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  1. Thank you for your quick reply and clarification Jeff. Yeah, I am mainly curious and think that in practice it makes very little difference as a bag mixer for Film and TV.
  2. Will it do 32bit float files or just internally?
  3. For sure! If it sounds good I could imagine that it would be a pretty neat tinyscopic rig for A B 4060s
  4. Yeah I think this might be the application. Can you feed TC to it somehow or link two? Would love to do Ortf without cables.
  5. That is very interesting! Given how much I ride the gain on my wireless I think that 32bit float makes sense for this application.
  6. It now comes with a Lego wheel attached to the headphone encoder straight out of the box! Jokes aside, I played around with the menu in Kortwich and it seems as you can select either 24 or 32 bit, not both at the same time which could have been useful (and is something f6 promised to do, but maybe it is harder to implement with analogue limiters).
  7. Whops was probably to tired when I wrote that. I mean when a new generation of f8 comes out with 32 bit float, it might make sense for SD to get automix for the Mixpre series. Hopefully we will see it at some point, but I would not be surprised if it is a few years away.
  8. ^This so much! If the MP6 would do automix, it would tick about all of the boxes that makes it a better mixer recorder than the F series. Guess they are afraid it would cannibalize on 6-Series and small to come scorpios? Or who knows - Maybe we just need to wait for a new zoom f8 to come out for SD to push out automix to their mixpres?
  9. You can unfortunately not use a splitter cable and record an input whilst using TC on the other. So yeah, two more channels
  10. Nice one. I love my gen 1 Mixpre6. This was much quicker than I expected. I occasionally run out of of inputs on my mp6 and have to sacrifice TC in those instances. I feel like all of the new things are nice to haves, but not essentials for what I do. Might eventually get a 10t for high channel count gigs. If they would ever do automix I feel they will kill zoom on about just every point. Guess we can see a new F8 equivalent soon, but they need to spice it up with more than just dual adc.
  11. Sorry, I didn't see this post. But if it is for interest for anyone else. Jamming and leaving a sync box on is no issue at all. Standard BNC connection is a bless.
  12. Thank you for the ideas! I took two coat hangers and taped together to temporarily create something similair. Not sure they will change much, but will let them hang for a few days and see what happens. Isn't there a risk that the sun will damage the cable? Like dry it out and cause it to crack more easily?
  13. I have bought a bunch of used Dpa 4060s. The cable is stiffer than my other two 4060s which has the new soft cable. Is there anything that can be done to soften/extend the life of the cable? Is there any trick (that is not causing harm) to straighten the cables that have been rolled tight and taken up on that form?
  14. There are some good resources in the forum as mono points out. I have been quite happy with close miced omnis. But also had good results (surprisingly as it doesn't handle high SPL very well on paper) with my Cs3e. Non of the mics you are listing are particularly bass heavy. I would maybe try the 50.
  15. Thank you for showing this test. I have not found much about the Mipro system before. Many variables here to draw conclusions really, but it seems to perform roughly the same as G3, so not much of a real world upgrade in terms of reliability at least.
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