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  1. I was listening to your talks with Dave the other day and I do really enjoy the few articles I have read. I can only wish you the best, thank you for everything, I have learned a few things about set attitude from you.
  2. You probably have your reasoning why you want shotguns. I have done a few live gigs recently where some ortf seemed to be quite suited for ambiance mics. Does the two pairs need to be the same type of mics? Personally if I were on budget I would try @TVPostSounds advice and go for cm4 or 3 and maybe even a pair of spaced om1s, neither breaks the bank and are amazingly linear. The only reason I have not got them myself is that they are not quiet enough for nature recordings.
  3. The cool thing with this amp is that you can switch it to dual mono, so you don't need an adapter cable. And it is about 30 Euros
  4. Maybe this is of interest for some here. Here is how I turned an ordinary Sennheiser G3 receiver to function as an IEM, have appropriate levels and have sound in both ears for around 30 bucks. TLTR Behringer P2 Hopefully it is interesting for anyone!
  5. I had RME fireface and scarlets in uni a few years back. The RME gave enough volume, whilst the scarlets were struggling to give enought when producing. If I remember right, they were plugged to wall power Yeah 80 ohm might be a better match for that interface.
  6. As much as I like the Beyers, the high impedance ones is a bit too much for a scarlet to drive, so the HD 25s will probably perform better in that combination than 250ohm 880/990.
  7. Have you used this in reality now? How is it performing in real life situations?
  8. I like open (or semiopen) back for studio work. When I tried a bunch of various headphones the DT880 was my favourite and 990 on a close second. Went for the 990 in the end since they were much cheaper. Love the cushions on them. I use them every now and then as a compliment to my monitors, to fine tune edits or reverb. I found the low end to be really hard to judge on any cans, but other than that they are fine.
  9. 8-12 Hours mostly, but been crunching 15+ a few times and never had to switch batteries in it if I had a set of fresh batteries in the morning. Interesting, could it be power hungry headphones? I do instruct people how to turn them off with the volume knob if they wish to, maybe that helps a tiny bit.
  10. I always seem to get a full day, often another half day with the IEM G3 paired with ladda AAs.
  11. That sounds all well and good, but that they are reported noisier than G3 would be a deal breaker for me if I was looking for a new system. For event people that don't care about the audio quality and want something cheap, sure - but then you need to compete with for example thomanns own dirtcheap t-bone. It seemed to be an alternative to uwp or g series, but you can't have more noise than them to be a real challenge.
  12. Thanks for your offer! I got some help from Kortwich, it seems with a reciever that supports the compatability mode (sennheiser 3k series and mode 3 in this case) and a short XLR in between the plugon and (atleast one of) the problematic mics, that the pulsing noise is gone. So the plugin seems fine and I guess some of my mics are too sensitive to use (atleast directly to the mic). What would be an optimum short cable for use with uh400? Is theoretically a bad idea to put an EMC connector on it?
  13. Is that a petrol/sachtler clip on the side? Can you find them separate somewhere, or did you harness it from another bag?
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