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  1. Thanks guys a lot of good input. I should have posted earlier and filled out some forms to be safe but i have elected to just take lavs n trx's with an erx to monitor vs a complete mixer recorder kit. It will wrk for what we will do with the family but this is great info for future travels. -Ken
  2. Dang it I had not considered that. I leave tomorrow. I may elect to just take Zaxcom transmitters and lavs and record the audio At the transmitters and hope for the best. As I said it's just a personal project fo a family video but it would be nice to get good audio to match a good picture
  3. I am headed on a trip with my family from u.s. to germany. Taking a kit with me to lav up n record family members while my nephew shoots multicam - striclty a family historical preservation thing. I am carying on my kit like i normally would traveling the usa and it is my understanding this should be ok for international travel as i am not working commercially nor am i selling/buying anything. all internet research seems to point to all should be good. Is there anything i may be overlooking? -Ken
  4. osa

    stingray junior and k-tek waist harness

    I use this setup and it works very well. I also incorporate a light backpack to put some accessories in when building bag up. I added carabiners to backpack straps to clip to bag top D rings and it makes it best of both worlds of harness and waist straps when in situations that require run n gun all day. I drop backpack When things settle and return to lightweight etc -Ken
  5. osa

    Zaxcom/comtek/sna216 jumper tower

    Another mod using it today - thanks to someone suggestion here to use one of these utility bags - used the center section of a shorty mic stand and now have a portable all in 1 kit of Comteks and jumper tower in 1 package. Keeps comteks n phones neatly organized and easy to spot one not returned -Ken
  6. I built this rig out of necessity for jobs that require me to be harnessed up but also feed a video village multiple headsets. Thought this might be helpful to fellow do it yourselfer's. Allows the use of erx's and Comteks simultaneously eliminating the whine caused by 2.4 GHz transmission in close by comtek transmitters. Definitely gives extended range over standard Comtek whip antenna. Currently mounted on a standard microphone stand but also can be mounted on a C stand with another 5/8 adapter i built -Ken
  7. osa

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    Jay your post couldnt be more perfectly timed. Our green screen shoot came to a screeching halt when this subject came up followed by "of course the sound guy would find this". Clients and crew equally entertained seeing where they fall on the scale. A pleasant distraction! -Ken
  8. osa

    Why Comteks?

    For the lectro batt eliminator - Drill bit and a rubber gromet does the trick -Ken
  9. osa

    Np-50 storage options

    Thank you! Cf card holders i had not thought of. I do have single plastic cf card holders i could potentially glue togther as an option. I have pelican media cases similar to what you posted that might be too bulky for my battery bag configuration, but thanks to your cf suggestion There are some cf storage solutions i hadnt explored that may fit the bill -Ken
  10. osa

    Np-50 storage options

    I found storage bags as an option, but really looking for a way to store np-50 batts in a "store-a-cell" type of top load rigid case. Mybe one that holds 4 np-50's in a row like 9v cases or 2x2 etc. I cant seem to find one. I have a routine of battery storage where position in these top load cases indicates to me full charge or time to charge. Right now i am storing np-50's loose but they may topple sideways. I can fashion something out of plastic etc but curious if anyone is using anything for this purpose prefabbed for other uses that might apply? -Ken
  11. osa

    Molle Radio Pouch for QRX/Micplexer

    Gotcha makes total sense. Efk is there a bottom cable exit/mod etc? Sorry i see you mentioned a mod would be required so far these k-teks were the only ones i could find that adjust to different receivers and cable configs -Ken
  12. osa

    Molle Radio Pouch for QRX/Micplexer

    You are prob aware of these but just in case - i use these for qrx and mic plexer clipped to my bag or rx200 etc. k-tek adjustable velcro -Ken
  13. osa

    DPA 4063's in high wind

    Bingo i have these rycotes at home will experiment for the next outing. Will also look at the bubble bees. Thanks guys great tips -Ken
  14. osa

    DPA 4063's in high wind

    On a show using a combo of sanken 11d's and 4063's mostly outside. Mics hidden button down shirts etc. where fabric layers are working to my advantage, but high winds in later afternoons flairing up and hiting 4063s hard. The sankens i am using the larger high wind screens the size of a marble with great success wrapped tight in makeup sponge moleskin combos. New to dpa's and not having equal success with my available accessories. Is there a dpa equiv windscreen non foam but rigid metal like the sanken i am possibly overlooking? Considering trying to modify one of these sanken high wind screens to fit a dpa grill cap and testing that as an option -Ken
  15. osa

    Signing out comteks

    Literally looked at a variant of one of these last night at lowes. This fits the bill. I can add pockets inside for full count and it would help to know all is good when all slots are filled -Ken