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Found 5 results

  1. So, I am new folks to sound capture, processing, etc. I recently purchased a Deity connect 2.4 GHZ wireless transmitter / reciever kit to run sound thru to a Zoom F8n and out to my Dig SLR so sound track can be supplied to video in camera. How do you account for the 19ms delay that is created by the "wireless" method? Is it as simple as delaying the track in the computer? It use a Mac with Final Cut Pro.... Am I making any sense? Just want the lips to match the soundtrack... Jeff
  2. I've been following the "" thread. page-3#entry233201, Marc Wielage brings up the point about delay caused by display devices: These delays of just 10 ms are enough to throw off foley, sound fx, and dialogue - anything really. Does anyone know of a reliable way to measure this kind of picture vs sound delay other than this: http://www.pharoahaudio.com/syncheckproducthomepage.html I use Syncheck version 2 and it seems like the appropriate tool, but even Syncheck isn't foolproof. How else does one measure the delay so that it can be accounted for? The second part of the question, how to adjust for the delay, is easy enough in Pro Tools. It has a video sync offset that offers 1/4 frame steps. One other thing to consider - variable delay. Without genlock between Pro Tools video output and the display device, there will be a varying delay between picture and sound. I can play the same 5 seconds of a scene and the timing will look slightly different each time. Using Syncheck will even confirm that the timing jumps randomly. Oh technology... Mark O.
  3. Just notice this new audio delay/lip sync corrector on the B & H website today that looks like a much smaller, lower power solution than the Behringer Shark. Sescom SES-A-V-SYNC A/V Lip-Sync Corrector Under two inches square, AC power 0.5 watt, 8 setting audio output delay from 0-300 milliseconds for $79.
  4. Does anyone has problems with delay...and I don't mean the FX version. I'm wondering why on the Sound Devices 744T anyone would need to necessarily delay the inputs. Of course there could be the very rare occurrence. But by the time you even notice a delay wreaking havoc on something isn't it too late? I'm assuming delay in the process does occasionally occur...but at what points have you found it to interfere. I can only imagine how long correcting a delay problem onset a run and gun style deal could take..."waiting on sound"
  5. Came across this whilst surfing: http://www.cybersele...uk/product/2369 Could be handy for the 'director headphones/video village' sync problem. Wil
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