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  1. Believe it or not, Drew did shoot the bullet on the first try! On the closeup, we did not have a bullet in the barrel for our protection, until the actual shooting. When we filmed the Lav-Bullet being shot, we did so by locking off the cameras and going to a safe zone back near the truck.
  2. A I think your referring to the boot on Rean connector? If so there is a simple fix in the video found here: If for any reason you are unable to make these updates (missing parts) please just let us know. (sales@sound-guys.com) Our overall policy is for everyone to be satisfied with all of our products and know that we stand behind them. Tom - Thanks for supporting our new products! Our post here on JW was only a day after dealers were informed of our new products. So the lead time should be minimal.
  3. Currently Trew Audio and Audio Department have placed orders (we're assuming they still have them in stock). They're also available at all of the usual places of business, you may just need to request them.
  4. Well.......maybe we'll have a name change in our future. Thanks for the info.
  5. LAV-STAP $28 retail LAV-ROD QD $75 retail LAV-BULLET $40 retail BLANK LAV-BULLET $36 retail
  6. On behalf of Sound Guys Solutions, I want to thank everyone that has been giving their opinions on our products as well as suggestions. As we have said before, we do not take any suggestions lightly! Lav-Bullet Updates Last year, we discovered that some people were having issues with the TA Style adapters that connected to the Lav-Bullet. If dropped, it had the potential of breaking across the threads, as well as denting the outer shell. We developed a workaround, and are now including an aluminum insert with every LB-LECTRO adapter that will greatly increase the strength of the adapter. But we didn’t stop there. We have since gone back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the Lav-Bullet. The new bullet, works specifically with TA Style lavalieres because the TA Connector is now part of the bullet! This is a bullet that we can literally call “bullet proof”. We have thrown the new bullet off buildings, ran it over with a car, and even fired a REAL handgun at the product without denting of the product! Stay tuned for the video (of course we filmed it!) We are still going to continue selling the original Lav-Bullets that work with all of our adapters, only under the new item name “BLANK Lav-Bullet”. If you purchase these bullets, you will need to purchase an adapter separately that works for their needs. Introducing the Lav-Strap We are pleased to introduce a new product, called the Lav-Strap. It is a new and sleek way to strap a lavalier on talent while minimizing the visible factor that is imminent with competitor versions. It is thinner than competitor products, and does not use velcro that may get caught on wardrobe causing tears. Instead, it uses a swimsuit bra hook to keep the profile small and next to invisible even under the thinnest shirts. It also allows mixers to choose how they want to adhere the lavalier inside of the strap. It has 3 sections for mounting lavaliers: A smaller sized pocket for sub-miniature lavalieres like the B6 and MKE1 and COS-11D, a medium sized pocket for lavaliers like the MKE-2 and DPA 4060 Lineup, and a larger pocket in order to use accessories like the RM-11 as well! The Lav-Strap comes in three sizes (S,M,L) in both black and beige colors. They are sold in a three pack, so you don't need to purchase each size separately. In terms of sizing, you only need to know what the size of an actor’s shirt to correctly match the size needed for the Lav-Strap! Try them one time and you won’t go back! MD-6 Battery Distribution Box The MD-6 is a completely new design for DC distribution in an ENG mixing bag. Its vertical form factor makes it easier to access each plug separately without the need to pull the module out of the bag to disconnect a DC cable. It also has a built-in low battery indicator that automatically turns from green to red when the voltage of your battery gets to 13 volts. We are having a promotion from now until the end of August. Any customer that purchases an MD-6 will receive a free MD-6 cup adapter with your purchase. Lav-Rod QD (Quick Disconnect) People have been asking for a Lav-Rod that has the ability to break down into two smaller sections for portability and storage. Because of this, we are introducing a new version of the Lav-Rod, called the Lav-Rod QD. The original Lav-Rod will still be available without the quick disconnect. This version of the Lav-Rod incorporates an aluminum threaded adapter in the center of the rod that allows it to be connected and disconnected when needed. We will also be allowing people to update their original Lav-Rod if they have purchased it prior to the new QD being released. Stay tuned for exact info on this process. The customer will have to ship their original Lav-Rod to us for this modification. This will be an available upgrade for this service. Sound Guys Solutions will pay ground shipping back to customer. Shipping for the Lav-Rod QD starts June 25th. and finally, Sound Guys Solutions is on Facebook! We have recently created a Facebook page for our business. We encourage everyone to go to our page and LIKE our company to receive up to date information. Please spread the word about this page! http://www.facebook.com/SoundGuysSolutions Once again, thank you for continuing to help us get our products out there. Please contact us with any questions you might have. Sound Guys Solutions Thomas Popp 818-359-1348 thomas@sound-guys.com www.sound-guys.com
  7. Hello everyone, Thomas Popp from Sound Guys Solutions here. I want to thank Marc Wielage for informing me about this post. We do our best to keep up with everything on these message boards, but cannot always find the posts in order help our customers out. First off, I am going to start by saying thank you to all of our happy customers! We appreciate the support and for the word of mouth that has gotten our products out into the work force. We created the Lav-Bullet (as well as the Lav-Rod - which I will explain later) with one thing in mind: Giving Sound Professionals a Professional Product. Too many times have I seen engineers ask me to use a "trouser trout", a wrench, or a coat hanger to wire an actor. Personally, I believe that having professional tools make a great impression. Just today I was told by the lead actress on set that our sound team was "better than the last crew" because we didn't use tools that looked like they were dragged through the mud. They put the actor at ease and make them feel like they are getting the "star" treatment when we use these types of accessories. Next - Sound Guys Solutions products are EXPENDABLES. If you are strapped for cash, then pick one up with your next expendables order! If your line producer is asking, "why on earth are you asking for a $40 tool?" you can explain to them that this tool will save them money because it will DRASTICALLY improve your wiring time while also keeping your actors impressed with you. In terms of the Lav-Buller breaking - watch this video. This has been remedied MONTHS ago. We have informed all of our dealers as well as posted a video on JWSound. Here is the video again. It also talks about the carabiner accessory that we are including with the product and how to remedy it if the cable slips out of the boot. This video will give you ALL of the information to get your Bullet back to working order again. Also - the steel rod that gets inserted inside of the bullet should be available at all of our dealers. Bring in the bullet and they will just give you one at no cost. This will solve the issue you are having. Dan Izen, please contact me to tell me who "denied" your request. This did NOT come from us. Clearly a manufacturer will do everything in the customer's best interest to make sure that if a product breaks that it is repaired or replaced! I want to make sure you are taken care of, so please contact me off the site. This goes to anyone as well - please contact me @ thomas@sound-guys.com if you EVER have any issues. We work hard to make sure our customers are ok! Next, the Lav-Bullet without an adapter on it is NOT recommended to be used with waterproof lavalieres (MM400 Lavs). We have an adapter that will work for these lavs. The threads ARE different and it can damage your lavalier's connector. Also, "Toy Robot" and others asked a great question: the reason why we make accessories is so people do not have to purchase (3) separate bullets just when they need to work with other mixers OR work with different types of gear. AND, doing this would raise the price. It costs a LOT to manufacture because we have to buy THOUSANDS of bullets at a time. However, we are in the process of making a NEW lav-bullet, it will be called Lav-Bullet Lectro. This product will be SPECIFICALLY for mixers that only use Lectro products. It will NOT work with the adapters. This means that if you only use Lectro, you can purchase a bullet that will NOT break (because the TA Male will be one with the bullet). We have literally THROWN the new bullet on the ground and it has survived. It can still dent by being thrown, but a simple drop will not phase it. Next, we will be selling the older product under a new name: Lav-Bullet Blank (get it?) If you want to be able to mix and match (which we recommend for Utilities that want to be prepared with their own tools), then purchase the Lav-Bullet Blank and then purchase the adapters you need. And finally, the Lav-Rod! It works with all of our adapters and allows you to wire women or men with tight pants. The actresses LOVE IT. I cannot stress this enough. They will be telling you thank you time and time again for getting this product. I also use it to fish the wire down tight dresses. It looks professional and will shave MINUTES off of your wiring time. Here is a video on how it works! Subscribe to our channel too in order to stay up to date with our products. Alright everyone. Thanks for the support. I hope this clears up everyone's questions and comments on this topic! ~Thomas Popp Sound Guys Solutions 818-359-1348 thomas@sound-guys.com
  8. Very funny John. Got to love the iPhone auto-correct. Jack a PM will be sent.
  9. Jack, The STA right angle is a locking connector very similar to the Mingston cable you linked above, but with a smaller molded right angle housing. The only thing I could offer you would be a pig-tailed cable around 26 inches. I have the Zaxcom receiver cables with a molded right angle up to 6' if needed. What are you trying to do out of curiosity?
  10. We make a molded right angle power cable for the Zaxcom IFB/STA (MD6-ZAXTX). While we would prefer you use it with our MD-6 it will also work with the BDS and Power Star Mini. Retail is $28 We also make a power cable for the Zaxcom receivers with molded right angle connectors on both ends (MD6-ZAX) if anyone is interested.
  11. Malcolm, We responded to your PM (not e-mail) on November 6th at 8:03pm. FW:Hi Malcolm! Thanks for your interest! Yes, All of our adapters that work with the Lav-Bullet also work with the Lav Rod! Are your 3.5mm wires threaded? Are they for the Lectrosonics MM400 Wireless Transmitters? As of this time we do not have a dealer in the UK. If you express interest for them at your dealer, we would be happy to set them up! We have not received any further information regarding this matter. We would love to get you the product, but we currently don't have any dealers in the UK. Not trying to be arrogant.....maybe you didn't get the message? An immediate option is to purchase it from a US dealer. Please e-mail us if you have any further questions. Thank you. info@sound-guys.com
  12. Hello everyone. Thomas from Sound Guys Solutions here. I want to personally thank you for all the kind words about our products and updates! Here is a new video that shows exactly what our new product can do as well as how it can speed up your wiring time!
  13. And thank you to Larry for donating a connector to help us get this piece made!
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