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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Im looking for some advice. I have a Sound Devices 664 + CL6 and 8 TX+RX Sennheiser G3. I need to put the RX in a stand closer to the set and bring the sound to my cart. I live in Portugal so I will have to buy it in a European store and I was thinking of having a multicore with a stagebox like the: pro snake MC 1622 (€ 179) or Cordial Multicore CYB C 12/4 (€ 322) coming from Thomann. As I have a stage box I also send the 2 booms in multicore. Is there some inconvenience or loss of sound quality in sending booms and lavaliers in a multicore like those of 30 meters (100feet). Noises? Loss of signal? Any feedback of anyone using pro Snake or Cordial cables? Thank you for your help.
  2. I am posting in the hope for some insight into the logistics of shooting documentary in the humid jungle, as it looks like I will be doing just that in the near future, on a month long shoot. I’d appreciate any advice really, but am also after a few specific things. I’m interested in what people have to say about the best way to approach the situation, as there will be between 14 & 16 talent, based in the jungle, on an environmental mission. There will be a 5 day hike thrown in as well, so i’ll obviously need disposable batts for that. A recce is underway to ascertain the conditions, and to find a HQ for power and storage for the majority of the shoot. Having two sound recordists with 788‘s and miking everyone is already out of the question. Even having one 788 I feel may not work, as power will be a problem on the hike, and it will mean powering all the extra mics, and possibly having to much to handle with the weight, as there will be very long demanding days, 6 days a week. It looks like i’ll have to make do with a 552, a boom, and 4 radios. The leader of this group will stay miked the whole time, and I guess i’ll strategically use the other 3 mics on the other talent. Would I be best to mic the ones that talk the most, or the quietest ones? The main cam will be a Sony F3 with a roaming Z1. I’ll send an SRa link to the F3, and possibly a senny to the Z1. I own a CS3e and a MKH-50 by the way, but may look into getting a new rode or a 416. Any advice on this situation will be really appreciated! Thanks so much for reading
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