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  1. Does anyone use a thumb trackball mouse doing audio post that you might recommend that works with Monterey and above? I recently upgraded and seem to have lost my precision movements on the track ball with the Kensington version that I have. I have a feeling they’re software for Apple might be finicky on this operating system
  2. This is a weird one hope i am explaining correctly. Using a cedar DNS 2 with digital i/o in the same config i have been for quite a while. Today suddenly i am experiencing +10dB at the digital output only on left channel output. All levels at digital input are equal dual mono levels and processing on screen of the dns 2 is showing equal level processing. Currently set to stereo mode “D1= / =D2”. Very odd as just used the other day with no issues. Started today upon firing it up. Wondering if anyone has an ideas.
  3. For years I have used these types of sleds Velcro’ed to the back of Lectro And zaxcom receivers. Works great with these slim or slightly larger sony np style batts depending weight vs swap time: (photo shows how it comes stock but easy to rewire to your connector needs) https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07VX7JXFC?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  4. i stayed the course with OMF separated and for me it has solved the problems I was having. So far so good only because everyone I receive from has been using premiere.
  5. totally agree, tricks with delay compensation works well when finessed properly. Typically i would use audiosuite "assistant" rx plug to try and get similar results. Clear is indeed a very nice plugin for the price
  6. glad to see it works in pro tools real time and audiosuite - feels very similar results to rx10 but all the work of 3x sep plugins at one time real time in trade for some of the more precision settings is very sleek
  7. I should’ve clarified yes I did order some off of Amazon, and yes prob ordered in bulk these days by other industries. but stores in the US like Walgreens I used to walk in and buy it all the time with sheets of moleskin lith aa’s etc. CVS here, same thing - I should’ve taken a photo of the one I saw they call it “cloth tape“ rather than the stuff that was specifically Durapore and their “high strength securement”. Creature of habit- bummed as it appears I can’t just walk in and get Durapore specifically for my own consistency sake. But i will try out the other stuff
  8. I went to stock up on it at the drugstore and realize they no longer sell Durapore and it looks like it’s replaced by cloth tape specifically not made with natural rubber latex. I special ordered Durapore rolls but has anyone used this cloth tape for comparison and more importantly should I be sensitive about allergy reactions using Durapore in the future?
  9. Good point on the media card it is very easy to carry a reader and hand them your cf in a reader ready to go
  10. I 2nd this. When the wardrobe is multilayered and typically challenging - this rig with dpa lavs is so clean it is like following talent with a close boom it is a delicate balance with the foamies for sure - too loose and the mic slips out. Too tight and the foamie is so compacted it loses its isolation effect and transfers all the noise
  11. Not the most compact but for me the most comfortable, and i have the version with back support. Folds n rides at the back of my cart. But dangit they keep stealing it for a talent stool. Guitar bits easy to remove https://gatorco.com/product/guitar-stool-with-stand-gfw-gtrstool/
  12. Ouch this hurts to hear. My first experience buying a 4017 when they first came out the VP of U.S. operations in colorado (if I recall correct) personally helped me get it repaired. I assumed their service would still be at least close to this if you call them direct at the longmont location? But i know these depts change hands and service can go out the window. Bummer if that is the case as I have gone off the deep end with DPA mics
  13. Thank you both for the suggestions i will try them out this weekend. Would love to keep it in pro tools to minimize extra steps if tc is critical
  14. One worthy note on these smaller foamie shilds, the precut ursa stickies work perfect
  15. Oof! The fur up inside is genius! Struggling with that today with the bulk fur on top of these already small units. Will try cutting up a few and adjusting the foam for these 6060 versions
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