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  1. Hello Everybody, Anyone with experience shooting in India? Will be possibly doing a job there in the city of Hyderabad and I'm trying to find info on wireless mics frequencies but it feels like there is nothing out there. The rumors are that there isnt much regulation there but any insights from anyone that has shot there would be very appreciated. Thanks Nikos
  2. Back to the sound perspective, at the end I used two DPA 4060 with the Blm mount to the right and left of the speaker that is located in the middle of the ceiling of the passengers cabin. To be honest the DPAs worked so well that I was able to pick up really well both passengers on both mics. So I run the cables into the speaker and then over the ceiling of the cab all the way to the top of the back door and then all the way along the drivers cabin. It was quite straight forward. Had to take the handles off but it wasn't complicated. I also used another 4060 with a blm on the air-condition vent that is on the separating panel to make sure I capture any passenger that moved forward to talk. The vent is circular and the exact size of the BLM mount so it was perfect and conveniently just under the money which could be removed and cables were run underneath. For the driver I used a DPA 4099 on the visor and a 4060 on the panel to cover the possibility of the driver turning to the passenger to talk. The background noise was really reduced on the 4099 but mixed with the passenger cabin Mic it blended well.
  3. Well basically according to the law there needs to be a sticker reading cctv or filming in operation and as soon as filming is finished people are told about it (given that they haven't noticed which nine did) and if they want their image to be used they have to sign etc.
  4. Thanks for the comments and I think you are spot on most things. As you say there is coms between driver and passenger. There is already a speaker and some mics on the ceiling and yeah my line of thought was that the BLM mounts will blend pretty well. Not sure about the 4098 hanging but can get one and give it a go. As far as I remember there is no window any more but there is still the tray for cash which leaves some space for communication and cables to pass. Its a good idea to have a mic close to that part of the cabin. Thanks for the comments. Do you have any experience of using the 4080 or the 4099hi sensitivity inside a cab? Never used the 4099 but looking at the frequency response they are flatter but relatively similar to the 4098. Thanks
  5. On the centre of the ceiling there is a speaker and to the sides of the ceiling these are some of the lights for the passengers cabin. Unfortunately the air vents are to on the divider on the side of each backwards facing chair. I'm leaning towards the BLM cause I think its easier to disguise a mic like that on the ceiling of a car. There is a speaker in the ceiling already so the passenger might not think much of it. I agree with you that it will be a struggle hiding the 4098 but to be honest all this time I had the 4081 in mind and not the 4098. I have used the 4080 in the past and I was happy with it but I did not find that I had significant gain on range comparing to a cos 11 that was also mount next to it. Any thoughts on that? If I can get my hands to a 4081 it should be possible to hide. This is indeed the model of the cab that we will be using. I have pictures of the exact cab but I cant upload them on the forum.. Anyways we will be aiming at single passengers or two people max so the rear facing chairs wont be really used. To be honest there wont be any camera covering that part of the action so even if someone sits there we wont be using it. I believe that after a certain point in the interaction the passenger will come forward to talk to the driver in a more personal manner cause the conversation will lead him to that and that's why I need a mic for the normal siting position and one if the passengers come forward and closer to the dividing panel. Having a mic on the panel though is a very valid point. I might do so to cover more possibilities. I have ordered the same upholstery fabric that the cabs use and hopefully will arrive on time. Thinking of cutting a big piece and attach it to the ceiling with double sided tape (if the piece all along from side to side might go unnoticed) to hide cables etc and having mics protruding from it. Otherwise I will have to improvise during on the rigging day. Indeed black cabs are really damn noisy and clunky.. It will be a challenge. Thanks for the answers guys. It's good to have a conversation and bounce off ideas.
  6. Hello Everybody, I was looking through the forum to see if there was any similar topic in the past but i didnt manage to find something specific so here I am posting the question. I will be doing a hidden camera shoot in a black cab in 3 days and looking for opinions. We will be using three cameras and the plan is to target groups of one to two passengers maximum. Of course that means that we wont know where exactly people will seat or towards where they will look etc so I need to cover all bases. My idea is to use 4 mics in the passenger cabin. initially I thought of using two DPA 4098 for when passengers are fully relaxed in their seats and two DPA 4060 high sensitivity mics with the BLM mount in the case passengers decide to come forward to talk to the driver. The big question mark is where exactly I'm gonna put these and how I'm gonna hide them so that they dont draw attention. I know that I can get away with a lot cause usually people are fully absorb in their own things so they dont notice what is obvious to us that placed it there but the clients can be difficult. I dont think I will have a problem attaching the BLM mount in the roof. I have ordered some upholstery fabric (same as the one that is already on the ceiling) and I'm planning to attache some on the ceiling with double sided tape to use it to hide cables or even mics but not sure how to get away with hiding the 4098 and be at the same time closer to the passenger. The gooseneck accessory is great for angling etc but I believe it will make it to noticeable and maybe without it I can get away with planting it. Another option is to use normal lapels that have smaller foorprint and are a bit easier to hide but I believe the 4098 will pick up further than a cos 11 but again the cos 11 will be more forgiving with angles being an omni. Other option is to use 4 x 4060 with the BLM mounts. I have never used in the car to be honest but I have listened to some tests online and they sounded pretty good. Any thoughts? Has anybody done any similar jobs? We will be recording inside the cab into 3 pix240 and my plan was to use cables directly into my nomad and then feed sound into the 3 pix 240. I'm trying to find out if there is any neat way of routing cables from the passengers cabin into the drivers cabin but I have not heard back from the driver or his company. The only way I can think of at the moment is through the money tray that is on the panel that separates the two cabins but it might end up being too messy with a lot of cables. We will be following on a van monitoring everything so I will use two radios to send a feed. Will probably use an antenna distribution system with shark fins to receive the signal in the van to make sure we have solid radio link. Any thoughts would be very welcomed. Here is a link for a picture of the interior of a black cab https://photos-0.carwow.co.uk/blog/1600/Black+Cab+interior.jpg I tried to attach some pictures but the upload was always failing. Thanks
  7. Hair was a possibility cause the actress is not particularly tall either so that way the mic would possibly have a better positioning towards the people as well. The problem with the DPA 4080 on this case is that its too big to hide on the hair (especially on this actress) and also needs a full on furry windshield cause its very sensitive to wind. Which mic did you use? Dont have any cardioid lapel mic on my arsenal so will need to see if there is anything else available on the rental house I'm getting the kit from. I guess whatever I would get it will have to be quite resilient to wind and small since there isn't much hair there really...
  8. The question goes towards someone that maybe has used both mics and can comment on their properties since I've never used the pin-mic. Given that the DPA is a cardioid and I will be on a noisy environment I would think it as the best choice but of course all is subjective and relative. Again opinions welcome
  9. Unfortunately there is no prop on this one, it doesn't really fit with the general script. Some times the actress uses a compact picture camera but this wouldn't help cause she passes it to the people to take picture of her. We thought of using a hand bag at some point but it will be awkward to hold it up and pointing it towards the people all the time. The only prop is actually the brooch that I've added to the actress costume and I did concealed the DPA lav there.
  10. Truth is that I've seen the pin-mic on the web when Rode announced it but never used it or know of someone that has one in the UK so I guess it went in the back of my mind and didn't think of it as an option for this project. Looks easier to hide compared to the DPA that I'm using. Would you think that it will give better results compared to the DPA? One is Omni and the other cardiod pointing out towards the people that the actress is talking to. Also location is quite noisy (street event with loads of people and music at points). I have tomorrow to experiment before the job but need to see if I can find the pin-mic in London through rental.
  11. Hello Guys, Last week I had a prank shoot and getting ready to go for the next one on a couple of days. It's all outdoors and constantly moving. One person going to people in a street event like a parade and engaging in awkward consversations. I used a flower brooch and proped a DPA 4080 lapel mic, pointing out since its a cardioid mic. I had the gain quite up in order to get further away sounds and I also had placed a fully hidden cos11 on the actress with the appropriate levels for her voice. Instructed the actress to go as close to the people as possible but when the prank is not stricktly scripted this cannot always be possible. As expected results were variable and of course I wouldnt expect excelent audio in situations like this but I was wondering if there are any other ideas out there? Thanks
  12. I'm pretty sure that the machine will cope up really well on a job under these circumstances and I know of another fellow sound recordist using the Nomad on a job for three months in the jungle of Congo with no problems but I'm more afraid of the possibility that humidity etc will take their toll later down the line. It's the build up effect that concerns me and the reliability of a design like this in two years time. Having a sealed design that many other companies including Sound Devices have gives me more of a peace of mind. I do own Sound Devices kit but it was all the amazing features that the Nomad has that made me look into the machine more. I want to investigate this a bit more but I guess only time will give answers to matters like this.
  13. Hopefully I can bring this topic back. I've used the 664 a couple of times and felt it was quite straight forward machine. I just got my hands around a Nomad demo unit. It feels more complicated, especially since this is the first ever encounter that I have with Zaxcom gear. I have the feeling that as soon as I get used to its workflow it will be quite easy to use and in general I liked the machine a lot but what makes me think twice is the fact that there seems to be no seal around on the case of the machine. To add to that when you open the battery/primary card little door (which also does not seal properly) you can see the board and the electronics of the machine (somebody else also mentioned that on another post). I have the feeling that the electronics would be eventually affected by the weather elements. Condensation could be a major problem especially if you are shooting in very humid or rainy locations. The sound devices build on the 664 seems much better to me but I'm really curious to hear opinions of people that have the nomad since the early stages of its release into the market and if anybody has experienced such problems.
  14. NNSound


    Congratulations on your purchase Taskin, I have dealt with Roger from Everything Audio and he is very helpful. I own 4 Audio Wireless systems as well (two 32 MHz systems and two 120MHz) and I'm really happy with them so far. They are well built, small enough 1AA powered transmitter and the tuning range of the 120MHz system is extremely useful for the gigs that are outside the UK. I did have the chance to test the system before buying and I was really happy with the performance. I test both the Lectrosonics SRa/SMQV and the Audio wireless one after the other on the same frequency and liked the sound on both. Range was greater on the audio wireless by about 20% roughly by the eye. Range on both systems was greater than most of the uses that I ever have for them. So far I have not been disapointed by my choice but I still havent put them through the test of a feature film shoot. Hopefully this will happen in August and I will be able to feedback. Definitely an upgrade in my opinion from the G3 which I consider excellent systems for their price. Let us know your thoughts when you get the chance to properly test the units.
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