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  1. Thank you Constantin! Good to know that they have a place in Berlin. I will give them a try once my schedule calms down
  2. Wouldn't the mkh60 be the quiter shotgun? I doubt (in terms of selfnoise) that I would hear much of a difference on a DPA 4017 or a 8060 to the MKH416, but I could be wrong. The selfnoise is not much of an issue in reality though, if the selfnoise of the mic is what bothers me with a shot outdoors, then I have been extremely lucky. I can notice it quite present on outdoor "room tones" but I think it's the combination of the tight pattern and that the mic is tilted down as while booming to capture the same timbre. Maybe someone has an alternative strategy when capturing ambiances from outdoor, angling it towards the soundsourse? Sometimes I do a bit of both. For indoors or ortf I am mainly using the Audix which I am happy with but considering trying out Nevaton MC59 for really quiet spaces when I save up some.
  3. Yeah I am aware that Cs3e was never low noise in that sense 15dba and the Audix and Sennheiser are a few dbs lower than that (but should be in the same ballpark). It's my favorite shotgun as it is really a problem solver, the lack of proximity effect is super. If common sense is that the mic is within spec I guess it's fine. Or is there a way to have it checked by Sanken without sending it to Japan?
  4. That was earlier before the release, now they are claiming 4 channels if I recall correctly.
  5. Maybe it works as expected. I went to Kortwich to get some things for a last minute shoot tomorrow and they had a listen to the mic. They had no other Sanken cs3e to compare with, but thought it sounded normal.
  6. The mics were plugged on 3 different inputs on the Mixpre6 with phantom engaged on each input. The gain is adjusted individually on the inputs to get them close to level matched (not perfectly ofcourse, no tone generator on a speaker - was just quick and dirty).
  7. Hi Soundies, I have recently been thinking of the selfnoise of my CS3E and I am not sure if it was always this high or if it has raised over time. I want to know if this level is normal, maybe someone can chime in or know where I should turn to if I live in Germany? I did an unscientific test of lining up my SCX1HC and MKH416 trying to get claps and my voice in the same ballpark on the meters with 80hz hp engaged on the MP6. The difference is quite noticeable, but given that the other mics are lower noise it may not help much. If anyone is interested to listen to the polywav anyway, i have attached it. Maybe someone have a feeling for if its way out of spec or as it should be expected? SelfnoiseTest-002.WAV
  8. Thank you for sharing this. Seems like there are some kinks to be sorted out. Wonder if it's Zoom or Deity that is to blame in this particular scenario. I have a friend with a F4 that thought of getting deity to replace his G1/2/3s so I wonder if this can potentially affect him too. And just out of curiosity, Borjam - I would be interested to hear the results from your Mixpre torture.
  9. Have you got another TC clock that you can test with? I have had zero issues with Tentacle (100% Volume).
  10. Hmm, the MP6 autodetects FPS. Are you using the same cable? The MP6 can stop recording if it doesn't detect TC for a few seconds.
  11. Interesting. Do you ever boom with double Ms, or is it strictly for ambiance? I often work with probably a not so common combo, Cs3e and Ate208. Saves time for setups, and allows to get some ambiance or stereoimaging of action. I have a cabled Ortf rig at times, but more often than not, there is not much time to set it up and I imagine that an ambiance recorded with the same shotgun mic makes sense if the ambiance is used to fill in gaps of the dialogue if needed. All tho I really prefer AB if I record ambiance outside of set for an immersive experience.
  12. Can NLEs export 32 bit aafs/omf/xml? Can all of them import 32bit even?
  13. Thanks for sharing, that is too bad. It seems as Michael Wynne had a similar experience in a post that is now deleted. To be honest a G3 system might also fall short in 7 feets at Nab. But it is worrying with the 2.4 band with everything that is already crammed there on a shoot and hearing these testamonials makes me confident in staying G3/2000 a bit longer.
  14. It's interesting. I can see potential issues in the editing stage tho. When editors print a 24 bit omf/aaf without adjusting the volume. Looking forward to a new F8 that incorporate this. Then I could happily switch to that as a recorder when many channels are needed if this dual adc trickery is as magic as they claim.
  15. That's brilliant! Wish my Mixpre could do this. For me it makes sense to have gain for hardwired boom and faders for anything wireless. Still having to flip through is not always ideal, but with the integration of zaxnet for wireless it makes sense to have 'some' knobs multipurpose.
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