the 4063 as a reference.
  4. Interesting, thank you for sharing! Will have a listen. I have heard people complain about high noise floor on the 4097/98 with the older Zax transmitters, do you feel a difference between the ZMT3 and 4?
  5. Did you switch to the Schoeps side addressed, or just other Schoeps mics? Thought the noise was about the same for Schoeps and ATE208, with the favor of the built in HP on the ATE208. I have done similar things with good results, the only downside I have to say of the emesser is that by nature of being a side addressed mic, it is rather sensitive to handling noise despite the low frequency roll off. For me, size and weight is of concern if its something meant for the top of a boompole. The emesser fits here nicely, but I do imagine MKH30 is in another class (compared to 208 at least) when it comes to be "noisefree" (almost 3 times the weight). Would love to hear a 308 side by side to the 208. Not sure the specs are updated on Ambients homepage, they are listed the same as for 208 and 308 currently apart from the LF rolloff.
  6. Really? I am quite happy with my 208 tbh. Sure, its not the quitest mic, but do isnt the CS3e or the schoeps either. Would love to have a listen to the 308, but the weight and footprint of the 208 is already really nice.
  7. No, but it looks interesting. Thank you for posting about it.
  8. I would have considered it for backup recorder, hops and scratch track on small jobs, but dont think I will replace my Tentacles and G3 for that purpose anytime soon. Maybe as a TC stamped backup recorder, the EIN figure doesnt seem too great, but better than nothing.
  9. Allen doesnt seem too excited after real life testing.
  10. Sometimes it can be quite neat to use overcovers, not as windcovers, but as spacers. A bumblebee with an overcover on the mount (lower down) can help if you dont get the mount to work by itself.
  11. Looks great! Think the only issue I have seen people have so far is the price point which was not set in stone, but a notch higher than any competitor. On my control surface I have coloured caps that I move around as needed, it looks as that might be hard to achieve here. Maybe there could be some thin layer coloured rubber or something to adress that? Am I missing something? The sealed faders reminds me of cantar where swapping fader caps seems easy.
  12. Okey, even better! I remember you posted about 6 hour runtime on FB. Looking at gotham they report 4.5 hours runtime on 50mw, might want to revisit the advertised runtime for your suppliers. In any case, as A20 just came out this year, it needs to compete with ZMT4 and Axient, probably soon Wisy as well. To be fair, if someone is already invested in a 8-series recorder, getting Zaxnet and remote gain on the ZMT requires a bit more tinkering than just slot in an A10RX with A20TX.
  13. For sure, it seems like a somewhat hard sell. Battery life with 10mw seems to be 4.5hrs according to paul on FB, estimating that if it is off 50% of the time manually, it will be 8.5 hours. But they need to compete with ZMT4 that has 6 hour runtime and powerroll. Or if recording is put to the side, it needs to compete with Shure (with remote capabilities) and to some extent Lectro/Wisy (Symphony TX with remote capabilities is bound to come at some point). The Sennheiser EW-D is quite interesting, but also just almoust there imo, I dont see as a competition at this level of wireless even if it uses a similair gain structure as shure and is completely app driven. Think it has autocoordinate, but no remote changes of frequencies without touching the TX is a bit of missed oppertunity on that one, and the range doesnt seem that impressive from the demos. Full wideband is sweet tho
  14. Looked quite exciting until I also figured out the runtime and that the charger which you need to sync them all at once runs for over a grand, when it is app based - is there any reason to not have them all sync via bluetooth? I have synced up to 12 Tentacles over bluetooth. Sure, it takes a minute or so, but saves the hastle to jam many units physically. Any way to auto coordinate? Maybe via an 8 series recorder? So close, yet so far from being perfect.
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