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Found 4 results

  1. I bought some disposable AA lithiums from Amazon and tested for power capacity. Total power was a better benchmark since average voltage and Amp hours varied by 8% or so across the three brands. Total power makes more sense due to the switching "power" supplies in Lectro transmitters, since they are like a DC transformer with power in equal to power out (less small losses). I bought Eveready as a reference, NINMA since they claimed 3500 mAh, and EBL since I recognized the brand as a larger seller of battery products. The testing rig was a computer controlled battery tester made by West Mountain Radio. The test current was a constant 400 mA similar to Lectro transmitter current drain. I also calculated cost, corrected for power capacity using prices off Amazon. Amazon has coupons and scheduled delivery discounts that will vary over time. The corrected costs are as of today, 15 Oct 2023 for 24 batteries purchased at a time. Eveready Ultimate Lithium: 4.418 Watt hour 100% (reference) $2.79 2.79 corrected EBL Lithium: 4.212 Wh 95% $1.62 1.70 corrected NINMA Lithium: 4.146 Wh 94% $1.75 1.86 corrected Conclusions: The off brand lithiums would be a cost viable choice if you don't need the last few minutes of run time. A situation where NiMh won't run long enough but an Eveready Lithium is more time than you need. The NINMA brand had the highest current capacity but the average voltage was 8% lower. That reduced its power capacity. Eveready had the highest average voltage making it the highest capacity. EBL had good current and voltage putting it in the middle. EBL was the most cost effective. YMMV Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  2. Another thread was talking about lithium ion batteries and overheating. This example wasn't meant to perform a test on the batteries but is what happens when you misread centigrade for Fahrenheit on your temperature chamber. You get two very distorted batteries and singed fingers. One of the engineers Monday, misread the readout while testing two devices at 140 degrees. He didn't realize the error until he picked up the devices and scorched some finger tips. 140 C of course is 284 F. To widespread surprise, the units still worked and so did the batteries, though now they don't fit in the battery compartment very well. We also now know that the LCD gets very fuzzy at 284 F. Now you know what we mean by half baked designs. Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics
  3. Hi I´ve been testing Np 1 Lithium Li-ion Ultimate NPLU-84. 14.8 V 84 Wh from Pink Noise. New battery and fully charge with my old IDX KL-4 charger. The test was Sound Devices 664 with 2 mic. phantom power ( Schoeps MK 41 and Sennheiser MKH 70). And power for two Audio Limit 2040. At 8.15 AM I arm four tracks and hit the recorder button . I was recording constantly and stop for lunch12.30 PM where I power down the lot. At 13.10 PM I power up everything and was recording again constantly. At 17:00 PM I have my first warning for low power. I keep on recording and at 18.20 the SD 664 stop. Warning low power not able to record. The SD 664 keep the files intact. Very nice. Note I was recording indoor, 20 Celsius ( 68 F ) I was recording 9 hours and 25 min with one NP1 , two phantom power mic ( 48 V ) and power for two Audio Limit 2040 receiver. I do find this very good, and looking forward to try them outside in the cold winter time here in Denmark. ms
  4. <p>Hello all,</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I'm making a minimal-pack trip to the USA and have been looking for an alternative to the usual NP-1 suspects with regard to batteries. I've come across a company called Tracer</p> <p>(<a href="http://www.deben.com/tracer-battery-packs.html">http://www.deben.com/tracer-battery-packs.html</a>) which makes LiPo packs for the hunting community and at a reasonable price, 8AH/12v for around US$160, which seems like a good deal. I'm just wondering of anyone has any experience of using this type of battery on a home-brew BDS, or straight powering and, if so, if there's anything I should know about.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It'll be used to power my ST450, which only uses 7 Watts, so it should give me a decent length of time per charge.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Any information or caveats much appreciated.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Thanks,</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>John</p>
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