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  1. my first experience with block 23. my qrx200 is skipping past block 23 as an option for limit scans. i was in the middle of trying to help a friend of mine pair a block 23/24 kit for his job. the trx's allowed me to select block 23 frequencies. i see some devices for sale from time to time in block 23 it was my understanding it was limited use i.e ch37 blocked as per lectro doc below. is the whole block not meant to be used at all in the U.S. at present? https://www.lectrosonics.com/images/PDFs/TV-Channels-Frequencies-blocks.pdf
  2. I am trying to find the photo that I took and i believe i had posted here somewhere… When I had an orca bag i used selfie sticks with my sna600’s that I bought at Walgreens for $10 apiece. I mounted two of them on the front of my bag on the aluminum frame via cable ties and added cold shoe mounts. I recall it working really well in run and gun situations and also could drop the bag and extend the antennas high about 3 feet above the bag.
  3. osa

    Zaxcom URX100

    For the price i personally see this unit as an upgrade to erx’s as camera hops. Major improvement over range and quality and also the locking connector. The ifb options for me are a bonus. Recently i was doing a series of corporate interviews flying solo working from a cart. They decided to have 1 particular shot be a walk n talk. With this URX I was able to quickly set up a wireless boom option for myself and monitor lav n boom simultaneously. Not ideal but in this particular situation it worked great. This is my current camera hop setup below. It really works well as intended
  4. Thanks glenn. I was hoping to use in tandem with rx200’s in stereo mode but mono n tc from the urx, Which still works for fs7’s w/no tc or dslr’s etc from the trrs jack. But i do like the idea of adding a separate mono tx for versatile feeds.
  5. Now that i tested in mono all is good for timecode. I do like the lectro zax hybrid this is working really well
  6. Thank you i had not considered this. Much appreciated
  7. I am making a bunch of cables for my urx and when i test my trs to Y xlr unbalanced vs trs to xlr balanced, is it possible “differential” is backwards on unit vs manual? An audible test at a mixer is showing me stereo unbalanced when “on” and seemingly mono balanced when “off”. FW1.02 Also I believe this differential setting should be in the routing menu not set up since it pertains to the routed signal you want from that trrs jack, imho. I will post this to their forum as well hopefully that could be an easy update if others agree. I am also having trouble getting a tc signal out of the side ta5m jack. Following manual below and unsuccessful getting a signal. Has anyone made a successful y cable for the ta5 out? Just doublechecked my solders and also direct tap from urx to mixer and still no signal from the pin 1/3 combo. I am getting audio signal from pin 1/2 combo. Time code is showing being received on the home screen Unfortunately I missed the guys in tech-support with a phone call but will try again tomorrow
  8. osa

    Boom Pole Latch

    One suggestion is a slightly different item that can serve the same purpose https://www.quickfist.com/
  9. Copy thx really appreciate the input. Testing on a job right now and if there is a degrading in signal it is super minimal with adapters in place. John THANK YOU this suggestion you had was one i had not thought of. Much faster swaps and much safer for the female jacks
  10. This might be a question for LarryF - would adding adapters require modifying antennas for the added length? My guess is this might be more appropriate regarding transmitters vs receivers. I will do some tests in the field to compare. I also have some classic lectro branded bnc antennas to throw into the mix to see what works
  11. osa

    Remin Kartmaster

    Recently upgraded with a custom shelf rig with the help of the home depot. Gives me a 3rd modular option now for cart mixing. Rigged out is sloppy right n now but fine tuning in progress
  12. Thanks guys for all the great input. I am placing an order now thru a dealer so i can get all brand new amj's current versions for all of my antenna ports. I think i am up to 16 total. Perosnally a worthy investment i feel. I am also gonna get bnc to sma adapters for larget antenna rig cabling. Here is what i have determined and seems obvious in hindsight. The right angle sma's on the low loss cables - and even the straight ones - have a wobble. If you dont apply the correct pressure and even backthread a bit to make sure you are perfectly straight, the tip of the pin catches the outside of the female sleeve inside the jack and the threading down of the connector smashes the outside of the receving sleeve flat like a half moon. For me personally trying to do this in the field with precision is next to impossible. I found an adapter solution i am going to employ moving forward that eliminates this wobble and should always keep the pin going straight down. I am going to go out on a limb and say it is quite possible others out there may be experiencing this problem and might not know it because the metals inside the connector are still making contact. For me it was my mic plexer that brought it to my attention because the right channel stopped working altogether due to the pin smashing it down completely inside. It really is hard to see if you have bad eyes like i do. Again thanks everybody for helping me figure out a good solution! -Ken
  13. I dig it! Thx larry
  14. Does anyone possibly have any feedback on these and their integrity versus the classic whips?
  15. I am thinking i might replace all my whips with these lectro antennas. iirc you could swing transmitters around by the antennas and not come detached
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