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  1. Gary V

    Wisycom ENG Kit

    The MTP40S Lite on the website shows the limiter as one of the features currently available. Remember, the MTP40S has 80dB of input gain range which means tons of headroom. The MPR30-ENG also has the ENR1.2 expander mode specifically designed for DSLR cameras use. This expander mode reduces the dynamic range of the output so that the DSLR inputs can not be clipped.
  2. Gary V

    Soldering Sanken CUB-01

    Diego, We are working on building one this week and will get back to you with more info. Gary
  3. Gary V

    Soldering Sanken CUB-01

    The Wisycom MTP40 transmitter has the capability to power a phantom powered microphone via the PHA48 adapter. This is used along with a CAL48 (3-pin lemo to TA5-F) cable. In the transmitter menu, you would set the lav mic preset to "Phantom" and adjust your gain level. Look under the accessories tab on the webpage. http://www.wisycom.com/www3/products/category/bodypack_transmitters
  4. Gary V

    Auto Mixer Suggestions

    Hey Whit, it was great to see you last weekend. I like the Dugan E1 as well. If you have access to the Yamaha mixers such as the 01V/96 or the LS9-16 there is a Dan Dugan YGDAI card available. It is called the Dugan MY-16. This is essentially the Model E1 in a Yamaha card. You can easily route your board DSP insert points to the card. The card also has an Ethernet port which allows access to the PC or MAC Dugan software. The rack version of the E1 also has TOS-LINK connectors built in. So you can also connect direct to the built in TOS-LINK ports on the 01V/96. Gary Vahling Rental Manager Coffey Sound