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  1. Do you think you could post a sample from this mic? Been interested in hearing it
  2. Nah not super interested in having to hide them. And to be honest the audio isn't SUPER critical. I'll probably error on the side of making it visible vs. risking clothing noise hiding it. And i'll check out that rode pin mic! Heard that it did work with plug in power which is nice. So the cos-11 and the tr-50's would work? I've used a cos-11 before (actually had one and foolishly sold it) and heard lots about the tr-50's before. Thanks guys
  3. Hey guys, Got kind of a noob question here, i've been searching this forum for the past hour or so/google and can't seem to find a good answer on this. I have an upcoming shoot coming up where I will be touring with a few poets/speakers and we will have 4 shows in 4 nights, and i'm looking to rent some lav's along with a couple zoom h1 units to use as body pack recorders. I won't have time/budget really to rent a few sennheiser g3 packs, and dont' want to deal with the hassle of setting up all 3 effetively for each show, and it would see much more logical to be able to just stick a zoom h1 in each of their pockets (there are 3 preformers), and hide a lav on them. I have a dpa 4061 (2x) and a DPA 4060, but I don't believe that these would be powered by the zoom h1 plug in power, yes? It seems like some other lavs such as the countryman b6 MIGHT work, but i'm not sure what would be the best option. I would like to rent from the online rental shops and here is what I would be available to get: Countryman B3 Countryman B6 Sennheiser MKE 2 Gold I don't have a zoom h1 with me so I can't confirm that the DPA's won't work, however I don't believe they will. Any thoughts?
  4. Awesome! Very good advice there, thanks man!
  5. Very true! Good point. I understand that, but i'm not sure where there could be a gain staging problem since I was using a straight xlr feed into my fostex dc-r302. I would understand this with a wireless system, but seems weird for it to be a gain staging system when it was just the xlr in straight to the fostex, and it wasn't clipping on the meters at all. If I mic closely with the 4061 with a loud voice it will still clip at certain spots that are especially loud. Nothing as bad as the 4060 though. Would it be advantageous to maybe pick up a 4062 for even more headroom for loud voices? (I know separate topic). And I totally understand that hiring an audio guy is adventageous, however the fact remains that some shoots just don't have the budget for them, and I really would like to learn by making these mistakes while I still can and improve myself, and then hire audio guys when I have the budget o bigger shoots. Awesome! I'll check that one out, never heard of it.
  6. Hello all, I am a video producer who's making the transition to getting more serious about audio, and really intrigued by the possibilities to take my audio to the next level. I do lots of work on youtube with poetry artists making videos i would really like to start to boom my exteriors with a shotgun, and am looking to pay around $1,000 or a little more for it. I currently use DPA 4061's for exteriors, and they actually work very well (although with the work I do i've even had issues with the 4061's clipping at the mic level, and I got the 4061 to replace my 4060 which would clip like crazy with a louder voice), but i'm looking for the added rejection of a shotgun and somewhat thicker sound (although the DPA's are the most "full" sounding lav i've ever heard). Another issue with the lav's is it can be tough obviously to minimize cable noise when recording a performer who gestures much. I am almost always either a 1 man band, or have an assistant on shoot who knows absolutely nothing about booming, so i'd be relying on good c-stand placement to capture with the shotgun. So basically my needs for the shotgun would be can handle a fairly high spl (loud delivery), not too tight of a pattern, so that it can be slightly forgiving for my placement (although I realize this would slightly decrease the "reach" yes?), and obviously sound good (yes thats subjective) recording dialogue. It would be an extra plus if its a mic that can cut well with the DPA/4053 also, but thats not the biggest part of my decision. I've got my eyes on some of the usual suspects, mkh 416, mkh50, been researching on here too, just trying to wrap my head around all the subtleties between all the models, and what would fit me best in my situation. I also have a audio technica 4053b which I use for interiors but doesn't seem like a great option for exteriors. Can't wait to hear your responses! Thanks
  7. Well, i'm just starting to get serious about audio so i'm still building my kit, but I have: DPA 4060, DPA 4061 (x2) Rode NTG-1 Audio Technica 4053b
  8. I can vouch that the fostex dc-r302 ROCKS. Great preamps, 3xlr phantom 48v inputs, good battery life, DC input, SD Card recording, can do 96/24 recording, etc. Really great unit.
  9. Would i be wrong in assuming this would fit better to cut with my 4053 which I would use for interiors? I'm on the hunt for a shotgun for exteriors and debating between this and the legendary mkh416
  10. Don't know if you guys know but FCP X has built in sync feature that works really well
  11. Hello all, I'm new to JWSoundgroup, however i've been an active member on dvxuser for a long while now. Love the community you guys have over here. Fantastic stuff. I am looking for a solid, reliable sound man to hire on some upcoming shoots. I do work for a popular youtube channel, and my buddy who is the talent, is coming out with a book this Fall and we are trying to plan out lots of video promo for the book, and I just really would like to hire an audio guy so I don't have to do the whole one man band thing like I always do, and focus more on the creative video side. There is a very good chance at returning work if I like what comes from it. I am doing lots of freelance stuff in the seattle area as well. The nature of these videos would be quite simple audio-wise, mostly talking head videos, interior and exterior probably. Should be only one talent on camera the whole time, just need to get some simple, quality audio for these videos. If you are interested either message me on here or email me at matthew at cikproductions dot com with your experience, gear you own/use, and any examples/samples of your work as well as your location/availability, and a rough hourly rate if you usually provide that. Thanks!
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