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    I've been recording and mixing sound for TV, Film, Video, Radio, & web for over 30 years. From a Nagra III, a 3M 16-track, and Magnasync dubbers, to 24-track w/tc, Nagra IV-STC, to Synclavier, to Pro Tools. I now have a 664 with Lectros and Schoeps shotguns.
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  1. Someone who replied and then apparently deleted his post...
  2. Looks like this board has the heir apparent to The Senator. Welcome!
  3. Good point, Philip... I just replied and said I wasn't available. I doubt they'll spend any more time on me, and just look for other fish. If they contact me again, I'll forward it to ReScam--it's a site that uses bots to pretend it's me and just tie them up with phony interest. I've used it about a dozen times. It's always seemed to do the job.
  4. A couple of days ago I received an unsolicited text from an Asian production company's interest in hiring me for a week this month. The tone and wording seemed way off, but I responded with my resume, website, and demo reel to see where it would go. Essentially, they want me to work on a "trial basis", and then, if accepted, pay me a beyond ridiculous rate. This has scam written all over it. I seem to recall a similar MO a couple of years ago from a guy who called himself a wedding photographer. Anyone else had this experience? Not sure what their angle is, but it's totally fishy.
  5. I worked with a 124 in the early 90s. What a beast!! Wonderful transport, quiet but definitely no-nonsense. I had a runaway once and just let the reels go; no way was I going to put my hands even close to the transport. The next 24 tracks I worked with were MTR90s. Nice, but not the same quality of the Ampex.
  6. Seen in a pro audio shop years ago... Beh-rin-ger (bear-en-jer) v. beh-rin-ger-ed, beh-rin-ger-ing, beh-rin-ger-des v.tr. 1. To cheat or defraud of money or property: 2. To obtain by fraudulent means: "Ted behringered money from the company". v.intr. To practice fraud as a means of obtaining money or property: "Ted bought his Porsche by behringing unsuspecting people". n. The act or an instance of behringing: "Ted said he was planning a behringer". adj. a. Having a defect; faulty: a defective appliance. b. Marked by subnormal structure, function, intelligence, or behavior: "Ted said that the compressor had a complete behringer and shut down". (see also "Peaveyed") (Apologies to Peavey)
  7. A long time ago, I had a buddy come up with a box that would keep clients' fingers off the faders during mixes. We called it the ProducerMatic. It had a multi position switch on the left, with labels like "funky", "bright", and "hip". On the right side, we had a single fader labeled "more" and "less". To seal the deal, we put the largest piece of multi connector cable we could find coming out of the back. Did it ever work! Unfortunately, it was tossed during a move, and no pics survive. The Good Old Days.
  8. But at least your memo specified that up front. My main questions are 1) Why apply the zone when the gig wasn't in LA, and 2) Most important, why wasn't the zone specified in the Deal Memo? Everything is good, it was an interesting project with a great client and crew. The difference in money is negligible, but the multiple back and forth emails to iron this thing out have cost me (and them) time. Well, I'm better informed now...
  9. Thanks, Jon. I appreciate the reply. In my case, the original memo never mentioned the zone--I only found out after the fact. Ultimately it's not a big deal. I find it interesting that I was being held to LA "rules", even though I was working hundreds of miles away. I've also worked with many, many LA-based production companies in my area, and this is the first time this has happened. Well, now I know to ask one more question in the future.☺️
  10. Hello all in L.A: I just finished a (good) gig where the Deal Memo specified that mileage would be paid. Now, however, I'm being told that there is a "zone radius" of 30 miles they use in LA that is considered "local", and in that zone, mileage isn't paid--payment apparently starts at mile 31. I don't expect mileage to go across town or even over to the next town when I work, but it's the radius that makes me curious. Is it an established thing, or is it news to you guys, too? The gig wasn't in California. And my base city is nowhere near the size of LA. Thanks for any info!
  11. "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait til you use an amateur".
  12. OK, then 8-bit/22.05KHz wav files. That'll get 'em!
  13. How about creating and delivering lo-res mp3 files for the client with the understanding that the originals will be provided once payment is resolved?
  14. You're old, Dude... Remember the Ampex ACR??
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