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  1. In "Rec-ready" mode, toggle the play/rec switch to the left (play) will bring you to file list to choose the track you want to playback. To exit playback mode, toggle the play/ record switch to the right (rec) to return to red-ready mode. Hope it helps
  2. Yeah, being a seasoned SD user, the SX-R4+ user interface needed time to get familiar with. During your test, was there a difference observed in the Pre-amps between the 688 and the US version of the SX-R4+ to you?
  3. V2.4 works well after the 2.3 scare. The strength of the machine is starting to show. One thing I still get tricked by is the similarity of the Line out/ Headphones/ Mix matrix. Took me a while to get use to it.
  4. The "gold standard" I've always read about is how amazing the mic preamps sounded. I thought "Sure, what big difference can there be with my 788T/664/633?" Wow, they really sounds different. We all know Sonosax makes great sounding mixers. Their strategy of releasing the R4+ and slowly implementing firmware updates to fulfil it's full potential was something I anticipated and eagerly await. It is an unusual way of selling a product compared to the other brands, one that has drawn lots of flak, but how I long for the day, and I hope it is soon, where we will have the last laugh.
  5. 1) The headphone/ mix matrix can be mistaken for each other because they look they same. Took me a while to remind myself "read the name at the top". 2) Oh yes, only v2.3 allowed the enabling of the option card. Guess I'll wait for the time being. I intend to use the Remote Audio return box to free channels for when it is operations are ready.
  6. Operators of SX-R4+: 1) What is your favoured monitoring mode? C or LR? 2) Has anyone tried shooting direct to camera via the XLR 5 option card?
  7. Good pointer. Back-up recorder will be set-up in bag! 😁👍🏻
  8. Not helping us who do not invest in transmitter with recording capabilities. Any alternative solution?
  9. One firmware error and everyone sings Iron Maiden's "Run to the hills".
  10. I was one who flagged this ytd after confirming the error. Worked on the 2.3 for the first time two days ago. We shot the 4 takes of the opening sequence and I played back to review and all I heard was pink noise and the playback meters all hitting the Reds. Did a factory reset and it was ok, but I had to review the playback after every single take, but it happened again about an hour later. It happened on both SD1 and SD2. I "updated" to 2.2 and tested it today and it was ok. P.S. I am really impressed by the speed of Jacque's response to my feedback. 😁👍🏻
  11. Hi Rado, Thanks for offering to help. I managed to use some disc recovery software to retrieve those files.
  12. My Macbook Pro cannot read the audio files in the folder of the SD card, but I could read it off the recorder. This is the first time it has happened. What seems to be the problem and what is the solution to see and retrieve the files inside? This is the card from the 2nd slot. Card in first slot is at production house, yet to get a call from them about the same problem. The last time I worked with it, I can read from card in the first slot. Edit: Seems like a disc error. I hope that is the case. Will test record later to confirm the error.
  13. Thanks for the reply Richard. Will wait and see if anyone has put theirs through those conditions. Or should I be the one to test it in my next gig? *GULP*!
  14. How does the SX-R4+ perform in extreme weather conditions, ie sub-zero conditions, deserted climate and humid tropical conditions?
  15. I am a new user of the 788t with firmware updated to 2.18 two days ago. I am using it for 26 days now and recently I realized that my CF card reader light turned green only after 3 mins while the SSD hard disk takes about 40 sec. The CF card is a 16G SanDisk Extreme and formatted with the 788t. I tried it with a second card and the result was the same. Can someone advise me about how to resolve this problem? thanks!
  16. Thanks for all your replies. I will have 2 weeks to resolve this problem before I head out with the Zaxcom again.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried to place the TRX 900s on my harness and on a pouch (but still connected to the bag). I guess I will try with an external pouch like a waist pouch.
  18. I have 2 Lectrosoncis UCR 401(blk 26 and 27) and a Zaxcom TRX900s [edit: Block 25] in my bag. When I do a frequency scan with the TRX900s off, there are very little RF activity, but when the TRX 900s is turned on, there are RF activities through out the spectrum of both UCR 401s which reduced my range greatly. I am using a UM 400 with the blk 26 and a UH400 for the blk 27. I experience occasional dropout on the UM when the talent moves around. Question: 1) Should I stop using the Zaxcom together with the Lectrosonics? 2) Where should I best position my TRX900s? 3) Should I use a high powered transmitter, ie UM 450 or SQMa minimize the problem? Thank You! Thanks!
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