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    Audio, designing printed circuit boards, scribbling software for AVR micro's
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    Ex beeb, ex molinare, ex spitfire TV. Done radio and post production engineering in the 70's to the 90's. Done Stage video racking and setting up.

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  1. Big sigh of sadness as Sifam, who make the BBC style PPM, are stopping making them, Canford have a few, slightly expensive at 577$ for the stereo meter movement . http://www.canford.co.uk/Products/Archive/21375/58-357_SIFAM-74B-PPM-METER
  2. Neve style knobs. Nice thread from GroupDiy, whic take me back to my 70's radio days and Neve BCM10/2 days here http://groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=52401.0
  3. Welcome to Spain, I'm retired and living in Medina Sidonia, south of Cadiz. It can get a bit chilly this time of year. Good luck
  4. Retired and a bit bored so I re laid out a circuit board It's electronically switched. I haven't had any boards made, or any components in my little workshop. I've scribbled some words, but wonder if it's worth continuing? At least there is no software to write
  5. I've looked at many omni electret capsules (digikey etc) and they all appear remarkable flat in the data sheets, but the sensitivity may vary a bit. Looking back to my hippy youth at FWO Bauch (UK distro for IVIE, Studer etc.) in the 70's. The big Ivie RTA had an electret microphone stuck out of the box say 9" to keep it away from body reflections. It may be worth getting a cheap omni mic, stick it on a metal or wood rod to make measurements. My gut feeling is that the frequency response will be fine, but the absolute SPL could be a dB or 2 out. Never did find out why I was stuck with fixing Ivie products anyway Martin
  6. Hi Matt,nice box, but wish Hammond would make a slightly smaller one. I was wondering about making something LTC_ish, then I checked the FCC prices, 10K-ish, ouch marin/spain
  7. Hehe, if you lifted the powered down deck, you could manually move the scissors too half on. Close the deck, and the next time the deck was powered the scissors would complete it's "cut". Since most of the indicator bulbs had blown there was no indication if the C37 was on or off, so any loaded tape would be "editted". The Beeb disconnected the scissors! How I miss "my Studers" in the various Studios I worked, even today. Still got a Studer swiss army knife
  8. "My first ever PCB layout... any suggestions?" I'd bevel the tracks coming from S2,3,4, like you have done elsewhere. Widening the tracks a bit would be nice. Otherwise quite nice
  9. Amira could be a nice mix between Mirar and Amor, Look and Love
  10. Still got a Sony WM-D6, powered it up recently runs at about 7.5ips, ah well, looks nice. Had a Sony PCM F1/betamax combo digital got mislaid when I moved countries. I'd love a Nagra3 for the coffee table- When I was very young had a Ficord 202 http://www.vintagerecorders.co.uk/VR_View_Page.asp?IDS=103
  11. Still got a Sony WM-D6, powered it up recently runs at about 7.5ips, ah well, looks nice. Had a Sony PCM F1/betamax combo digital got mislaid when I moved countries. I'd love a Nagra3 for the coffee table. (But I'm still really a Studer man, apart from the B62 nothing really portable)
  12. Mollinare Xmas Tape, 1983. Happy Memories, and all those Studers to be kept running
  13. I made a little power dist. system a year ago, but my arthritis stopped me finishing it. Was quite nice 12amps,6 outs, V and Amps monitoring, Group switching on 2 busses, or individual on/off switching, option 5V @ 1 amp for USB thingies Just sitting in the never finished box
  14. It doesn't seem to have an automatic change over from main power to battery
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