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  1. Ah! Great key word suggestion thanks a ton
  2. Helping a client come up with a solution, curious if anyone here might have suggestions. I see mini boxes where HDMI in can be split to separate video and audio out. Looking to do the opposite and combine HDMI video and separate audio into combined HDMI out.
  3. osa

    ZMT-X S-Clip

    Sorry if this has been posted here already but I believe this is fairly new. I wanted to share a photo of this new spring clip that is a modification of the previous plastic clips for ZMT and ZMT – X transmitters. fingers crossed i hope its durable long term. I believe much more comfortable on talent versus the previous zmt3 metal spring clips. I really dig it, nice work SGS
  4. osa

    Headset Mics

    This h6 is spot on for this particular setup - multicam live switching live dj etc. seems like the perfect pro level solution. thank you!
  5. osa

    Headset Mics

    Curious to know if anyone these days has a recommendation on current headsets for fitness instructors. I am helping out a friend who put together a kit for live streaming fitness instruction. I am aiming for the more professional recommendation for them versus the Google search $100 janky looking headsets with all sorts of failure points. My gut tells me DPA or countryman headsets with double ears. Trying to help him find a solution best for sweaty human contact. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with these but so far I am recommending to them based on my experience with DPA and countr
  6. That is some thing I’m looking into right now honestly. Originally I had A pre-formatted message with the invoice stating Credit card payments were an option to contact me for details. Personally I might just raise my rate a bit to cover fees now that I know how this works. I never expected payment like that to happen so quick. Hard to gauge how many of my clients might prefer this credit card option. That all makes sense that is good to know.
  7. I am sure there are people here like me who are creatures of habit - invoicing and receiving checks Job after job over the years and depositing checks every which way available. Today I billed for a job I did yesterday and was paid in 2 minutes after sending the invoice. This is for a client that might take 60+ days just for forgetting to pay the invoice. The funny thing is I didnt even realize the invoice (thru harvest) had the option for credit card payment already placed at the top for the client to see. For me this was a complete accident and it’s the fastest I’ve been paid in 20 years.
  8. ...6 years later on this topic and wanting to start 2021 with new invoicing software. I feel compelled to add here that Harvest has my vote after trying for 30 days. So grateful for this site and the jwsoundgroup google search. I really weighed out hard what I was looking for and explored a lot of suggestions here. various free trials etc. Old info here but still very relevant. Harvest seemed to check all the boxes for what i was looking for overall. For 20 years I was using MYOB AccountEdge, mostly out of habit. Probably not he most ideal for our line of work. Invoicing now is ver
  9. One thing for maximizing space inside is modifying the xlr to a right angle as compact as you can get it and factoring that into your measurements. With this i have had great success for mkh50’s and the rycote #10 but obviously would never work for a 416
  10. compared to a b6 and a lemo...this one looks to be a cakewalk. I know this has been discussed a bunch already but i feel like getting ahold of one, wiring it for a comtek... but use it with a sennheiser iem all kidding aside my thinking is people shouldnt avoid this fine product when it could be an easy mod (and i know op this is not at all your intention). It seems common practice for sound mixers to mod everything in their kit. it is near impossible for manufacturers to check every box on products for us or they would never make a profit
  11. This is the way. adapt to all the crazy signal flow. When it doesnt work we make it work, and in this case if it were me and the product at hand was important enough i would customize this with a ts connector to be compatible with my comteks and problem solved. But i know its personal preference
  12. this indeed for 216 comteks and trs adapters in the kit have always prevailed when i have run into the need to convert.
  13. Thank you those are the key words i was missing. Gonna try one this week
  14. this problem we are experiencing is in a 2018 vw atlas of all things. There is a 1/8 aux jack input we are tapping into with my cable i made. Scrap mogami and 2x neutrik gold right angle 1/8 trs connectors. Simple but seemingly high quality cabling for the task at hand. The noise is slightly reminiscent of older ipod 1/8” out thru a cassette adapter while cig lighter charging years back - only not as extreme. If the dvd player is running off battery, no problems at all. Car stereo stuff and 12v power has never been my wheelhouse
  15. I made a 1/8” stereo cable for a dvd player for the kids in the car from scrap cable and connectors. As soon as we tap into 12v power in the car there is a buzz in the audio and whine that follows acceleration. Is there a trick to build into the cable to “lift” or otherwise combat the buzz that occurs that someone here might be familiar with?
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