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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, If anyone is in the north west area of the UK, we have just received delivery of the new Audio Ltd 1010 digital systems. You are more than welcome to drop by the office to have a look. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Nathan.
  2. Hello everyone. Sorry if this is a repeat of pervious posts, although i can't seem to find any. I bought some Audio LTD 2040's and the signal is intermittent between the TX and the RX. Its like it gains signal then looses it straight away. I have the Switch-IR key fob that is supposed to be able to change frequencies with, but it doesn't seem to read the TX or RX. Has anyone had any problems like this before. Thanks, Mathew
  3. I’m on a stunts day so I have a chance to write between the explosions. Seems that NAB didn’t bring any announcements of new gear from Lectro. That got me thinking about my wish list of improvements to radio mic systems - regardless of manufacturer. When I started in this industry 30 years ago I used Micron VHF radio mics which were fixed frequency. Later models had three switchable frequencies. I became used to what we now call frequency agile wireless about fifteen years ago with the Audio Ltd 2020, later the 2040 range and now use Lectro. A lot of the equipment we use is tuneable over perh
  4. Here's a new slot 2 channel receiver from Audio Ltd. http://www.audioltd.com/new-en2-slot-in-receiver-debuts-at-bve-london/ I wish their Publicity Dept/Budget was a bit better as I stumbled upon this by accident! Looks promising. Will
  5. Hi all. Does anybody have experience of powering the Audio Ltd 'miniTX' with rechargeable batteries. I'm thinking of getting getting a couple of these transmitters but do not want to use alkaline or lithium disposables. Any input would be welcome. Thanks, Will
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