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  1. When scrolling on other recorders that have TC data, you will often have the option to see the time when it was recorded when scrubbing through (not the lenght), even if the TC recording trigger only technically happened once. In this case it would have been useful to see what was going on at 6 pm and 8pm, while it was started roughly 2 hours beforehand, without trying to do math - very simple math. Maybe not a big thing, but I would find it convenient if the app gave this info, especially if there are a few events based around known times that you want to revisit in the field.
  2. So my colleague has one of theese now and we used it for the first time about a week ago. Quite a nifty little device. Somehow "bigger than expected" but still small. Playback via the app makes it easy to scroll material, the app doesnt show recorded TC when scrolling (just the start of the recorded file), maybe it is just a setting? Else I can imagine that would not be too hard to add, and would be really handy for work when you know that just a particular time is for interest, but you started the recording let's say, hours beforehand.
  3. Once you get half decent pres and microphones, the SN is less of an issue for dialogue. I feel my Sanken CS3e is a bit noisy sometimes (in terms of selfnoise), but the characteristics make up for it in a noisy environment. If you lust low selfnoise for dialogue recording, it's mainly the Sennys that push that among the popular dialogue mics. That said, I like my Audix SCX1HCs better than Sennheiser 8050s on most voices, selfnoise is just one thing of many to consider. We also planted an oktava close to a Schoeps CMC1 MK41 on a recent gig. The selfnoise was
  4. Maybe have a look at the Nevaton MC59? Havent tried it myself, but the noise figures are impressive and a bit cheaper than the sennys.
  5. We are getting one for a show, hopefully it shows up in time. Will keep you posted about initial thoughts.
  6. Dont have this particulair upgrade, but used oktava card a few times and like the sound.
  7. Wandered off to the odd side of youtube, found this quite interesting. Maybe someone here will too. Wonder if post can soon do ADR without the real actors. Or to repair lets say, just a word.
  8. Yeah, no match at all. If you are looking at the 2000 series, your slightly better, but sound quality and the receivers filter, diversity and scanning is still much better on lectro.
  9. Beutiful! Was curious how to attach bowties to this wonderful small and soft bag. Are they operating good this way too?
  10. Interesting, I was using a 688 with SL6 and srcs this summer and the channels of the srcs had to be spaced quite tight to accept the frequency. I am curious to what that could have been then? If I remember correctly the 2nd channel of the SRCs had to be tuned within 12mhz of the first, or something in that line. I dont have sra/b/c myself, only a 411, so my experience has only been a few times when renting or lending, so I could have missed something obvious. Super happy with the 411/uh400a for the limited time I have been using it tho, it is truly amazing that somethin
  11. Exciting! Glad there is an export version that covers C1 and Eu/American companders. Can you tune the two channels far apart, or is it limited like on the SRC?
  12. It depends on the school, but as starting out, it is not a bad thing to know how bad a H6 is, how to fix a totally smashed rycote blimp, troubleshoot why the battery flies out of a 744t etc. The more reputable schools (dffb/babelsberg) have 6-7 series recorders, often beaten to death. (Have you hear anyone else have to gaffer a stick in the battery compartment to make a 744t stable? ;p) Surprisingly often both mkh 60 and 40/50 and decent ambient poles. The other film unis use H4/6, Tascam dr70 with a set of ntg1,2,3, me66, sometimes a Neuman81 and fight to use the 416.
  13. Welcome to Jwsound! Both are good thoughts that you have got from JonG and IronFilm, so I will not expand on that. I use PT myself, because it "works" even if there are some small annoyances. And it is "the standard". Now quite some people are switching to Nuendo as the subscription plan for protools is quite costly to stay up to date. Surprisingly many I work with use Nuendo, but maybe it is a bit bigger in Europe. Having said that, it is probably good to be able to do a little bit of protools if you collaborate with people. If you do all the post yourself
  14. I am Swedish, but live and work in Berlin. If you want we can take a coffee sometime if you pass here. Generally I think it is harder to get the well paying gigs unless you know German. Berlin is also lower paid than say, Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt. I am still quite new so to say (held a boompole for the first time in 2015), but I also think it was less competitive a few years ago when I started. In the indie segment there are plenty of gigs, but it's a hustle to make a living from it and I think there are more people now. On the upside, makeup and sound can allways get atleast s
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