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53rd Thessaloniki Film Festival


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A little off topic but I was at Thessaloniki for a few days (twice) during the 2004 Olympic games. The soccer was held there and we flew from Athens to cover the Japan team. I was working for TV Tokyo. Seems like a dream now though.

Beautiful city you live in and great food!!!


Peter Mega

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Hi Peter,

Yes it's very hard to me if leave one day this city. I'm fall in love with my neighborhood who live. It's called Ano Poli. Every morning I wake up and I'm looking the whole city (panorama view) and mount Olympus, included the sea.

Two things is awesome here. The food and sweets.

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Our director - Marcus Markou and one of the stars, Georges Corraface - will be there at the screening on Weds. Please do introduce yourselves to them. They are the friendliest guys and will probably want to ask you about the film industry in Greece!

Thank you Simon! I will reported back after the movie and meeting with Marcus and George.


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When I go to the cinema to I see a movie I choose the worst seat. Ever. And the reason is one. In the center of cinema you have the right picture and the right sound. And the reason is because in post production the re-recording mixer seat in center. What happend in sound when the seats is going the corner? It's the same as center position? And the answer for "Papadopoulos and Sons" is yes. Absolutely.

Before I go to see the movie (Papadopoulos and Sons) I have see the previous movie in the same cinema house (Tonia Marketaki). Just for comparison in sound (at the same seat). One is Greek no-low budget and one is UK low budget. In Greek movie sometimes I can't understand what is say the actor (imagine the O.V is Greek). No right room tones, ambiences, general the workflow in sound is not good. After the movie I have speak to director (only questions of course) about sound. Answer me with this: "Only ADR, foley and post production work. We don't have production sound on this movie". My eyes is opened as if I see UFO. What can I say? Congratulations and that's all. lol.. And after in your movie at the same position the sound is... you have my comments in PM.

I agree with Marcus about distribution "system". It's not the future the previous model. It's a long story that and I hope some day to talk directly for this and the other things.

Keep going your work Simon and don't be afraid for your work!

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