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  1. After a few years of designing, testing and developing we are proud to introduce the next evolution of Soundbag Dashboards. We have created a new modular design that will allow users to completely customize their Soundbag Dashboard to their exact setup: Soundbag Dashboards Goes Modular Introducing the next evolution of Soundbag Dashboards. We’ve taken the original concept of the Soundbag Dashboard and evolved it to be completely modular and customizable to a sound mixer’s exact setup. The new modular design allows the end user to create a completely customizable Soundbag Dashboard. How it works Start by choosing a Soundbag Dashboard “Rail” to fit your mixer/recorder. Each Soundbag Dashboard mixer rail is designed to fit perfectly to a specific mixer, with no modifications needed. No messy adhesive, velcro or straps! Just like the original Soundbag Dashboard, the low profile Soundbag Dashboard Rails seamlessly attach to your mixer using existing mounting points. Next, choose from our selection of low profile “Brackets” that fit your wireless receivers. Soundbag Dashboards has designed brackets for most of today’s top wireless receivers, including Lectrosonics, Shure, Sound Devices and more. Just like the mixer rails, every Soundbag Dashboard receiver bracket is precision machined to attach to a specific wireless receiver, using pre-existing mounting points. You can choose from single receiver brackets or dual brackets. Single brackets hold one receiver while dual brackets allow you to stack two receivers at a time. Soundbag Dashboards also has a bracket for some of the most popular Battery Distribution Systems on the market. Now, slide the receiver brackets onto the “Rail” and position them wherever works best for you. When you’re happy with the positioning, you can lock them in place by tightening the set screws located at the bottom of the Soundbag Dashboard rail, using the provided Allen key. Brackets can slide parallel with the rail or, in a Soundbag Dashboards first, the brackets can be turned 90 degrees to the rail, so you can fit more receivers onto your Soundbag Dashboard and allow even more customization of your setup. There you go! You’ve now created your own custom Soundbag Dashboard that is personalized to your exact kit. Features - All components are precision machined out of lightweight, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium, for years of use in the most extreme conditions. There are no printed plastic parts that can warp, crack or break. - All components are anodized for a high quality, great looking finish. - Soundbag Dashboards keeps your Soundbag organized by keeping all your equipment locked in place - As manufacturers introduce new audio equipment, Soundbag Dashboards will create new rails and brackets to allow you to update your kit, without having to purchase a whole new Dashboard. Current Compatible Equipment Mixer / Recorders: Sound Devices Mixpre 6, Mixpre 10, 833, 888, 664/688, 633, Zoom F8 (Sound Devices Scorpio coming soon) Wireless Receivers: Lectrosonics 411, Lectrosonics SR series, Lectrosonics DSR4, Sound Devices A-10 / A-20, Shure ADX5D and Wisycom. BDS: Deity SPD-1, Audio Root VM DBox, Audio Root eSmart BG-DH mkII, Battery Bud v1 and 2, Remote Audio BDS RM. Soundbag Dashboards Modular Dashboard System… Taking your Soundbag to the next level! for more info visit the website: www.soundbagdashboards.com Available to buy at our website or ask for them at your favourite location sound retailer.
  2. I don't doubt that a single 411 vs a single SR(A,B,C) in single channel mode in a clean RF environment will have pretty similar results. I think most people who are looking into the SRC's (myself included) are especially interested in being able to just run one receiver unit for 2 channels and therefore reduce weight,space and battery draw. I'm also interested in hearing user feedback, from people using there SRC in that particular way, (2 channel mode operating in a somewhat crowded RF environment.) So far the 411 is the king in that situation, but I'm ready to dethrone him !
  3. 24 and 26 worked for me a few years ago.
  4. Getting in and out isn't long, no longer then my older harness. However, you can't wear the harness on its own, the mixer bag makes up an important part of the overall system. So if you want to drop the mixer bag, you need to remove the harness. Not a big deal for me. I tend to keep myself "geared up" and ready to go until lunch or a longish break.
  5. Sure Thing: The upper pouch is called the F.I.G.H.T. first aid pouch. I like it because it can quickly be removed via the strap and velcro, but you don't need to undo the Tac-Tie straps. Very quick to get on and off. The square hip pouches that just fit a slim V-Mount (to give you an idea of size) are called 4.5 X 6.0 Padded Pouch I like the size and the fact that they have more MOLLE webbing and velcro on the outside so you can attach another item to them. I have a few other Maxpedition bags and pouches that I swap in and out depending on the gig. There stuff is well built.
  6. The Metris, Pro Master and full sized Transits are all really nice vans. But my first generation (for North America) Ford Transit Connect just won't die. I've been really happy with it. Starts every time, carries a ton of gear and has needed little to no work beyond oil changes. However, my '89 Vanagon Westfalia is another story. It's funny how most of my non industry friends (and even some industry colleagues) think its funny how in to vans I am, lol.
  7. Just wanted to do a little followup on my K-Tek Harness. I've been using it for quite a while now and I'm still loving it. The rigid spine has been amazing for my back. I've also recently been taking advantage of the MOLLE webbing that is stitched into the harness. I wanted to avoid having to bring a backpack with me while working, so I sourced some pouches from Maxpedition. I use the upper middle pouch for wet weather gear and/or spare XLR. The two square hip pouches are a nice fit. I can fit 1 slim V-mount in one of them and the other I keep mic accessories,tape etc. I also got 2 "Rolli Polli" pouches from Maxpedition. In this upper photo you can see them when they are rolled up and stowed, but as you can see on the lower picture, the quickly open up into a large catch all pouch. The smaller one on the right is perfect size for a water bottle or to stow a shotgun mic with a Softie. The larger one at the back is perfect for at the end of the day when taking back wireless mics or IFB's and you just need to stash them somewhere until you get back to your vehicle. Overall I've been really happy with the K-Tek Harness. Pros: Rigid Spine for back support, MOLLE webbing for attaching pouches, ventilated shoulder straps, 6 attachment points to your mixer for weight distribution. Cons: only had one issue with the harness, the front sternum strap is attached to the shoulder straps via two plastic connectors that allow you to slide it up and down to fit. I've had the strap slip all the way down and completely off the harness on a several occasions and getting it back on is tricky. Maybe on a future update they can add a little stitching to the bottom of the sliding strap to prevent it from slipping off. But having said that, it's a small issue when compared to the many benefits of the harness. For those interested, Maxpedition is having a clearance sale. Many of the pouches I use and lots more are on sale right now. http://www.maxpedition.com
  8. I love my K-Tek Harness. Less back aches then when using my older harness. Only issue I keep having is with the sternum strap. It keeps sliding down and off the adjustable sliding attachement point. I will have to stitch something on to the bottom to prevent it from slipping off. It can be quite tricky to get it back on.
  9. Just learned recently that longtime manager of Trew Audio Toronto, Tyler Wade has left. I've been dealing with him for many years, right from the very start of Trew opening in Toronto. He was always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and I looked forward to seeing him when I would make it down to the Toronto store. He really came through for me on a few last minute gear requests, went to bat for me when dealing with a certain manufacturer and one time, even stayed after hours to wait for me to arrive so I could pick up a special piece of gear I absolutely needed the very next day. Our shared love of the Montreal Canadiens insured we got along, but his dedication to his customers is what has kept me going back to Trew for many years. We are lucky to have such dedicated people working for us at all the location audio dealers. We would never get this kind of service from online or big box music stores, and Tyler was a great example of that level of service. Thanks Tyler, and good luck in your next project.
  10. I have an old VDB you can have. It's been sitting in the basement forever. I sent it to VDB for repairs, but they said it was beyond saving. Still complete, but it just doesn't lock up anymore.
  11. Thanks for the offer Brian. I borrowed some from another source and I'm just waiting for prototypes to come back for testing.
  12. I'll add to your praise of the light Jim. Three things that impress me with this very inexpensive little unit: 1: The head is very slim, never in the way. 2: The on off switch is located on the light source itself, so you don't have to go into the soundbag pocket to operate a switch at the base of the lamp. 3: The gooseneck seems to be good quality. I've been bending it every which way for months and it's still in great shape.
  13. Hey Danny, The light is made by a company called OttLite. My wife picked it up from Costco for a reading light, and I ended up "borrowing" it for my bag setup. Runs forever on the internal aaa batts, or it also has a DC jack that I hope to mod at some point to plug into my Audio Root BDS. http://products.ottlite.com/p-429-led-book-light.aspx We're looking into it. Probably be 3 - 411's to keep it low profile to fit the bags designed for the 633.
  14. Unfortunately the Soundbag Dashboards don't fit the Lectro SR's with the batt sled accessory attached.
  15. I just picked up a couple of pouches from Maxpedition for just that purpose. They're stuff is really high quality, you should check them out.
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