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LIMITER setup 788T

daniele turi

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...taken from a post by Matt from SD somewhere:



How do I make the 788T limiter sound like the limiter on the 702/702T/722/744T?

The 702, 702T, 722, 744T, and 788T all incorporate analog limiters but the control and characteristics of the 788T limiters are slightly different. The 702, 702T, 722, and 744T have a fixed -4 dBFS threshold, 5 ms attack time, 20:1 ratio, and 200 ms release time. The 788T limiters have a variable threshold, release, and knee, and a fixed 2 ms attack time and an Infinite:1 ratio.
To make the 788T Limiter sound similar to the 702/702T/722/744T Limiter, follow these steps.

  • Set the Setup Menu option INPUT: LIMITER THRESHOLD to -4 dBFS.
  • Set the Setup Menu option INPUT:LIMITER RECOVERY to 200 ms.
  • Set the Setup Menu option INPUT: LIMITER KNEE to Hard-Knee with 20:1 ratio.
  • Set the trim levels so that the normal level is about -20 and peaks around -12 dBFS.
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Not possible to have NeverClip in any recorder other than a Zaxcom product at this time. Excessive and unexpected levels at the input will have to be managed with prudent use of a limiter properly set. If you have to rely on a limiter, the above settings seem to be a clear way to go. Preferable, of course, is to not have to employ limiting, but limiting is the lesser of evils for the majority of devices (other than Zaxcom) in use today.

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