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  1. A lot of good options here, MKH50 is great and will flow well if you also use your MKH60. (The 8060 pairs with the MKH50 very well too, and I prefer it to the MKH60) I would (and have) chosen a Deity S-Mic II over the 416, and at $425 it's a steal. They also have the S-Mic II-s which is better for indoor recording. Also, to echo someone above, at your budget I'd recommend a used Scheops Cmit-5u. It's a truly beautiful microphone.
  2. Recently I picked up a Sennheiser EK 2000 receiver on eBay for 250 bucks. At that price I figured it might need some repair but I lucked out- it works great. My kit also includes 7 other Sennheiser units, all are either G3 or G4 in the 100 series (EK and SK). I recently modded these units with the SMA antennas using online tutorials and videos and found that they are mostly the same, apart from small design differences. I have a friend who has also modded the 100 series units, as well as the 500 series. My question- has anyone here done this modification on a 2000 series unit? Is it [more or less] the same process? Are there any pitfalls to be aware of? This is the mod in question if you're not familiar and just curious: https://wavreport.com/2016/10/27/sennheiser-g2g3-sma-mod/
  3. I am reading through Jay Rose's book right now- it should be a must-read for anyone on set, especially if you're touching audio equipment
  4. Absolutely. I hand my tentacle to the camera team and make sure I've provided the correct cable. After that it's on them, we shouldn't have to know how to set up every kind of camera out there. This is clearly a camera dept task. Then again, I have noticed a lack of TC right before rolling and came to find out that the tentacle was plugged into the wrong camera port, so there's that.
  5. Could you elaborate on this? It sounds like you're saying that the .03 difference would be negligible?
  6. So I am doing some reading on cables and star-quad cables have come up. I am wondering if anyone has switched from balanced XLR to Star-quad inside of a Location bag/cart setup and found any noticeable/measurable difference? Currently I am using an SD 633 with Lectro 411a's and when necessary, G4s of the 100 series.
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