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Found 5 results

  1. After a successful year of upgrading Schoeps CMC4 microphones to 48V phantom, I'd like make the JWsound community aware of the www.416Tupgrade.com service, for conversion of T-powered MKH Sennheiser series microphones to 48V phantom power. The upgrade is available for 416, 415, 816, 815, 415 and 406 microphones. http://www.416Tupgrade.com Thank you Pete Verrando
  2. I've just bought an old stock 8060 for a reduced price. Did anyone ever work out which serial numbers were 'revision 1' with the earth problems? Can anyone who has had problems with this mic please post their serial numbers here? (or is that a dodgy thing to do?). Cheers Chris
  3. Anyone actually using this accessory? Is the Cable Stiff or soft and Flexible? I Want to use it for my MS Rig from my 8040/50 microphone and install a Binder connector to go to the Rycote Con-Box. Thanks
  4. Did anyone at NAB ask Sennheiser about the MKH 8030 figure-8 microphone ? Do they acknowledge demand for this mic ? I would quite like to make up a more compact MS pair, but the 8030 remains missing four years after the 8020, 8040 and 8050 launch.
  5. Well, looks like I got a great deal deal on a bazook.. a Sennheiser 815T. Now, in addition to doing push-ups so I can actually boom with the mic, I'm gonna be shopping for a Kleintuchel-XLR adapter and obviously a suspension mount and windshield that are up to the task of housing this monster. Any other suggestions than Rycote? Rycote would probably be great but it'll end up costing several times the price of the mic.
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