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  1. I have a job coming up that is Sound only where I will have a producer friend taking notes on a clipboard, just wanted to see if there was a clever way to mount or position a zaxcom erx on a clipboard to listen/take notes/see tc clock ergonomically?
  2. I had purchased Halo UpMix after a lot of thinking it thru for my workflow and it seems to work great so far for my purposes - but with some music I tried a combo move of izotope music rebalance and Halo and the results have been really good for a little more separation
  3. osa

    Zaxcom - TRXLA5

    Curious to know the “MHz Bands” might become available to zmt4 owners via firmware or are they hardware specific? If it’s the later, a zmt5 makes total sense but i love the idea of this unit with those extra bands. Also curious how long this unit might last on eneloop pro’s or equiv nimh batteries in a real world use.
  4. Thank you i missed that! Great info. I will check it out
  5. This is an old one but wanted to find out an opinion as I am about to purchase some longer antenna cables. I currently have 15 foot low loss cables just to get high on a stand like a C stand in front of my cart etc. but would like to get 25 or 50 foot cBles made for the same reasons mentioned above. Is 50 foot a common maximum length still getting decent results or should I go with 25 foot to be on the safer side? Was leaning towards the bulkier belden 9913 cable larry mentioned
  6. This concept of upmixing is still something i am trying to completely wrap my head around, but all of sites i am reading and seeing demos of halo upmix etc seem to be referring to upmixing stereo music mixes. Do the same principles apply to stereo ambience field recordings when it comes to upmixing stereo material into multichannel projects?
  7. Now that you mention the font size of that OP message is awfully suspicious! hopfully not fanning bot flames but on this subject i know it has been mentioned before but for the wife n i - subtitles are becoming the norm, if only to confirm what we think we hear
  8. I am intrigued by the bag for sure but even more so the knobs!
  9. osa

    Lyre creak

    Dangit i am sad to hear you are having trouble with a response - i had issues once and posted here about mine breaking and someone dm’ed me and sent replacement lyres free of charge. I will try to track down their contact info. looking at that particular suspension i wonder if you might benefit better from 2x independent lyres of heavy duty variety vs that particular joined together suspension?
  10. I went for it and had A friend of mine print me a bunch and for my personal workflow these are absolutely perfect! They are not for every Mike placement but definitely another tool to deploy when needed. I had great success with collared button up shirts and polos using these. In the past I used to use a combo of make up sponge moleskin and toupee tape for starchy shirt applications to create this same idea and as I had suspected these are a third of the size. I used these with DPA 6060s And the mike stays tightly suspended and fully shock absorbed inside with much less transference vs ursa mounts alone. I use a single piece of toupee tape for the slimmest footprint for its size but can definitely be used with moleskin as needed. This was my first attempt at 3-D printing gadgetry and I really appreciate you posting the file it worked perfect for him to print from.
  11. Genius tip i will file away for future use!
  12. What about the option of mogami w2697 - I use this cable for everything where I need thin flexible balanced cable and it solders really well https://mogamicable.com/category/bulk/microphone/lavalier/ my dad and my sons and I all went fishing recently and my dad brought his fly fishing rod and I could see how this concept would work as this cable is very thin and flexible very similar to fly line. I will for sure share this thread with him as he is not a sound mixer but does have an appreciation for our craft nonetheless and will get a kick out of it
  13. I was thinking this as well - a locking TA3 female seems to take a bigger panel mount footprint vs the male where the lock is at the connector at least in my experience with project boxes
  14. Yep try moving the front lyre clip to here just behind interference slots as those look like the newer clips, or worst-case you can replace with heavy duty lyres
  15. or possibly the spacing of the battery as i have had to put a few layers of gaffers once to keep the pressure of certain batteries inside maintaining contact
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