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Found 5 results

  1. Recently I picked up a Sennheiser EK 2000 receiver on eBay for 250 bucks. At that price I figured it might need some repair but I lucked out- it works great. My kit also includes 7 other Sennheiser units, all are either G3 or G4 in the 100 series (EK and SK). I recently modded these units with the SMA antennas using online tutorials and videos and found that they are mostly the same, apart from small design differences. I have a friend who has also modded the 100 series units, as well as the 500 series. My question- has anyone here done this modification on a 2000 series unit? Is it [more or less] the same process? Are there any pitfalls to be aware of? This is the mod in question if you're not familiar and just curious: https://wavreport.com/2016/10/27/sennheiser-g2g3-sma-mod/
  2. Hey all, Im using a PSC sma multi rf distribution. Does anyone know if the unused SMA connectors on the distro box need to have 50 ohm terminators on them? I am only using 5 out of the 8 pairs of outputs and am getting all sorts of RF interference that I am not used to getting. Worst culprit is the AD's walkies (Ch 1 is set to around 750 mHz), I'm using primarily block 21 (550 mhz). thanks
  3. We have had two reports of loose antennas with the new Rev A of the SMJ antenna. It is a little surprising since the basic barrel is the same as on the previous version. Anyway here is a memo to our dealers from Karl Winkler. This saves me a lot of typing. LEF << Hi everyone, Just in case dealers call and ask about this issue... The latest version of the AMJ antenna is far more robust than the original version. So far, none have broken in the field. However, we are learning that there is an emerging issue: after some use, they can begin to spin, and can't be tightened (this is different than the issue with the elbow, which can be easily corrected by the user with a small screwdriver). In other words, they are tight at first, then with the internal parts are compressed a few times in use, they can no longer be tightened, and then they won't stay upright when used in the right-angle orientation. Here is what we are doing about it: 1) The part is being re-designed 2) All stock plus the 1000 units coming in next week will be re-worked (look for a hold on all AMJ antennas...) Here's what the user can do in the short term if needed: File off the very bottom of the connector (it is nickel plated brass so it is fairly soft) with a flat file to remove about 1/32" or 1 mm of material. Then, file off the burr to avoid injury. Let me know of any questions. -Karl >>
  4. We have decided to send out some beta samples of the improved AMJ (rev a) flex antenna. We need about 20 users that could test these on receivers and on transmitters and give us some feed back. The previous antennas were fragile and the longish hinged post was a problem on transmitters when mounted close to the body. Anyway, we can send out 4 max antennas to 20 users for transmitters and SR receivers with removable SMA connected antennas. Again, we want feedback within a month. Email me at larryf@lectrosonics.com with units, blocks and postal shipping address (we're cheap). Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics p.s. no charge, of course
  5. We are now out of the AMJ antennas that we were giving away. This was due the fact they weren't up to our customers' ruggedness requirements. Though a bit fragile, we still gave away (got rid of) about a thousand of the antennas. The new replacement antenna is now available for money and is the AMJ rev A. The AMJ rev A version is much more rugged and requires at least 5 times the force to break or pull out the center pin. In addition, the connector side of the pivot section is much shorter meaning there is significantly less lever arm to put force on the connector structure. I'm hoping that these will be the antenna we were originally looking for: a compact antenna that can be used on transmitters and moved away from the body of the talent for additional range when needed or away from the body of the camera when used on a compact receiver. Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics
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