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  1. Didn’t see you posted a audio file until now. How do you have your mics positioned?
  2. It should be easy figuring out what cable leads to what input on the recorder. I don’t get what the issue you’re experiencing is.
  3. Any phase inconsistencies in the cable would only lead to the decoded LR stereo image being flipped.
  4. Have you tried booting without the CF-card? I’ve had something like this happen on a 788 a couple of times.
  5. Also, the file name is usually not useless.
  6. The metadata should be there. Have you tried this? Or looking in the clip list?
  7. Here’s some illustrations of how it assembles. Seems like the strain relief is just a hole to pass the cable.
  8. Where is the microdot? You should check this out: https://wisycom.com/products/product/pha48/
  9. JensF


    What is this? Try them out. Find out What works for you. And don't belive anything you read on the internet
  10. JensF

    Stolen SD 688

    So happy for you RD! Too bad about the missing pieces but i would call it a victory. Would love to hear how you went about getting your stuff back and who was involved if you're at liberty to tell.
  11. At least he's not giving them the brush-off. What is the current day rate for an experiencend broom op these days?
  12. @BryanRobson Greetings from Oslo! I don't think you'll have any problem finding free space within block 606 over here. And you don't need a licence.
  13. +1 regarding foam. Any information about length and weight?
  14. http://www.factcheck.org/2016/06/clintons-1975-rape-case/
  15. @KISHOR CHAUHAN How are those knobs attached?
  16. I've never had any pre-roll issues on v2.0. What's the issue like? I am using Sandisk extreme plus 80 MB/s. Don't think it's officially supported but it passes both tests and so far no card related issues.
  17. I would say there were only one right and several wrong TC settings. Not some settings being less stable. But considering the relatively little amount of offset my guess would be the lack of internal battery to run the TC when shut down and the operator not knowing about this "feature".
  18. The link seems to be dead. I'm making a standard TRS jack to summed G3 line level input. Have any of you had any luck with this wiring without any in line pading? Standard stereo source: Tip - hot Ring - cold Sleeve - ground G3 line input: Tip - ground Ring - hot+cold Sleeve - ground
  19. I would guess the timecode was going on the RTC each time the unit was shut down. That would cause it to drift seconds out of time through the day.
  20. @Koca what kind of battery did you use? And what voltage?
  21. @ZoomOfficial Do you know if there is a new firmware on the way? Here are some more things i think needs to be fixed or improved Being able to see level meters on other channels when you PFL/solo a track. Recording a mono mix track (L, R or L+R) Cool if we could build deeper folder structures. Manually setting next take number instead of only being able to reset to T-001. When you pan a mono source hard left or right there is a 3db volume boost on the L/R track that should be compensated for. (This is more a bug than a feature wish) When the
  22. Here are my initial thoughts on improvements after playing with the unit for about a week. I realy hope zoom will continue support and add features in the future. Some of these things might be an easy fix. Others maybe not so much. Im still pretty new to the machine so please chime in if you disagree or if there are workarounds i have missed. - Clip indicators should be able to reset and go away after a set amount of sec. I find pressing stop+5 shortcut risky during take. - Shortcut to flip pots from trim to fader. Plus a clear visual represe
  23. RX also leaves the metadata in. Works great running standalone and it runs VST and AUs.
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