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Found 6 results

  1. According to an article in New Scientist, ordinary plants make audible* sounds when stressed: (* - Well, audible by dogs and teenagers. Or by 96 kHz files with good mics. Or possibly beating with other sounds up there. At least, they're sounds and apparently reasonably loud.) In the article, drought-stressed tomato plants made 35 sounds an hour... when plant stems were cut, tomato plants made an average of 25 sounds in the following hour... unstressed plants produced fewer than one sound per hour... The implications for farmers and gardeners are obvious. For our productions... well, at least it's another source for stuff that can be manipulated in post.
  2. Every post suite I've ever worked in has had aggressive air conditioning. (Dub stages? Not as much. I'm talking about video-style pix or audio rooms.) Clients have often complained about about the temperature, and would ask me to make the room warmer. But mostly the female clients. (After the session I'd have to turn the 'stat back down to make the facility's CE happy.) Some theorists maintain it's because corporate men usually have to wear suits - or at least buttoned collars and ties - while corporate women (even highly professional ones) expose more skin. But in a post environment, most of us - male and female - wear slacks or jeans and an open-collar shirt of some kind. The other likely cause is that men and women tend to have different metabolic rates, so different temperatures are more comfortable. But now there's a study showing it's more than comfort: I've always wondered why there were so few female audio post engineers, when we know women usually have much better hearing than men. Could our facility practices be part of the reason? (Yes, plenty of other reasons in play, probably dating from a kid's earliest playtime exposures to STEM and reinforced by cultural norms throughout their education. This appears to be yet one more.)
  3. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0037627 or summary https://science.slashdot.org/story/19/05/08/2314250/how-a-half-inch-beetle-finds-fires-80-miles-away Fire-Chaser Beetles have evolved a way suss out and find a forest fire fifty miles away. (They love to eat the recently-burned trees.) In many cases, they can sense infrared radiation from the fire even if it's at a level below local thermal noise! They're doing to heat what our brains do when we spot visual or acoustic patterns below random noise...
  4. From today's New York Times: Scientists are trying to make long-term recordings of the ambience in remote Alaskan locations, to capture the sounds of birds and bears and other creatures before they're drowned out by snowmobiles and flyovers. Except sometimes the critters act like actors looking for an excuse why they can't concentrate:
  5. http://www.neomatica.com/2014/08/27/designed-metasurface-thin-near-perfect-acoustic-absorber/ Maybe some of y'all saw this one already. But some scientists at Hong Kong University have created a type of sound absorption technology that relies on a metasurface suspended over a pocket of gas and a small weighted platelet that can be tuned to dampen a particular frequency nearly 100%. It also generates a small amount of energy. The down side is each membrane can only be tuned to absorb one frequency. But there is interesting potential Tl;dr Smart people have made super sound blankets
  6. http://medicalxpress...ted-mammal.html I have mild tinnitus, looks interesting
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