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  1. I personally did not have any issues with the dialogue. Although the sub was a bit too exaggerated in some parts for my taste.
  2. The 664 will not record at a higher samplerate than 48 khz. Might be a dealbreaker for some.
  3. Hei! Holder til i Lillehammer for øyeblikket. Gøy å se noen skrive norsk her! I have access to a couple of DPA 4011 so i'll bring those with me if visible mics is not a problem (does any of you have experience with that mic?). If mic in the shot is not wanted i'll try putting it on the boom. This is good advice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope the player and room is good and come prepared.
  4. Thanks guys, your responses are great! I think I'll use the opportunity to try out both the lav on the violin and a mic to pick up more of the ambience. Ill try to keep it simple and do a mono mic. Probably the mic i'm using for the interview. Maybe i'll even get some of that experience senator keeps talking about.
  5. Thanks for the response! I think the lav on the bridge is the way i will go. After a search i found this contraption. Anyone know if this is any good, or better, if there is a more DIY approach to this. I really don't want to ruin a violin with tape.
  6. Hi guys! This is my first post here after a year or so as a "lurker" so bare with me. I tried finding a thread discussing this, but couldn't. Please correct and redirect me if there is one already. I am doing an interview in a couple of week, nothing special there, but as part of the interview there is also going to be a performance from a single violin player. I dont know if a stand with a stereo pair would be preferred or if I should get some clip on mic for a more discrete solution. I would love if some of you could share some knowledge and help me avoid some potential pitfalls if
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