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  1. Another good point there are 2 popular styles of strain relieve crimp and the little "fingers". The fingers seem to lock good on sankens but not so much on dpa and b6's. If you heatshrink to build up the cable just slips thru unless you glue the shrink good to the cable. Someone please correct me if i am wrong but i believe the crimps are on push pull connectors and fingers on the screw on's?
  2. Man this is already killer advice i wish i had bumbling through the learning curve. That card trick will come in handy. Ive snipped pins on ta5f's but never occured to me on these. Just for fun start with building alexa mini audio input lemos that way these 3 pin lemos will be cake
  3. Others with more skill than myself might have better info. If you are careful and have the right tools it can be done successfully. I have done quite a few and done repairs as well when they get yanked. The right connectors for starters are essential. Genuine lemos all the way. Avoid the cheap knockoffs or pay the price of finding out they dont actually connect. Push-pull or threaded are a matter of personal preference. Good solder iron w swappable tips to get the fine point. good solder of the smaller diameter and a ring light magnifier on an articulating arm is helpful. And last but not least some patience! Its fun to say you did it. But now i pay the higher price for the usual suspects to do it for reliability sake. When they do it on the frequent they to a better job than i can these days
  4. I personally have had success with tentacle and all mini's i have worked with, but i know a few others differ. I suspect current mini fw updates might be where the tentacle is more reliable. I am personally getting the feeling denecke n ambient are the most reliable at present across the board? But i would love to hear your feedback on the amira menu if it is indeed similar to the mini - particularly confirming project timebase frame rate and genlock set to tc in settings and if you had jamming success. These menu items are deeper than i was able to get familiar with. Ultimately i want to be able to attach an ERX to a mini with totall successful tc and a guide track. To this day i have relied on other methods with every Mini I have come in contact with present firmware included and through multiple friendly ac's trying to figure it out quickly. If I do get a chance to sit with a Mini and run thru all these tests I will report back.
  5. Wow that is a lot of great info to digest thx bouke for sharing. If i understand martin correctly it sounds like his dp had previous problems on arri fw 5.4x which was supposidly full of fixes for these tc woes and NOT w zaxcom devices attached. If you do a search outside jw there is a flood of tc problems with semmingly every device at one point or another incl direct tc from 633 jam issues. now I can't proclaim what firmware they were using and even if they had correctly troubleshot so who knows. I dont feel any more or less confident i just know i always have to have backup plans for backup plans
  6. Thanks Bouke for your willingness to look into this at any level. i am sending you files right now and also wanted to share here. I have encountered several of these timecode situations and frankly it makes me nuts. These high dollar cameras seem to give us the most strugles - not just with timecode, but with audio connections too as we are all well aware. just had my first experience with a sony venice yesterday. still had that new camera smell. i was filled with anxieties prior to shoot 1) crazy 5 pin connector and 2) bnc tc yay but not entirely confident it would work properly until i had a chance to test in person. i built a custom 5 pin cable the day prior for my rx200. good news is everything worked perfect. they even had an a-box adapter but i elected to skip it just to avoid xlr's protruding out the side of the camera body. tc was perfect. audio was perfect. but WHY we have to deal with this stress so much on these high dollar cameras will always be a mystery to me. i relate to a lot of the points discussed here particularly the alexa mini. not all DP owner op's update firmware and i too am guilty. heck the old macbook air i am using to type this is running os 10.8.5. it is great that there is an update for the alexas but not so great for us when certain DP's choose not to update, which i understand the hesitation too for all the various reasonson up to no time to do it. DP's and AC's who understand we are pro's and the tc we send is great despite warnings, i highly appreciate them. it's the DP's who look to me like i am somehow compromising the whole shoot because there is a flashing warning sign... so, as much as i love zaxcom tc when it works, sadly, i know i have to have multiple levels of tc from other manufacturers for every possible camera scenario and their relative firmware states. reds, alexas, sonys, atamos monitor recorders etc - not only do i have to have countless seemingly never ending connection options for audio signals, i must do the same for tc as well - despite well established industry timecode standards. i still carry a -10 padded red one cable in my kit. never touched. the moment i remove it from my kit someone will show up with a red one i just know it! sorry had to get that out here is what i sent to Bouke. by no means am i a scientist. and i have been told by someone once before my audio hygiene needs improvement (constantly workingon improving that) so my pics arent the greatest. at least they detail my efforts. my wife is in market research so i am always fascinated and willing to participate. market research proves that market research works! in the end, i know this may not give us answers to what we are discussing but i feel there is something for me personally to learn in what Bouke is willing to examine. maybe it could be helpful to others here even in the slightest. Thank you Bouke for your suggestion to evaluate some files 6 files - bwf wavs with timecode stamps recorded for 5 min (probably overkill) recorded on my sound devices 633 iso tracks as follows: iso3-analog tc from 633 (even though files are stamped, just for the heck of it) iso4-denecke sb2 jammed from 633 iso5-tentacle sync jammed from 633 iso6-zaxcom qrx100q jammed from embedded timecode sent from 633->trx900CL->trxLA3->qrx100q set to receive tc from trx->tc analog out to 633 input iso7-zaxcom rx200 jammed from embedded timecode sent from 633->trx900CL->rx200->tc analog out to 633 input iso8-zaxcom erx2 jammed from zaxnet 2.4gHz sent from 633->trx900CL->ERX2->tc analog out to 633 input
  7. I too have had this issue w zaxcom timecode in gereral and alexa mini's whether qrx100q, rx200 or erx. My only solution has been tentacle attached for tc and all seems good. Sony cams fine, red cams fine for the most part although a few seemed finicky with erx's as well but rx200 ok. Denecke and tentacle have been great backups for sure though i much prefer zaxcom if i could get it to work.
  8. Great news sounds like this might help if x3 x4 get stuck
  9. Sorry long shot not sure if this is helpful. but when i up'ed to 4.6 i reset presets from scratch per someones recommendation in another topic. I did not reload previous settings created in previous fw versions if that makes sense. perhaps i am misreading and you may have done the same but just throwing it out there
  10. I second the small zip tie inside these remote audio right angle connectors I have been using with thinner mogami wire on f55's etc and have performed extremely well in terms of camera op strain
  11. osa

    Remin Kartmaster

    I called the manufacturer to look info custom half shelf but the lady I talked to said they cannot offer that only full size shelves. Perhaps I spoke to the wrong person. Maybe I should share pics above jwill with them if you'd be ok and talk them into it? If not I am looking at building a version of my own but in the meantime here are my custom shelves useful in 2x work modes full vertical and 4 wheel drive. Work in progress, need to make a few more tweaks but looking forward to working with it next week.
  12. Unless they require the specified ambient kit - In a situation like this I have had great success with sennheiser g2 tx and multiple rx's or comteks same config Tx at camera Rx1 at slate Rx2 at recorder I had a client that used Panasonic HDX 900's up until a few months ago and this was the exact workflow we used as they too required record run time code for their post workflow -Ken
  13. osa

    Remin Kartmaster

    I was gonna try and fabricate my own with the help of my dad who has a full blown machine shop, along with some other mods. But is the quality of the custom one they made you on par with the cart itself ie is it sturdy locking into place etc?
  14. osa

    Remin Kartmaster

    Derek thank you this is great info i really appreciate it
  15. osa

    Remin Kartmaster

    great info. it makes sense the shelf is for fully extended. i have some of my own custom shelving in mind with the compressed form of this cart but shelving not a necesity. i also like the idea of the fork flat, handle up and half flat bed which i had not thought of. about to purchase one soon and just want to make absolutely sure i understand correctly - this image below, the handle can swing around and the cart lays on all 4 wheels, locked in half position (i.e. you have to push button to unlock and extend for full flat bed), and the fork can be unlocked and flipped up or left flat as well? i am trying to make absolutely shure the kart wont try to extend while pushing with gear or pulling up small inclines etc. wish i knew someone local to inspect in person. i really appreciate the input also, wheels are solid non-pneumatic polyurethane? if anyone owning one may have time to snap a down n dirty photo in this half flat position at their convenience i would be forever in debt
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