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  1. Had my first issue with this today - mini 35 and a mini classic side by side. 2x jb1’s. Followed the very helpful instructions above to letter and no luck on the 35, but the older mini grabbed it right away no issues at all. 

    just got a set of ambient nano-lockets but getting used to the blinkey lights and not knowing exactly what is happening without a screen is not the greatest under pressure. Once i checked my cheat sheet and got it going, nanolockit on mini 35 worked perfect. 1st n 2nd ac’s both found the note about a certain firmware i believe in the camera not working with the jb1, and the lower tc level output mentioned above could also be a factor. Nanolockits are good to have!

  2. 6 hours ago, Tong0615 said:

    I'm not sure if it's the same cause, but with nomad, it needs about one second for the machine to get the timecode after the whole booting up screen is done (apply to both internal and external tc source). If you start rolling right after the machine boots up, it didn't get the timecode yet and will start at 00:00:00:00. This happened to me several times.

    i think this is it - i ran some tests yesterday and might even be tied to prerecord rolling before timecode generator is ready at powerup. Will give some time before rolling after bootup in the future and see if this eliminates it

  3. I just received a call from a client that this happened although we used a slate so we were covered. They were kind enough to let me know. I went thru months of files and found only one other time this happened. The other time was not the first file but the 6th file recorded that day. Anyone else run into this and know what might have caused it? I feel like operator error for my instance is key as I am working on tracing my steps seeing if I can duplicate it. Both MARF and Wav mirror versions show zero start time on these particular files.





  4. 1 hour ago, The Documentary Sound Guy said:

    You are confusing me by calling it a Y cable, but I think in principle what you are proposing should work.

    This is what you are proposing?
    TC-Out from Nova -> Nanolockit -> continuous jamming TC -> Nanolockit TC -> TC-In on Nova -> view Nanolockit TC on the Nova screen.

    And, Nanolockit acts as master Tx to distribute TC to all other lockits.

    All this makes sense to me and it should work, but I haven't done it.

    yes precisely it would be a y cable lemo 5pin to 2x bnc, Where the bnc’s’s are wired to timecode in pin and timecode out pin on the lemo connector (am I reading correctly that these functions require different wiring as I currently have two different cables for input and output?) - I think I might have a scrap Lemo five pin connector that I can run this experiment on when I get back home. But if I could get this to work that would be awesome as this is definitely not something i can do with the jb1’s. The one thing I just can’t confirm specifically looking at the manual is that both time code input and output on the Nanolocket is active simultaneously by design. I am working on a job out of town currently theorizing this plan

  5. I just bought a set of 2x of these to use as yet another timecode tool with jb1’s zaxcom erx/rx/urx’s. Love the creative potential on how i might put these to good use now that i am getting familiar with how they operate. Going through the manual and this may have been covered already in the manual but I may have missed it. I would like to try to use with my nova for a particular purpose - is it possible if I build a custom y cable can I continuously feed timecode into a nanolockit set a special mode while simultaneously sending timecode out y-cabled from that same unit? I would love to be able to use this as a secondary wireless time code feed that continuously jams from my nova while also being able to monitor its timecode output in the nova timecode menu. Not having a built-in screen is a bit of a bummer but I figured this might be a way around it if I could get it to work. Also great for timecode playback or record run functions and being able to see a visual display of that time code on my nova’s time code menu.

  6. I myself love the jointed antennas but i try to be careful with them avoiding impact etc. My experience i have lost a few where the pins inside the connectoe snap rendering them unusable. But for my uses the flexibility of using them outweighs that risk. The original ones are virtually indestructible 

  7. This is too funny, at least in hindsight. First time ever my double alarm for an early call this morning was set for PM by mistake, so after 20yrs i am finally in sync with time of day on my slate.  I am now switching my phone clock to 24 hr time. There was a mad rush to just barely make it in on time this morning (and talent even more late than I was which was an added bonus). Pushing my vertical cart in a hurry to beat the rain on top of it all, went down a small slope into the street to get to the loading dock and went DOWN on the cart. Literally. Cart fell forward and stupid me did not let go. I can laugh at it all now with only a few scraped shins from the metal but certainly could have been a lot worse. Thank god no traffic on that particular street.  Somewhere there is also laughter i am sure by the viewer on a security cam somewhere as i am sure it looked comical. 

    Vertical cart owners - be sure to slow your roll and remember to back down slopes. Be safe out there!

  8. I have several boom poles one of which is a VDB that i have since stopped using for quite a while. In my quest to find a boom pole to stuff in a carry-on I settled on a K-tek traveler i already have, not the greatest but it’s fit my needs for this particular travel job. The smaller VDB‘s were out of stock and it’s unknown when they will become available at present time where i had checked recently. Looking at this boom pole I have on hand the idea hit me that may be in its fully folded state I could potentially chop it off to a new desired length and retro fit a rubber boot at the bottom and engineer some sort of replacement stoppers inside on each inner tube. 

    has anyone here ever modified a carbon fiber boom pole in a similar manner? I have never cut into carbon fiber tubes before my fear is cutting might splinter or some other mishap i am not thinking of.

  9. Think i am gonna stay the course with current editors i work with to not mess with our workflow. Will try to run some tests with a friend of mine. If I recall correctly in all of the OMFS I have worked with encapsulated as well as separated, the only meta-data with the files is the editor timestamps and not the original timestamps of the files whether it be camera footage that was synced with production sound on set or the production sound files themselves. I have editors give me EDL’s and i use EDiLoad to sync my production sound files with these sessions. This is something I’ve never explored with AAF but going to try to do a comparison between them all when i get a chance

  10. 1 hour ago, henrimic said:

    A big advantage for post, the AAF keep the original metadata of the sound files, so it’s easier to conform multitracks in Protools Ultimate via the field recorder workflow. 

    Oh wow that’s mind blowing in itself considering 90% of the projects i work on w post are starting with my field audio. Cant believe i have beeb missing out 

  11. Curious if someone might help me understand the pro's n con's of OMF vs AAF imports in pro tools. I have been using OMF for ever out of habit. Always encapsulated to keep things organized, and it would work perfect for my purposes except for a few occasions where the material is larger size and I would request separated - but this made things slightly difficult where I would have to manually connect the data which was a bit time consuming but worked in the end. Recently an editor I have been working with was sending me AAF's. Worked extremely well although contained a video track that would give me problems but I would just skip it on import and bring in video manually which is typical for my omf imports. the AAF's were separated but imported perfect with no manual sync no matter the project size, and also pans werent all whacky like they could be on stereo tracks with the OMFs. If i understand correct AAF is newer than OMF, even thow they are both old by todays standards? is there any reason not to request AAF from now on? I have editors I work with who always send me OMF and I have them well trained, and I fear changing to aaf for them might disrupt things if the process causes any issues on their end. 


  12. 1 hour ago, Tim Norris said:

    Since you can't check any bags, you might consider traveling with your favorite boom pole and favorite mic and just carry it on as a separate piece. I've been doing this for 35 years, though I seldom fly any longer. Sometimes I put my KTEK 152 and Schoeps in a fly rod case for extra protection in the cabin. It fits nearly anywhere in the cabin and I don't feel compromised with gear I don't love. I have never had damage or loss.


    *Recent trips on sold out flights to San Juan PR and Uvalde TX (San Antonio) presented no problems.






    This is interesting as i had assumed under current flying conditions i was limited to overhead bag 22x14x9 

    and backpack under seat in front of me  and all fitting in those sizes. Is what you may be saying a “fly rod” is the personal item i.e boom pole n mic combo in a longer slim case? Where would they stow such an item? This is interesting as i had never witnessed anything unusual carried on


    i do own a vdb tho it is a larger size too big for overhead carryon and i love the collars much better than this ktek i will check out a smaller version

    7 hours ago, Trey LaCroix said:

    Vdb medium fits nicely In a 1510. I usually carry a Vdb large in a versa flex case and attach it to my backpack.

    This too is interesting - stowing above in overhead or under seat in front of you?  I recall but been years they want things to fit/stow securely. Possibly i could take my vdb if they will allow me to stow up top outside my carryon? I have a loon travel bag to fit it nicely. Been a while since i have flown with gear but i did tsa precheck recently since i know i will be air traveling a bunch

  13. I’m prepping for a job that involves a lot of flying packing light with no checked bags. My smallest boom is a ktek travel aluminum That I rarely use and it fits perfect but the collars  are the worst of all the boom poles I own. Curious to know if anyone might recommend out of what’s currently available a better solution for the most compact size for carry on bag but max length fully extendable. Uncabled, would be great to be able to pull through an XLR cable if possible in the field (like psc if i am not mistaken?)

  14. 3 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

    Well trained actors don't mess with their mics.  They look for the person who wired them and tell them if it needs fixing, changing, muting etc..  We soundies need to be very responsive and available for this for the protocol to work, otherwise the talent WILL start to screw around with their mics themselves.  (My fave is them unscrewing the lav mic connector at the TX thinking they can unplug the mic that way.)

    Wow that’s funny I was picturing unscrewing the lemo connector and then it hit me oh the plastic boot on the switchcraft side of the ta5f. I don’t know if in 20 years I’ve ever seen anybody try to do that but now that you say it I bet it will happen to me soon

  15. 21 hours ago, Jim Feeley said:

    Ha! Did you put that up? Both funny and thoughtful. 🙂

    We were shooting an interview in a corporate meeting room with our own gear but guessing they have presenter mics etc and ironically that was the only way i knew it was a restroom trying to find one as there was no restroom sign

  16. 8 hours ago, Dtjax said:

    The 411's work fine and will power up by internal batteries no problem.  If they are powered up on internal batteries and you plug in the power supply cable, they power down. You can remove the cable and they come right back on.  Does anyone know what is going on? 

    This doesnt help a whole lot but I was just able to test a 401 i have here on hand it i can confirm it is by design that bds power takes over battery power. when i plugged in a cable not patched to bds the unit did power down from internal battery power. It does sound like the power jack may have an issue. Also a friend of mine here has 401’s he uses for eng work and has them labeled “no external power” Which I have been told something similar might have happened he just hasnt sent them in for repair. 

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