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Found 12 results

  1. I would like to please gather your input in a brainstorming frenzy! Portabrace haven't made too many significant changes to their AO-Organizer series of bags, with the recent AO-633 being an exception. It's been a project I've wanted to dive into and get started for a while, as I'd like to improve the bag line for all its users, including myself. After attending NAB this year, I was really encouraged by the feedback I got from users. So I am now making sure that Portabrace's "Audio Department"... Me. Discuss suggestions about product development and modifications. What better place to research those changes than here! Below is the current list of intended mods. But I would also like to establish as to wether the current removable sides of the AO bag need to remain removable? Are you using them for setups? Are they a waist of time? 1) The top lid zip closest to body was removed. 2) Added a removable double vinyl storage lid to the top. Opening away from the user. 3) Added three harness ring attachment points to each side of the bag. For increased attachment options and balance. 4) Reconfigured both right and left removable sides with: Left: External vinyl covered transmitter and receiver pockets. Right: External vinyl covered transmitter and receiver pockets and additional headphone/flask pocket. 5) Added velcro system that allows you to compact and compress the large front pocket flat against the bag when not in use or traveling. Along with the list above we are working on an access point to batteries and memory card slots (below the mixer) i.e 633, maxx, 552 and so on. (The AO-664 already features this design) Thank you for your input. I hope this doesn't get to crazy!
  2. Hello, I am a newbie in audio and would like to get on set experience on audio department. I would like to start as an audio PA and work my way up to boom and to mixer. Based in NYC. Thank you.
  3. Mozegear at NAB - What’s NEW Please come by and see us at NAB. Our stand is C8949 which is just one row over from last year. We are going to be showing our new line of products including our newest product, the 2XG, which stands for 2 channel extra gain. It is a 2 channel Gain Booster that is designed to be used with wireless receivers and the line level inputs on your mixer. The 2XG will be shipping after NAB. The price is $399. Our second new product, the PIP, is a very small phantom power module. It will start shipping in about 7 weeks. Our last product, the Mini Papi, is a mini pre-amp with phantom power that for any use since it so small. You can read more about the 2XG, PIP, and Mini Papi at www.mozegear.com. Most importantly, please come visit us at NAB!!!
  4. What's new at Mozegear? Introducing the Pip and the Papi Phantom Power in a whole new way! The Pip Tiny Phantom Power Module The Pip will available towards the end of June. It will retail for $199 The Papi Pre-Amp with Phantom Power The Papi will be available around the end of August-beginning of September It will retail for $469 For more information, go to www.mozegear.com
  5. Hello all, I recently discovered this forum and am learning new techniques/knowledge each time I log on and read. I wanted to reach out and ask for any advice anyone can lend? I'm based out of Austin, Texas and have primarily worked on shorts, several independent feature films, a couple of feature documentaries and am looking to take that next step up the metaphorical job pole that is the film industry. I'm a hard, disciplined worker who is always willing to learn new and innovative ways to capture the best audio possible. If anyone in the Austin/Central Texas area is in need of a boom operator or a sound assistant, I would greatly appreciate any and all who reach out to contact me. Thanks!
  6. The Portabrace AH-3H Heavy Load Harness has been redesigned. I will be posting pictures of this new harness next week. The new harness had some significant changes made. The padded material is now much more form fitting and contours to the users shape much better, providing a much more comfortable fit. The harness adjustability has also been changed and improved. No longer does the harness have an adjustable velcro shoulder section in the center of the back. The harness adjusts vertically on the chest and also below the arms, changing the position of the metal rings, enabling the user to lower the weight of the audio rig onto the heavy duty belt. The large padded memory foam belt sits comfortably, and very securely around the waist. This belt then supports the majority of the bags weight, taking the strain off the shoulders. For smaller rigs, the harness can be used separately from the belt. (If this larger and more substantial belt system proves to be a popular and functional change, it could then be developed into a large 'belt only' configuration to be used with a modified belt compatible AO bag.)
  7. After the huge response and great level of constructive input that I received working with the JW users, Portabrace are now pushing forward with a custom audio bag service. The concept of custom bags is by no means a new one. But after reading through all of the feedback regarding the AO developments, it is clear that more options are needed to cater for the thousands of different equipment setups and personal user requests and preferences. I will work directly with anyone requesting a custom or modified bag, and I look forward to developing some new products and ideas along the way. Thank you, Adam
  8. Hey, everyone! I'm new here on JWS, so let me start by introducing myself. I'm Sara, a senior Audio Production student at Middle Tennessee State University. I graduate in May of 2015, and as you can imagine, I'm starting to stress about where to go and what to do once I'm no longer a student. Sound for picture has become my passion, although I don't have much to show for it aside from a few school projects. I got an internship at Trew in Nashville, though, so that's pretty nifty. And I know it starts me on the right path. However, I'd like to know if any of you lovely people who frequent this discussion group may be able to offer up a few words of advice. Everyone started from the bottom, and I'd love to know how I might be able to work my way up that path and land in a position similar to any one of you. What did y'all do outside of school to help carve a name for yourself in the industry? I understand these are very broad questions, and I apologize. I hope to be able to narrow them down once I get a few replies. Thank you so much for reading! -Sara
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Pat Kiloran. I recently, in August of 2012, moved out to LA to pursue a career in audio after being a musician for several years and attending audio school in London, Ontario. I wasn't sure whether I would go into music production or sound for picture more heavily, but as it turns out, I ended up pursuing (and really enjoying!) sound for picture. Most of my initial work consisted of low-budget films, shorts, and other small narrative-based productions. As time has went on, I have really gotten into and started enjoying more ENG type work and doc/reality/corporate-style work. But I love being involved in the sound-team of any genre of production. I also do some post-production and music engineering when I get a chance. Anyway, I am still admittedly very green in this industry and have absolute loads to learn. So, I just wanted to take the chance to introduce myself on this site (which has been really helpful and educational). Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll run into some of you soon! Pat K
  10. Hi all, I was recommended to this forum by Rippie on this post. http://www.dvxuser.c...fessional-sound I pose the same question I had to you guys. I will sure read this forum daily, but are there any more resources you can give me to get started? oops I posted this in the wrong forum, can I please get this move by moderator?
  11. My name is Dan Canfield and I am a recent graduate that just moved out to San Francisco. I came up with a concept for Apple while in school and have talked briefly with Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and other executives about this ground breaking concept, but the fact is I need your help in order to make this happen. So what is it? iLive is a premier student housing concept that fuses together student living with Apple technologies to create an interactive experience for the university student. iLive units feature practical and educational amenities that act as a testing ground for new Apple products and services. Units are premium priced and offer a top notch luxury experience that places this style of living in a whole new category. The buzz has been created but help me make this concept become a reality. Imagine a home where technology is seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle. From voice activated commands that control all aspects of the home, to wireless syncing, your home and personal devices work together to create an experience never witnessed before. There is no longer the question of how you would like to live, but the reality of iLive. Lets do it! Questions? dcanfield4@gmail.com
  12. As you may know, Ambient changed the design of their QP line of boom poles last year from matte black coated carbon fiber to a shiny weave of carbon fiber. Since buying a new QP-4140 last year, I've run into a couple of problems with it reflecting bright light sources that hit it directly. Normally you can cross a bright light source as long as it doesn't cast a shadow into frame or change the light level but the new design reflects light so this isn't always possible. In the attached pictures, there was a Source 4 to my right firing into the cabinet on the left and I was booming someone under it. If I were to barely break the beam of light, a ring of light reflected off the surface of the boom into the room which was very noticeable (pictured). I called Ambient in Germany, asked numerous people on set, other fellow boom slingers and even posted in the jwsound Facebook group asking for ideas on how I can dull the surface of the boom but thought I'd try here too. Suggestions ranged from trying to sand the boom with 600 grain (after a lot of sanding with many pieces of sandpaper it took the shiny finish off it but the weave still reflects) and sanding it with #0000 steel wool (if it did anything, I couldn't see it) to the ridiculous such as wrapping it in paper tape. If you have any thoughts or experience with such things, I'd appreciate the input. I'm hoping the solution isn't to pay to have it professionally matte painted with a non-chipping coating or something (if there is such a thing that would work) but I'll take the time to try a solution if might help. Obviously, I'm trying to not destroy the pole. Thanks, in advance, for your input.
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