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  1. osa

    Np50 chargers

    I think we went off the rails on multibank chargers yes this is for np1 lithiums not our np50's BUT this got m3 thinking i want to explore what makes these older 4 bank 4 at a time np1 lith chargers tick
  2. osa

    Np50 chargers

    Slots are a little loose on these chargers
  3. osa

    Np50 chargers

    i think multiple brands of chargers is the first order. just today the right side of one of my newer amazon chargers was blinking red to green depending on pressure of the battery in the slot. this is different than the left side complete failures in recent months. the lectro single charger confirmed the battery needed full charge and did the job. i might have to take this thread to "do it yourself" to explore building my own reliable multibank charger that i feel i can rely on
  4. osa

    Np50 chargers

    i am interested to know if these are just cheapies with their name stamped on them or if the insides are quality electronics. i dont see any technical specs online listed at least where i had looked. the SGS version's price is a little too close to the cheap ones i already have that have failed left and right.
  5. osa

    Np50 chargers

    Great input - do these have different color charge status indicators? The ones i use currently power off of usb from my titanium aa chargers. Out of 4 of them 2x had the left side fail. The amazon ones are crap unfortunately
  6. osa

    Np50 chargers

    Martin you bring up a good point do you use those because you choose to over cheaper dual bay options? For instance i feel the single wall wart model that comes with lectro ssm looks more reobust and reliable. Qiality product, Less likely to damage batts etc
  7. osa

    Np50 chargers

    Now that zmt's and ssm's are a plenty what are people using for multibay chargers these days? Mine are Amazon purchases that are less and less reliable
  8. osa

    Zaxcom TRXLT3 discontinued :-(

    I have been all zmt since they were born knock on wood the trx's as backups have never been touched. Am i crazy though thinking ultimate lithiums used to get 6hrs in trx2 n trx3's? Just over 4 hrs on zmt's but it has never been an issue thus far. Adding the np's has not been an issue for me i have different brands i have found that i rotate through and keep multiples on hand
  9. Interesting update from keith, who by the way is indeed the man at comtek. The pr-216 confusion all comes down to the fcc. He said that with Comtek being a smaller company keeping the same labeling allowed them to maintain compliance to some degree. The proper way to signify these tv5/6 units when reselling is "pr-216/76-88" which Unfortunately in my case the seller did not do and I was misled. I am in the process of getting a refund. But I can't win - just bought a another used PR216 that visually checked out. but when I received it and ran tests, it failed with 3 different transmitters. According to keith at comtek it was indeed a 216 MHz receiver based on serial but had been serviced before and its symptoms were requiring a need of more service. High pitch whine no latch on tx etc. Now I need to try to return this one for a refund. Thats it. No more buying used comteks for me unless here on jw. Used Comtek buyers beware it is rough outside these jw walls -Ken
  10. If you are referring to the hma specifically, You still get mic level (like using a dynamic stick mic) with plug on transmitters with phantom power off
  11. osa

    Plug on choosing issue

  12. In case anyone else runs into this - The comtek on the left is a pr-216 216mHz receiver. The one on the right is a pr-216 ch5/6 85mHz receiver. The differences are very subtle and only a picture like this would help you identify that clearly being able to see the switch and the tv ch 5/6 label information. It is easy to see they are both called "pr-216" in terms of comtek model numbers, and a seller not well educated in comtek products could easily overlook this factor as in my case. I believe I will be able to get a full refund. I still would like to call comtek directly per the earlier suggestion and get to the bottom of what their logic is behind this product naming. Clearly I am missing something.
  13. thanks john - wow this goes deeper. but your info does help me visually see the difference now. i have PR216 black with the red around the knob but i also have the light beige/light gray PR216's that have blue around the knob - all of which are 216mHz range. the 5/6 ones i just received are dark gray cases with blue around the knobs. the seller sold these to me as if these were the same as the one i bought previous. very hard to tell case color difference in photos as well as read "TV-5 and TV-6" labeling. i am going to call keith at comtek shortly. what i cant understand is how are these both PR-216 models with no model differentiation and not like "PR-216" is 216 mhz (which makes sense) and "PR-216-56" is 85ish mhz (which would make more sense?) that ultimately is what i am trying to clarify for the seller why i am returning and how they should clarify to end buyer when relisting for sale -Ken
  14. that might be the help i was looking for - thx! kp
  15. I was curious if someone here can help me clarify how to tell the difference between these 2x models of comtek receivers. I bought a PR216 receiver from someone recently. it worked perfect with my option7 216 transmitter. suddenly he had more for sale. i bought 3 more. today i tested them and realized right away these 3x in question are the ch 5/6 versions that operate in the 80ish mHz vs the 216mHz. i have done tons of research on this subject and comtek seems to be very unclear on how to show the difference in model numbers between these models that look exactly the same other than the tiny 5/6 switch and labeling that is very hard to see in photos. it is also somewhat misleading for sellers whom may not understand exactly what they are selling. i want to return these to the seller but also help educate them on why they are not as advertised so they can resell with the correct listing info to the appropriate buyer - i.e. someone with the 5/6ch transmitter. -Ken