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Found 5 results

  1. Hello sound community, i need to upgrade my olds Sennh G3 600mhz, then i was testing the MIRPO digital eng system rx:ACT-80 tx: ACT-80TC. I tried comparative tests with SENNH EW100G3, SONY UTX-B03 and DEITY CONNECT. I made videos to show, compare and talk. I personally prefer the MIPRO because: DIGITAL AUDIO 20hz-20khz 115db s/n, wideband, 50mw, true diversity removable antennas, but range not very good in my opinion. I connected one dipole antenna LECTROSONICS SNA600a which improve the signal. I'll be very happy if you can review it and share your opinion. Attach some photos an
  2. I'm investing in a Comtek system to compliment my (rather extensive and elaborate) ERX2 IFB config. I've read the all the literature I can find. Looking for practical guidance on the difference performance in terms of range and fidelity of the following: M216 (10 mw) M216-P7 (10 mw) (will these either of these two cut if for cart use with the right antenna configuration? I'd like to go this route if realistic. I heard a M216 raised on the mast works quite well for some.) BST75 (100 mw) Thanks in advance. - Patrick
  3. Here's a "walk" test using Gordon's Mini with the DB transmitter on the roof with a right angle whip. For some reason the sales department had one right angle whip on the DRM receiver module with an LPDA on the other antenna port. So this literally was a diversity system with 1.5 LPDA's or 2.5 whip antennas attached. Also, they used a transmitter frequency that had a high noise floor from local TV stations. So in one sense this was just the sales crew goofing around. The fact that there was an ex-engineer there, lends no credibility to the test. http://youtu.be/lFTqL8dUD9U Best, Larry
  4. I'm not sure which thread to post this in, so I'll drop it here. A buddy of mine and I did a range test today using the following gear: Sennheiser G3 Zaxcom TRK900LA / QRX100 Lectrosonics SM / UCR411A Comtek 216 series Zaxcom ERX2TCD I understand that there's a lot of variables to doing a test such as this, but we had a lot of fun doing it, we just wanted to test our gear, and to just get a general idea on how the range was since we have never found a solid answer.. Keep in mind, this was all LOS (Line of sight) testing. All results are based on when there was a complete dropout
  5. I recently noticed that one of my two block 21 rx's has lost range compared to the other. I tested them simultaneously - both on the same freq with a single um200c tx then with tx off. One rx is picking up more RF than the other (with tx off) as well as more hits at a closer range with the tx on. Any ideas? Other tests? Also the proximity to my Nomad seems to affect the range of my block 21 systems. David
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