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  1. Just got my bundle yesterday. The auto set seems promising. I scanned a big group and MCR54 seems pretty good at selecting 4 channels with low noisefloor within a 32mhz range. Looking forward for when you can remotely deploy to all channels at the same time.
  2. Prepared to look at codec/project settings and what not today. And it simply jammed just fine with same tentacle, same cable etc. Difference was that we shot 23.98 instead of 29.97 as we did two days ago. So I am not much wiser, but thought I would give it an update.
  3. Thank you for all the input people, honestly! I remember with Panasonic that I often had to make sure the camera was not set to variable framerate, never experienced it with the canons before, but something like that is a very realistic possibility that it could be related to. Will read up on the manual about high speed/variable framerate/project framerate.
  4. Heya! I guess most of you are familiar with mki and mkii of this camera. Its straight forward to slap on a TC box, set TC to in, preset, free run and its all thats needed to run smoothly. I could not get it to work on the mark iii today. Has anyone got a similair experience or got any 'gotchas' they could share? Only thing I can think of in hindsight was if the cable was broken or if there was a monitor setting that I didn't catch, but I had the impression that it didn't catch the TC at all.
  5. 7 lavs whilst also operating a camera? I suspect the compromised sound has more to do with that you do too much by yourself rather than what particular equipment you use.
  6. Awesome! Any chance we can see some pictures and possible breakdowns?
  7. Okey, still bold claim! Doesn't the shure have technology to use 4 recieverboards for when they do 2mw or something? Shure seemed to do very well compared to old Lectro and Zax from the test Jim Keaney posted on YouTube. And the walktests on 50mw Wisys from Raycom was quite something. I am so happy that all the brands are pushing the boundaries on what seems to be possible, and I am happy for everybody if these claims are close to be true.
  8. Wonderful! Looking forward to your field test, hope to get hands on mine soon too. I am curious to see how well the recorded 32bit float(?) files perform as well. I hope that autopick as well as remote TC jam gets nailed down soon. Sounds like the app for remote capabilities such as frequency, gain and recording are just weeks away according to Leslies Instagram.
  9. That's a very bold claim, amazing if true. Would love to see comparison with Shure with backup frequency, Wisy in narrowband and Lectro with Vector diversity to see how it holds up. Great regardless, seems from the user reports that the digital AL system was struggling a bit with range, especially in the beginning.
  10. Heya Ian! Whilst there is still quite some international production here (especially after Brexit). The slice of the market is a bit smaller for English speaking content, but even with some basic German you can also do more than that. To network there are plenty of student films to work on from DFFB, MET, Babelsberg, Catalyst, Art on the run, Filmarche etc, but the pay there is merely symbolic if at all, but can be a way to get to know upcoming filmmakers that don't already have their crew. There is also crew-united.de as well as a few facebook groups "International filmmakers in Berlin" being the biggest, for applying to projects. There are networking events in Kinoloop and Space Medusa. Everyone's journey is different, but imagine it is quite a lot of hard work to get to a comfortable level. So its amazing if you can keep that sound design gig remotely. Majority of my good gigs comes from recomendations or reoccurring clients, so it's all about connections and well performed work in the end. Also, the housing prices have gone up insanely the last two years or so.
  11. I wonder if this behaviour extends to the newly released F8n Pro as it seemed like almoust a release to combat chip shortage, with seemingly nothing new than 32 bit float.
  12. Yeah that would be nice. Seems like an obvious thing to get an edge over the mixpres.
  13. I generally have the same mindset as you when it comes to self noise. Hence I have a handful of 4060s and only 1 4061, that is acting as a backup and seldomly used. I dont have much issues with regulair (non core) 4060s. There were lengthy discussions on 4060 vs 4061 among lectro people on this forum and the distortion figure seemed to be similair with just gaining down a bit on the TX for the 60. My conclusion was to pick 4060 over 4061 In case you have a TX that will not distort with a 4060 at low level. I expect similair might be true for 606x too. As a previous poster mentioned tho, with for example a loud engine, to have a 4061 where you cannot attenuate your preamp low enough (mic level might simply be a tad too much when micing an exhaust). This is all in theory though and different preamps might have their optimum range, so maybe wisy or audio ltd act differently.
  14. I had to return my audioroot neo. I thought it was a propertairity problem. It would only charge in their charger, but not in the small OEM one I have. Not sure it helps you, but I have a feeling they are somehow designed to be a bit particular with what you connect to them. But since everything is the same brand in your case - I would reach out to audioroot themselves.
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