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  1. Defenitely! I am fortunate enough to just have heard of the dreadful Vega system. Even low end stuff for the starting filmmaker seems to be better than that. What I will say tho, I spoke with a returning veteran last summer and to him it was kind of unusual to try to pinpoint RF channels with RF explorer and freq finder. He didnt have to account so much for RF back in the day, it would "just work" 10-15 years ago.
  2. I like the idea of the A10, but maybe not the execution. If you have FB I would suggest that you have a look at the user group forum. Bluetooth range seems to be almoust non existent, the SD recording seems to fail often enough to be worried about and in order to have TC, you need to physically jam it. But the audio seems to be really good, so depends on your expectations I guess. Personally I would go either Wisy for a strong analouge system that you can combine with other brands TX or Zax for all the extras.
  3. I would second CS3e if you are on the sidelines, headturns will be a problem tho. I havent done basketball, but for football it can be worth considering putting a blimped shotgun on a low stand pointing towards the coach from below and hope for the best if you are not allowed to mic them. If you do this I would consider something that doesnt matter as much if it goes harms way, like a 416 or NTG3 sort of thing, but indoor acoustics and hard floors might make it less of an option again. Maybe a 50 if you can get it planted close enough? Still, I would be horrified to leave a MKH50/CS3e blimped
  4. I havent been to impressed by the sound quality of the reviews I have seen on this wireless system.
  5. General word on FB is that it works in a pinch, but doesnt sound as good as Native Wisy/Lectro on both sides or Sennheiser TX in compatability mode. Check out "Wisycom User Group" on FB and there is plenty of experience about this. One could always hope that Lectro licence out their Digital hybrid "compander scheme" to Wisy. I think it might be technically possible as Wisy to wisy uses similair tech, but there is a legal problem to do so from my understanding.
  6. I solved this with an EMC connector at the mic and a 20cm starquad cable to the plugon. Had issues with a UH400a and Audix scx1c, hc (both which have mbho capsules) and even a Sanken CS3e exhibited the issue at a low volume before this. Also used the audix with a HMa this way without any issues last summer.
  7. Probably after 8 years the battery has lost a bit of capacity. The IKEA Ladda 2450 AAs works good, but for more than 2 hours you'll want a different power solution. Check the USB behaviour in the settings. If you do audio over USB, it will keep the sample rate of the computer it has been plugged into, so that is something to look out for or disable in case you only use it is a recorder. Overall, be aware that you only get a stereo track from the Basic mode, so most likely you'll want the advanced setup or custom mode with recording set to advanced. Hope that
  8. Dont use non rechargeable batteries, they dont last at all. I use Lmount for my Mixpre6, not completely a fan tho, the official self started wiggle and disconnect after a year or so and Sound Devices wont cover it on warranty.
  9. The mixpre is great value, I am sure that you will be pleased with the recordings once you work out how to operate it. Do yourself a favour and do some test runs before a critical recording. There are a few Ahas, but once you work it out it's such a handy device.
  10. Maybe Tascam dr100 mkiii could be an option too for quiet preamps on the cheap side. Otherwise the options you have already gotten are all good. Personal favorite flavour is anything SD.
  11. I think it would be really hard to isolate the breathing of a running horse with a parabolic mic. It could be interesting to create sound effects, but of a bigger area of the horse I would say.
  12. Right, would be a nice to have. I would think it would be possible, but maybe it is best to confirm with deity, or see the documentation if there is a limitation to the audio interface option when also used to wirelessly send or receive audio.
  13. I think it can be used as "a sound card" so should be possible with the right settings. I tried to get an output of my mixpre to a phone, but didnt get it to work, so I be prepaired to do some troubleshooting to use anything with the phone, it may vary on the app you use it with etc.
  14. Odd indeed. I live in Germany and their service have been nothing short of stellar and very quick. I got my first repair (G3 IEM display) free and the 2nd one (Noisy G3 TX) for a fair amount. Also that you hear that you can get your mkh 50 modded to the new standard for a few hundred euros, that is some fantastic long support. Dont they have some sort of cap for what it costs to fix an item? Try talk directly to Germany maybe?
  15. Sure, bags such as this one are brilliant. It fits the Nova and Mixpre10t. Plenty of room for my mixpre6 with two G3 Recievers, the mixpre3 will float in it. But maybe that is not a bad thing considering antennas. What I would say is that it looks "kind of professional" with the military look. If you are not using IFB, you could go for something even smaller, possibly more casual in both color and form.
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