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  1. Hey Tay, I'm honest with you. The only reason for that is that our software engineers are far more comfortable with windows... That is a problem that we know but since anybody nowadays needs software engineers it's hard to find good ones and especially for OS since Mac is not as big in Europe as it is in the USA. That's not supposed to be an excuse but an explanation. We are happy that we found a really good engineer recently and he is working on the Mac Version of the updater tool. So I hope that we get that soon. So right now I only can say sorry for any inconvenience Mac useres have right now with finding a PC. Best Regards Timo
  2. Dear Steven dear Paul, It was not on purpose but a mistake which slipped through at the revision. We are really sorry for anybody we irritated. We heard about that particular mistake first last week and are right now working hard to implement that feature into the new firmware coming out next weeks. Regards Timo
  3. Hi Paul, the selection of battery type will be implemented with the new firmware update coming really soon. Right now the warning is calculated for alkaline batteries. We will inform you when the new firmware can be downloaded immediately. Regards Timo
  4. Thanks Robert, I see if I can get some more budget to do shirts to wear on location. Timo
  5. I'm sorry if we offended you. Of course it is a simple sexual joke and I promise this will be the last. We've run out of those 100 shirts today anyway and we won't reprint them. I hope you take my apologies. Best Regards Timo
  6. ...Then get a shirt. .. Meet us at C2059
  7. As said ours are black but maybe you still like them! ! Looking forward to the trade. ..
  8. Of course we provide plug on transmitter solutions... Please meet our helpful accessories http://www.ambient.de/en/products/ambient-recording/boompoles/accessories.html
  9. Well, that makes two... I suppose we reflect the reactions next week at NAB and Prolight & Sound and decide afterwards... The persons to convince are: Sebastian at NAB and Guenter at Prolight
  10. To be honest, we discussed that a lot and decided to watch the demand for shorter versions first... So your vote is noted
  11. Our standard QP straight cabling is working just fine since we used the same diameters and lengths...
  12. Munich, Germany 4th of April 2013 Ambient Recording goes Premium with the all new QS boompole For more than 20 years Ambient Recording has produced professional carbon fiber boompoles. The tubes used for our products are not off the shelf items but specially manufactured to our own specification using upscale yet still affordable Hi-Q modulus carbon fibers. This high quality soon made Ambient the leading manufacturer for professional booms in many parts of the world. Now we wanted to go one step beyond and construct our masterpiece. The QS boompole is handmade out of Pre-preg carbon. This is an extremely time-consuming way of production but it gives us the possibility to design the tube characteristics layer by layer. Our aim was to create a boom so stiff, lightweight and well balanced that the boom op can control his microphone like a surgeon controls his scalpel but from an 18 feet distance! Besides the tubing we refashioned the screw locks for better grip when working with gloves. The result we achieved is nothing less than the stiffest, most precise boom on the market that can truly be called the best pole we ever built. Facts - Weight: 37 oz - Length: 5.1' collapsed to 17.7' extended (with optional QP 120 up to 22') - Availability: Shipping starts 15th of May See you at NAB booth C2059 and C3027
  13. Hey Matt, If you find the time to pass by of course we can show you some new stuff. Cheers Timo
  14. I promise, this time you won't get away so easily...
  15. Damn, ours are black but I think they still will make a fair trade!
  16. John, any updates on the Slate? We heard nothing in Germany, so I suppose your "problem" could be solved within the USA, right? I would be glad to get some feedback... Thanks a lot Timo
  17. And an Ambient t-shirt you get (if you give me a K-Tek shirt). But we can't just trade shirts, we have to do it a more professional (theatrical) way! I'm open for any suggestions...
  18. You want to come to NAB and haven't got a ticket, yet? Be our guest! NAB 2013 8th- 11th of April Las Vegas, Convention Center Booth # C2059 & C3027 Visit us on America's biggest broadcast show. For the first time Ambient Recording will be represented twice at NAB. So you can meet us of course at our own booth all new and repositioned at C2059 and at the beautiful booth of our recently installed US distributor Redding Audio at C3027. Meet us, talk about our gear, experience, nerd stuff, suggestions or just chat about the weather. At NAB you can expect nothing less than one world premiere, anticipated and well known products as well as some custom made gear. We look forward to welcome you! Just write an email to timo@ambient.de P.S. only 14 left... first come, first serve!
  19. P.S. If you tune the Alexa and your 744t with an ACC 501 the drift will be about 1ppm. Which would be good enough to work without a sync box for approximately 3 hours maybe even more. Since the Alexa loses the tune value when she is without power for more than about 5 minutes you would need to retune it every time it could have lost the value. So this solution is in my opinion not as comfortable, more expensive and less safe. Thus this workflow is mostly used when the camera guy convinces the production that he can't work with such a thing on his machine.
  20. Yes, with the Alexa this is possible to a certain point. And for that you definitely would need a one way cable. The problem with this workflow is always that you've got two digital systems where the processors are running on different speeds. How different they are is depending on the modell, the firmware version, the weather, the day they were assembled, the guy who assembled it... With other words you just don't know. You definitely need to test it carefully. The Alexa is one of the best clocked cameras out there and still we got 6 frames drift in only two hours ( thanks to a bad firmware revision). So if you don't want to think about all this stuff and if you want to be sure that your setup works even when it gets 10 degree celsius hotter (thanks to lights,...) you still should use a sync box.
  21. Dear Saif, Ryan is completely right. Please remember that if you like the Alexa to be continously synced by the ACL204 to set the camera into EXT-TC/Regenerate mode. If you just want to jam the cam once the Jam mode would be right. Even if you could avoid this error by setting the ACL204 into jam once mode I still deeply recomment to use the bidirectional cables ONLY to tune Clockit or Clockit integrated devices... By setting the ACL204 to jam once you can't rejam it after lunch if you leave it running... Timo
  22. Dear John, Dear Glen, sorry for the belated answer. I was so busy, that I just forgot to follow jwsound for a while. LSC as well as Coffey Sound have been our resellers for many years, so most probably they will be able to repair basic repairs (maybe even more complicated ones). Since we newly are distributed by Redding Audio we also set up a new service structure. So one of our technicians trained the technical department of Redding for some days. This way we covered even more complicated repairs. For anything beyond that it still might be necessary to be send to us. But with this new service network we think that this will become a rare incident. If questions remain, you always can contact us directly info@ambient.de Cheers Timo
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