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Remote power switch for Nomad?


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Now that my Nomad is having it's power switch repaired, it's time to invest in some kind of remote switch.... juuuuust in case....

Anyone have any recommendations?

Currently powering Nomad is a Hawk-Woods shoe with a single hard-wired hirose4 (worryingly vulnerable), while my G2s/G3s are on AAs.

Thing is, if I am looking at paying nearly the same for a switch as I would a switched distro, I would go with the distro for future proofing, seeing as I will eventually buy/borrow Zax or Lectro radios.

Any thoughts?

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I power my Nomad, 2x SRAs and 2xUm400a off of a hawkwoods cup (all on lemos) no problems. Before getting the nomad a couple of weeks ago, the hawk woods cup had been powering a 442 and other various RX/TX combos for the past 5 years. Never have i thought of the Lemos as vulnerable. The NP1 cup version i employ has two switches, which I have never used as the cup is buried at the bottom of my bag. Just pull the battery to power up and down.

Cheers Nate

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