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  1. I too use the black eneloop pro’s with great success for many years. i keep them numbered and rotate them, they hold charge really well over a few weeks at least with slight dips. There definitely is a charging rythm that is device specific i.e. trx’s n rx200’s i charge the morning of whereas erx’s and sennheiser g2’s i can let them set for weeks and still make it thru a full day. So i have color coded battery cases to split these up, and newest batteries with highest numbers stay specifically for the higher draw devices mentioned above. I do believe the chargers like the 16 bank titanium chargers help in the long run with proper charging and periodic refreshing vs the lesser quality 4 bank chargers sold it kits
  2. I purchased a 6061, but using the 6060 I have had success so far riding zmt levels around 10 and pushing towards zero when i know it will be loud and have had much better success “neverclipping”. I hope soon to work with same talent and hopefully able to get him to duplicate his sudden yell with these settings and see if my hypothesis based on suggestions here is correct in that i overloaded at the transmitter with too high of a gain setting. But, 6061 I think will protect even further in the future.
  3. osa


    Curious to know do these have to operate in Ifb mode only from lectro transmitters?
  4. +1 for ambient adaptor for the xlr version
  5. i do agree as i had switched all my boom poles to ta3 connectors so every bit of “less bulky” helps, at least the visual bulk of larger connectors
  6. I am sure those omni antennas might work out just fine. While it may be completely different for your set up, with all the antennas I try, I keep going back to the Lectro dipoles. The range for me has been consistently better over bowties, home made dipoles etc (this of course not including situations where sharkfin directionals applied). i personally recommend lectro dipoles, as you also have the ability to dial in length of antenna based on your block you prefer to work in, or in my case using block 21 for most situations covers a wider range upstream. https://www.lectrosonics.com/sna600a-antenna.html
  7. Absolutely! Inside a vapid indoor practice field? Inside a large stage? Large warehouse?? Wideshots on top of the above? The cs-m1 would not be my 1st choice
  8. For me… rycote inv-lite 19 For indoors zep no10 for outdoors with olde skool rycote rubberbands and connbox (others recommended cinela but this setup worked best for me personally with some frankensteining parts on hand after lots of trial and error battling handling noise)
  9. This is one thing i might be misunderstanding - shouldnt the zmt4 that i am speaking of using with this setup in this thread be appropriately compatible with a 6060?
  10. Using a sanken csm1 right now as i type, female talent on 2x cam sitdown interview. Sitting at a table with concrete floor, no real room to put blankets down as its pretty wide. To me it sounds beautiful in this bright space with no interference tube “phasey” issues. Granted the mic is right on top vs following her around this room with any distance, so it doesnt quite answer your question from that perspective. But a 416 etc to my ears would not work at all in this setup
  11. I know its a matter of personal taste - but i have 2x mkh50’s and 2x cs-m1’s in my kit among various others. The 50’s have collected a lot of dust. The sankens have become my go-to for almost everything. I love the sound of them, the gain and the reach - the sanken checks all the boxes mentioned for me.
  12. Forgive me if I am wrong but the 4017 C does not have rolloff capabilities at the mic? I.e.,the 4017b you can low cut at the source before hitting your mixer? Curious if that’s why you had success with other mics
  13. For me the bubblebee pre cuts work very well with their mounts but topstick in rolls in either 1” or 3/4” sizes works great to precut pieces as needed and have the roll for longer pieces as needed.
  14. I still want to try my own experiments when i get the time to with this dpa 6060 in question. I feel I understand neverclip at the mixer recorder quite well when it comes to cabled mics from searching and reading here a good amount of previous discussions. But i dont see a whole lot about transmitter neverclip and specifically the lav mics used when it comes to human voice and transmitter recordings. Mentioned here is the dpa 6061 but I am feeling like a 6060 should have the headroom to safely capture a sudden scream and not distort if i ride my gain at the transmitter a lot less, i.e. 0 to 10 vs 20 to 30. The 6060 at 134dB spl, the 6061 at 144dB spl - when it comes to human voice vs something like a gun shot - i want to believe the 6060 should cover vocal peaks with the better zmt gain setting. Hope to test and confirm or find out on the job whichever happens first
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