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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, after we received a lot of feedback regarding our original ERX holder, we've chosen to split the functionality. We are now offering 2 different versions of the Stingray ERX Holder: KSERX2 (for mounting only) features a removable ¼-20 threaded insert and Velcro backing KSERX3 (for wearing only) features a swivel belt clip So, if you are planning to hand your ERX to the Director use the KSERX3. If you're planning to mount your ERX to a camera use the KSERX2's Velcro to stick it to the back of the monitor or a magic arm via the 1/4-20 insert. The Silicone Holder remains unchanged and still offers additional protection for your investment; the oversized top lip protects against accidental bumping of the knob/switch. Both KSERX2 and KSERX3 have a Listprice of $40 and should sell in the US for $38. They are available now! Call your local K-Tek dealer or check it out on our Webpage at: https://ktekpro.com/product-category/audio/audio-accessories/ Ali ali@ktekpro.com
  2. Hello, Who all is having the issue with the ERX no longer filtering out the test tone sent to it for camera use? And, how are you dealing with this? If you have them mounted on camera, and as a comtek, do you just yell out, "Everyone who has a headset on, take it off for a minute." And has anyone figured out how to "fix" this? I guess I could build headsets with 1k filters built in. Those with useless smarmy responses can go smarm on another post. Sincerely, Martin
  3. I'm having an issue getting time code from my zaxcom ERX into an atomos Flame. The flame has the updated software to sync thru the BNC sync connector. When jamming the flame claims the time code is a different frame rate. Both are set at 23.98. The flame jams fine from an F55. Time code is fed from my 788t thru a trx900CL shows up fine at the display on the ERX. Any thoughts ?
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