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  1. Sure, I will let you know! I meant for booming on a pole, so this was interesting too. I am curious, how does your mics handle sunvisor without suspension if the car is driving? (Maybe it's not) I felt that the SCX1 (HC much more than C) is really prone to rumble, so a HP and proper suspension is needed.
  2. Ok thank you guys! I will try to contact them directly.
  3. Hello fellow soundies, I have a few Audix Scx1 Microphones (Thank you Mike for pointing me in the right direction to rescue two of them). I use them for indoor dialogue and SFX recording outside (and sometimes for ambience if the wind is mild). I have a friend that is using octavas with the swivel joint and he can perform ORTF with much better wind protection than I have now since he can fit it in a basket with ease. I can also see how a swivel joint can be a really nice space saver when booming a car for example. I did not see any swivel joint such as the one from Octava or Schoeps directly from Audix, but I remember that there has been discussed that MBHO might be doing the capsules inside them. The MBHO "Knee" seems to fit all of their own capsules. Does anyone have experience and know if the threading of the Scx1 Capsules is the same as Orginal MBHO?
  4. Thank you to all who replied, I realised that I forgot to do a followup - but it really worked. The mics have been performing really good since the oven trick and been with me on many adventures since last year.
  5. If I am in a hurry a figure of eight on top of a shotgun can get the job done, but I much more prefer a hyper or card mid. Maybe a fig of eight with the 416 could be a step before saving up for another mid mic. For ambiances I really prefer ORTF or Spaced Omnis out of what I have tried so far.
  6. That is a good point actually. If low selfnoise is the goal, a 60 is even lower than a 8060. But for recording impacts the selfnoise is hardly a problem.
  7. On a few episodes of tonebenders people mentioned the 416 as a strong choice for sfx. If I recall correctly it was mentioned that most Foley studios use a 416. In one episode there was a pair of German sfx recordists with much more modern mics that ended up adding a 416 becouse of the character. I think it all depends on what you try to record! The 80xx series is interesting becouse it can capture ultrasound if you are into that sort of thing. I am also curious why you want a shotgun. Is it to isolate the sound source from other sounds when you are outside? Then Sanken CS3e is also worth considering. Otherwise a MS rig is quite cool for sfx if the surrounding sound is ok.
  8. I ran my mixpre of a usb battery for a while, but the connector was a bit unreliable and I moved to L batteries and it was a big step up in reliability.
  9. I agree to this by 100%. I never update the firmware straight before shoots or field recording trips. I rather use a firmware where I know where the bugs and kinks are than using an untested firmware with a potential different sets of bugs, before a bit of testing.
  10. Glad I am still on 2.21, I like the changes made in 3.0 but it seems to be a bit unstable. My best experience was with 1.53 thought - but recording decoded and undecoded MS at the same time is such a nice thing. 2.21 introduced some other headphone behavior and it seems as it is back in a fashion that more suits me in 3.xx, so I will update as soon as the few kinks are ironed out. I see why some people are upset, becouse of stability issues and slightly different workflows in every major update. In a way I think that it is amazing how much better the machine is from the release date. 4 linked inputs, Remixing, MS options, android support for wingman, que markers, more output gain, better support as an interface for windows computers and when 3.xx is stable, the 192khzrecording should be top notch (96khz is plenty for what I do at the moment), preroll, ambisonic recording in various formats at the same time,midi control support. I did not expect this when I bought it. I purely bought it for sound quality, so everything else is just a bonus.
  11. Interesting. I have not played much with the 442. I was once working with a mixer that used a F8 behind it. How Does those limiters compare to an older mixpre, 302 or mm 1? (Curious becouse I could fit a 302 in front of the mp6 in my current bag, but the 442 is a bit bigger. To Op. I dont think that a 6 series limiter is much better for loud transients than an MP6 as the releasetime is just as slow if I recall correctly (even if the knee and when it kicks in is more customizable).
  12. You can sometimes see used mixpres in Kleinanzeigen, bblist or facebook postings, but in general people tend to keep them. If you look at those places you can find used 744ts at 1000-1500 euros, sometimes down to as low as 900. Personally I am really a fan of the mixpre 6, but If you depend heavily on the limiter for loud transients - you might want to look elsewhere. The limiters are amazing for speach thought. I am curious how it would sound with a 302 or something in front on the occasions you want to record gunshots or so. Does the 7 series recorders limiters sound good on spiky transients? You dont happen to be in Berlin? If you are, you can come and try out the Mixpre after new years if you want.
  13. Depends on the project. Most of the time I have the gain set to basic to quicker adjust the level of the isos (I don't do much mixing when recording anyway, so just making sure that isos don't peak). For taking atmos I found it very useful to have the advanced gain setting to be able to record decoded MS on the LR mix, undecoded on the isos and an ortf pair on isos with the fader turned down.
  14. I am waiting for manufacturer/dealer response on questions related to this. I think that the analogue outs on the Mpr52 is noisier, but I am also curious if anyone have got experience with them. Is my guess that a g3 transmitter and a wisy receiver would be a better upgrade path than starting with a wisy transmitter and g3 receiver?
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