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Found 4 results

  1. Good Afternoon All, On the verge of upgrading kit. What are your thoughts about keeping my 302 as a backup and to use as a channel expander with a SD633 when required? Or, would it be wiser to just move up to a 664, though budget would probably dictate selling 302. With the 302 as a 633 expander, is it possible to get 3 separate channels from 302 into 3 line-ins on 633 and record 6 simultaneous discreet tracks when needed? I can see feeding sd302 LR XLR outs for 2 channel expansion - how do I best get the 3rd channel out of the 302? Having a backup/second bag 302 rig seems prudent though. I very much appreciate your thoughts and experience. Thanks kindly. Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi all, First post...needing advice. I have a little cash and want to upgrade gear. Im a run and gunner vidiot for 10 yrs or so. Current gear is SD302, Sennheiser ME66 and 3 or 4 Sony wireless lav things. (Gear is limited and costly here in ZA), recording from mixer to camera and out to a Zoom h4n for some safety. I have maybe $5000 at a push to spend. I was thinking SD633 + bag, batteries, chargers, bells n whistles (cables&bag) + new MIcs for the sonys to replace the shitty stock ones and a Sennheiser 416. However...I would like to be able to connect maybe 4 or 5 mic level items to the mixer on occasion (cant afford Lectrosonics (which can output line level??)) So...can I keep the 302 and have the tape out or L+R out and feed that into the SD633 for 2 more channels which it can also record OR should I try and sell the 302 and bite the bullet & get a SD644 (or shoot myself with the bullet and get the SD688) and then not replace lav mics and rifle till much later? I do like the idea of the compact nature (lightness too) of the 633 and it will probably be fine for most applications and the price (633) means I can get some other goodies too (mics) Any suggestions?
  3. In the spirit of the 'Lightweight Bag' I'm currently on a mission to cut some weight from my bag, swap out the 552 for my 302, and I was wandering if this would be a suitable bag for an SD302? I have both a Petrol Mixer bag and a Kata-4, but really dislike both of them. I guess my main question is whether the 302 would sit nice and firmly in the bag, without moving around too much? Is there a system to hold the 302 in place? Any user experience would be greatly appreciated. These new Petrol bags have not hit our shores just yet, and before I splash out on a new bag I want to make sure it will be suitable. Cheers, Jason
  4. Hey all, First post here. Been lurking for awhile and it's a great forum to be sure! I have a quick question. Tomorrow I have a fairly simple gig (yeah I really shouldn't think like that), one actor in front of a green screen. Boom + lav through my 302 to an EX1. I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with the EX1 audio features, does it have a numbered audio meter on the screen so I could calibrate it easily? Or does it simply have those blocks of which you have to know which level is each block? If so, might someone have any info on how it goes? edit: I did look at the PDF manual for the EX1 but either wasn't looking hard enough or didn't find what I was looking for. Cheers! -Karri
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