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  1. THE ATL MIXER MIXER again this year is being held the first weekend of November. We hope for some of the lovely Fall weather that we had last year. We are going to have many events over the weekend for everyone to participate in. I know many of us are very busy working but I hope everyone will have some time to join in our food fun fellowship and education with our manufactures and vendors. Nov 4th and 5th. You can check the FB page for more details. ATL Sound Mixer Event This is our current list of Vendors/Manufacturers (more are joining us)
  2. STOLEN DENECKE TS3 ELSerial # 5197 Atlanta, GA 8-7-17
  3. I'm not a court, judge or jury. I am a member of this sound community for almost three decades. I have supported both Zaxcom and Lectrosonics. I have had Lectro wireless on my cart for almost three decades. Tried Zaxcom wireless early on and had issues. Was to invested with Lectro to make a changes when Zaxcom stepped up the game.. but Zaxcom did they raised the bar with many of their wireless products and offered the sound community many different options and products with wireless digital and recording transmitters that sounded great. Zaxcom recorders have been my main recorders for si
  4. Update on Midnight Rider. ‘Midnight Rider’: More Info Revealed In “Willful Safety Violation” Court Filing by Anita Busch October 21, 2016 2:40pm 4 FILM BREAKING NEWS CONTROVERSIAL CRIME LABOR LEGAL
  5. I found this on my computer that I saved from almost 15 years ago that reminded me of what our industry did to help with 9/11. Proud to be apart of this industry and a IATSE member. My prayers and remembrance on this 15 year anniversary of this terrorist attack on our country. I did have the opportunity to visit ground zero a month after. I still have a heavy heart and a tear when I remember this tragedy and the months that followed. This is worth the read being the 15th Anniversary whether you are in the film industry or not. I'm not even who the author of this article was, but I did save it.
  6. Is anyone going to be working the Olympics this year? Thanks, Whit
  7. Is anyone going to be working the Olympics this year? Thanks, Whit
  8. Very sorry to hear of Peter's loss. Prayers to him and his family.
  9. The limit of 4 batteries would mean you could not use them in a TC slate. Whit
  10. Here is a new Steadicam... worth checking out.. The second video is the best!
  11. The real question about the camera is it quiet and does it have any fans? Are there overheating issues? Whit
  12. Well it is official we had 3 Cuban stowaways on our equipment ship from Cuba. It has delayed our equipment return. Getty Images 405422 07: Several Cubans wait for a bus under the flying flags of the United States and Cuban, a scene without precedent in the last 43 years of communist rule in the Las Guasimas section of Havana, Cuba. Carter is on a six-day visit to Cuba and is the first American president to visit the communist island since Fidel Castro took power in 1959. (Photo by Jorge Rey/Getty Images) Three Cubans were found hiding in a cargo ship
  13. Hey Robert most of the components are from my main rig. Just trying to be more portable for the first weeks working out of the country. Hey Paulo, We have not weighed it yet but will soon. The Meon Life is well vented, the Venues and monitors are very the same as in my larger cart and case which I have not had any issues in the past.
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