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  1. It is another German company that produces the capsules. I think it is similair to how Ambient/Audix/Soundfield uses MBHO capsules.
  2. Yeah! Seen people use some bigger bodied mics in rycote lyres. I have been eyeing nt1a which is 50mm, so that is outside the lyre sizes as far as I know.
  3. I have the mkii blimp. Actually, I wish I had the rings from the original one as that seems to be easier to modify to fit LDCs. I tried to see if the distributor in Germany had spare ones for sale, but unfortunately not, they seem to be discontinued now. Other than that I like the mkii handle better, makes it all right to change the XLR to 5 pin when needed so would actually love to source mki rings, but this little trick is also inspiring for DIYing something similair.
  4. Cool little hack! Thanks for sharing! For now my rode blimp does a pretty good job, but at some point this might come in handy!.
  5. It is a mechanical noise from the camera, tentacle runs on internal batteries Update, seems its there even without tentacle
  6. Heya! I am doing a project now where we use an Ursa Mini. There is a ticking noise when the camera is recording about 75% of the time. It goes away if I unplug the Tentacle. Has anyone experienced something similair and what could be a solution?
  7. Definitely, it's about how it sounds in the end. I thought their sdcs with card characteristics were quieter to be honest. I guess it is a bit unfair as it's another design, but the mkh60 and 70 lists 8 and 5db a-weighted selfnoise. I am really curious about the new Nevaton MC59 that lists 5db selfnoise for omni and 7db for card. I (probably falsely) assumed that mkh8040 were in the same ballpark as that is what a lot of nature recordist default to for quiet recordings (they are a bit more sensitive so that may help)
  8. Sure, it's okish. But makes me giggle at "Exceptionally low noise floor" when Sennheiser or Nevaton cuts that selfnoise in half in some sdcs.
  9. Wow, that's a bit to bold and too wide to take them serious.
  10. Thanks for the insight, gives me good faith in the Mixpre
  11. I thought that the bigger one had a limiter and also the possibility to provide phantom power with the right adapter?
  12. There are a few topics about this if you search around on the forum. From what I recall 4061s are quite popular (alltho they can't take more spl than a less gained 4060 if I recall correctly) along with some dynamic mics. If you end up with a dynamic mic at some point, the h4n would maybe be a bit noisy, but since we are talking loud noises anyway it may be OK. I just did a recording where I had a plant mic under the hood of an old Mercedes with a 4060 in overcover hardwired to a Mixpre6. It was what I had at the time and it sounded quite good to me. It probably helped that it was not a super loud car and that the mic got some air shelter. Close to the exhaust will probably introduce much more wind, so consider that.
  13. Interesting. I have been thinking how good the microdot system holds up. A resaller advised me to go with LEMO3 and even offered a retermimstion for free if buying new. They had their full line up of in-house made converters from lemo3 to everything else that they seemed to believe in better than microdot. The pair of 4060s I managed to get was terminated to LEMO3, so I went that path. What sucks is when the connector breaks, it's quite costly to repair and it can't be done yourself. I wonder how a microdot usually breaks and if you need a specialist and how the repair cost compares. Is there any experience whether a Lemo3 or microdot can withstand more abuse in terms of pulling the cable?
  14. Thank you Constantin! Good to know that they have a place in Berlin. I will give them a try once my schedule calms down
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