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  1. Thank you both very much, useful info here for me. My plan is to start working with these in the beginning with the whip antenna only, but later i might add an antenna distribution system, will that work in combination with Lectro stuff? could i combine my SrB's and UCR and the Audio limited into one antenna system? Thanks for you answer
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking at the now older A10 TX from Audio Limited/ Sound Devices Not much info on them anywhere and i'm looking for people's impressions. Main use would be wireless boom, but i'd like to hear as well how they operate as normal lav transmitters, How's the battery drain, range, sound, on board limiters, or any other important info i might've left out. Thanks
  3. I think we definitely need to have presence as pro users of Sony, that was exactly my point, these units have a very versatile potential, cheap wireless lav with the option for a great IFB system all in one. Can you elaborate on the problem you have with the plug on? I also have one (not very pleased with)
  4. That's the attitude i'm looking for here, I know clients that will immediately lose concentration when talking about buttons and menus, it should be kept short for them. Trying to take the proactive approach i emailed Sony support and they replied to me that they sent my suggestions to japan. This is the email : http://www.sony.co.uk/pro/article/support-contact-us-for-support Thanks
  5. Please dont get me started on this one... I especially liked the fs7100/700 cameras where each XLR input is in a different place
  6. ​My intention was to bring more people to them in order to change it, If you have this receiver and find it annoying please write to them as well. I'm trying to be optimistic for a change, it's not so easy for me as well.
  7. Hi guys, This post is directed for those people using Sony UWP series receivers (URX-P03) as IFB for directors/ boom ops and such. I am suggesting to Sony to have in their next firmware update an IFB mode that will have the volume control for headphones without accessing menu, i think it is very uncomfortable for the non techies to access menu just for a simple thing as volume. I am looking to put a bit of peer pressure on Sony from the few people who bought these units, so i'm saying if you have these units and you think it is uncomfortable let's try to change it... Opinions? anyone?
  8. I too just purchased the D16 package with few more receivers, mainly for use as IFB. My first impressions after very short tests so far, Positive: Build quality seems very good Sound quality seems very good and supplies enough power to drive headphones (ATH50) USB powering is a nice idea, though NIMH battery charging is possible only when unit off For the Negative there are few things that just don't make sense to me, Headphone volume is in the menu, also menu is not very intuitive. (especially if you think of directors trying to change volume) Battery caddy is not very comfortable but not so critical for me Also i still didn't test it with the line inputs of my 633, does anyone have any experience with that? And one last thing about the Sony support, I thought to ask them to change the volume settings on the next firmware but i see no forum and no email for support, guess I've gotten used to the great support you get from SD and Lectro
  9. Hi Glen, If opening a store in SF is not working so well, maybe consider one in Tel-Aviv? I'm partly kidding but who knows...
  10. Thanks for your quick replies guys. Jim, thanks for the offer but it's not a case of rush, I will have the chance to arrange a pickup from SF if i could just find from where to buy... i don't live in Sf and i thought it'd be easier to get these things there. As where i do live (Israel) it's much harder to get it.
  11. Hi all, I need the help of the San Francisco locals here, Looking to buy a few Lmc COS11 accessories and neopax elastic straps in San Francisco. does anyone know of a store there? some Trew audio/ Gotham equivalent? Thanks, Ronen
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