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  1. Yeah in a real world scenario it should be fine. Never had a single issue using tentacle and MP6. Apart from once but that was the issue of a RED "accepting" a different TC than it was actually shooting. So in this single case I would not blame the MP6/F8 it was recorded on either. And it was easy enough to batch change the tc header from 24 to 23.97 in waveagent once I figured out where the problem was.
  2. Yes, atleast with the Tentacle the mixpres detection has been flawless.
  3. No need to rent a bigger mixer. The mixpre6 is a beutiful machine. You need to set the mixpre TC to EXT on Aux1 and use a TC cable that outputs on a 3.5mm cable for the aux input, simple as that. It is intelligent enough to autodetect the fps from the generator. It also accepts varying levels of signal, but think line is generally preferred if there is an option for volume on the TC box.
  4. A directional mic with an ATE 208 piggy backed on top. Personally I love the Sanken CS3e with that Fig8 on top. Not the best sounding combo, but covers so much ground.
  5. Neat! Does the display have build in converter for USB power?
  6. You have some Haun mics, why not try them out and see how you like it? I like the MBHO offerings. I have 5 mics with OEM MBHO capsules. They sounds decent and the selfnoise is in the ballpark of schoeps, so should be a non issue for most dialogue. For quiet field recordings they are a bit noisy imo. But the KA500 and KA200 (I think, not quite sure what the KA cap is for Audix SCX1C) sounds good on voice. The fig8 is a bit of a rarity to find, but the Ambient Emesser ATE 208 sports a MBHO capsule in a very small form factor and can be had for reasonable price 2nd hand. There is one now on FB for 300 Euros, which is a lot less than I spend on mine. I have regularly been using Audix SCX1HC with the emesser on top for SFX gathering or action filled scenes where it could be fun to pull out the stereo perspective. I have enough MBHO mics to try double MS, something I want to do. Can report my findings later, I think it will be useful to be able to make a 5.1 and pan - but for field recordings I really enjoy DPA4060 AB. So if I were to buy something again for only fieldrecordings, I would look for some good sounding omnis with low self noise. The MKH20 or potentially Nevaton MC59 would be my top picks.
  7. Broadcast? For sure, I dont see why not use 2-3db NR on a broadcasted mixtrack.
  8. Awesome. Thoose FPV items seems really cheap tbh. Are they frequently agile? If you would only run one cam. Could you in theory transmit with the FPV antenna from video village to both the boomop and a FPV monitor at the cart?
  9. Nice watch! How do you transmit to it?
  10. I think you can skip alcohol on the cables if you opt for soap and water.
  11. Wonderful. Makes any 8 track recorder a decent backup machine then.
  12. Let us know your findings about this. I have a feuture in July if things go as planned. Soap and water is the battle plan now, been looking at the UV boxes, but became a bit sceptical after the reports from Schoeps. 70% alcohol wipes is a good way to shorten the life on lavs for sure.
  13. Excellent! Will it have analouge out as OP mentions? Not sure I have seen it anywhere else, but I was also late in for the meeting.
  14. AES or Dante and controls on the unit, so should be very viable
  15. Pardon my ignorance, this is just a thought experiment. My experience with Lectro wireless is somewhat limited. I tried the various noise algorithms that they offer and think I prefer going with the 'Normal' mode, even if it is destructive NR so to say. Are most off you going with normal or without noise reduction in your Lectro systems? How would it differ to use no noise reduction on the lectro RX, but instead apply lets say 2db noise reduction on an 8 series?
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