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  1. osa

    Dpa microdot repair

    For me personally the flexibility of microdot outweighs the somewhat delicate nature. I really like the ability to switch between xlr zax n lectro with the same mic at any time just by swapping adapters with minimal bulk. I try to handle delicately but i knew it couldnt last forever. Just glad to know they can be repaired. Will report back if any issues i figured best to go to the source
  2. osa

    Dpa microdot repair

    cool thank you all for the feedback. sending to dpa seems the way to go!
  3. First experience of a short in a dpa factory microdot connector. Definitely Curious what others do - i would prefer to stay microdot if possible. Sorry dont recall this being discussed n didnt find in search if i missed it i apologize - do dpa or dealers offer microdot re-termination? 2nd thought was commit to lemo. I am done doing these myself so either way i would send it off -Ken
  4. According to the video your cable from 1/8th jack feeding camera becomes the 2nd antenna. But i bet you can make a matching whip with 1/8 jack instead of bnc or sna to mimic when ta5f is used
  5. Indeed i have one on order and i am not entirely sure what i will use it for until i get my hands on it. Could be using multiples today on a job. So much potential for so many uses
  6. Does return loop back only apply to return A? Trying to fuss with it on set right now and no luck from return B… the manual seems to use A as an example but is not clear that that's the only way for proper function as far as I can tell -Ken
  7. This is assuming your fs7's have the "pro" back not sure what it is called but supplies tc io and battery. There is no pass thru only one port with switch in and out. Use a bnc T adapter to split your tc out to ea cam set to tc in and you are good to go. Worse case no back i manually punch in tc all the time with these cams and it holds well if they stay out of high speed. Tc stays accurate within a few frames to at least keep your recorded audio close
  8. I agree i also use these units side by side. I did a number of tests early on with mine both tuned to 2x trx's. in dual mode on a qrx 200 i get more consistent reception with just whips whereas on a qrx100 i found to employ micplexer and dipoles yielded similar results in my experience. In single mode i noticed equal reception in both units. If you have the ability even just dipoles on the qrx100 would go a long way. But this being said, might not be neccessary depending on your environments. I use my qrx100 all the time to this day along side 200's and would never sell it so i say go for it if its a great deal it is still a worthy investment
  9. osa


    Great feedback thank you. It's with a fellow mixer in my region whom I have known for a while so I trust him. But he is younger so I was wanting to make sure this wasn't a fly-by-night service that he just discovered
  10. osa


    Someone asked me recently if i would use zelle as payment for gear i am selling. Paypal is all i know. Anyone here for or against this service?
  11. osa


    With the nova and built in zaxnet - correct me if i am wrong - but couldn't a stereo trx replace the need for camera link trx? Not sure what details i am missing but i just tested with my sound devices/mixplexer2/qrx setup to a rx200 and all seemed to work without interference. I am jazzed at no need to bds power anything if this works as the new way forward.
  12. osa


    Will the nova or maybe zaxcom recorders in general give the option for split mono bwf and poly file bwf recording? I have a mix of clients where some prefer split mono to grab a single iso track when needed and some want poly for high count track management
  13. osa


    I realize photos of the nova available now may not truly represent final product but coming from sound devices i am not used to anennas coming out of the face of a mixer. Am i the only one seeing it as odd that to put your thumb n pointer finger on the volume knob as shown in pic below would be tough with an antenna or even worse right angle lowloss antenna cable connected? Has anyone else been able to put their hands on a demo and see if this is even an issue?
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