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JW CartPower

Jeff Wexler

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Here are some pictures of the CartPower supply boxes that I have been building. This is the latest version I am currently using. Rack ears are on the back (since I mount the box from the back of my cart) and the face faces me so I can see the LCD readout and get to the switch. I have also made a companion box, the same dimensions, that sits on top of this one and has batteries only in it. These 2 boxes are then connected and I have longer running capacity (for those days when I think we will be without AC for a longer period of time).

Regards,  Jeff Wexler





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Very nice work, Jeff!  The enclosure is very elegant and the design very simple.  Do you perchance have a source for the (LCD?) voltage display?  It's smaller than the one that I found and I like it better.  Thanks!



http://store.cd4power.com/cgi-bin/cd4power.storefront/EN/Catalog/  and look for Digital Panel Meters - 2-wire

There is a large selection of LED and LCD meters with their greatest advantage being they are 2-wire hookup which means that which they are reading is also powering the meter. There is another source for inexpensive LCD meters that I Will have to look for --- they mount on the surface and require only 1 hole (1/4" I believe) to be drilled. The ones above require that you cut a rectangular hole --- not a lot of fun.

Regards,  Jeff Wexler

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Thanks Jeff!  If you find the link to the ones that can be stuck on, all the better -- I think a rectangular custom hole for me would have to be done by a professional metal shop as I'm not skilled enough to do a neat job.

http://store.cd4power.com/cgi-bin/cd4power.storefront/EN/Catalog/   and look for Digital Panel Meters - 2-wire

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Thanks Jeff!  If you find the link to the ones that can be stuck on, all the better

Here you go --- single hole (wires pass through hollow shaft) and it just sits in a rubber gasket with sticky back on the surface of whatever you mount it to.


Single Hole Mounting

Perfect Monitor for 12 Volt Batteries

2-Wire Operation

4 to 24V d.c. Full Scale Reading

12.5mm / 0.5” LCD Digit Height

Reverse Polarity Protection

Regards,  Jeff Wexler


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