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  1. You might try with this guy 🙂 efksound-3D | Facebook
  2. Well, one thing I've been saying for a few years now is that the gear we buy, at that price, should be totally waterproof. That'd be the next BIG thing to me.
  3. Seems there's issues with battery telemetry now; showing ''depleted'' batts that are not and different percentages from full batts. Apparently, the Bluetooth app's coming soon though 👍 igomarsound: how did it go with battery times and about files if recording is interrupted ?
  4. Thanks a lot for your input about this ! I will make ''standard'' battery swaps, it's just that I'd be using two different types of batteries, hence the two cups (slowly converting from NP1s to HiQs as my NP1s die). I wouldn't be using two batteries at the same time. So that's good news. Cheers
  5. I remember having seen a topic on the forum with a 2-batts rig and wondererd if it's as simple as having two battery cups mounted in parallel to feed the distro ? My NP1s are slowly fading away and I'd take the opportunity to go from NP1s to the lighter Hi-Q batts in the process. I'd simply buy a new batt and single charger, put a battery cup in parallel with my NP1 cup in my bag and go from there. Now, usually, things are not that simple; would that be a situation where it is indeed ''just that'' and I can pop the champagne ?
  6. well... not much noise here. 🤨 I wonder if they sold a lot of these units ?
  7. In the manual, I see runtimes when both transmitting and recording , but not while the unit is simply transmitting wothout recording... ?
  8. Yep, with the European version, like the a-10 ... deal breaker for me. Damn, I searched and didn't find any answer; I would have expected something like 6 hours without recording, 4 hours transmitting+recording. Or so. +1, they should develop an independant unit (think of a remote) to bypass phones and tablets. Since I saw how things turned out with the 788 CL-Wifi development and updates I've had my lesson.
  9. Daaamn ! I'll follow this thread for sure... best of luck IYS
  10. I just read somewhere you got to disable the Remote function in the tx menu... looks like they spotted the issue and I assume they're working on it (?)
  11. All this operation probably having been financed through… the promotional/publicity budget from day one. 😆
  12. Is it just me ? I've seen LOTS of these for the last 2 years or so. Maybe DPA has some serious QR to take care of ?
  13. WIngman on Android 9 constantly crashes (Samsung Note 9), even with v5.01 update on MP10-II...
  14. Boomboom

    New SD 833

    drpro; concerning the outputs on the Sonosax, you can order it with this optional card also, which would give you 4 outs (unroll the menu on the right) : 🙂 https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-r4p/
  15. I got three of these if ever interested: https://www.point-sourceaudio.com/products/microphones/earmount/ Never used; I mounted those on subjects for a show and the director was worried about the mics being seen so I had to cancel using them (yep, after having a talk with pictures etc about the mics). They're mounted for Lectro WMs though, but could be easily modified here to TA5 connectors or else if wished for… I had to go ''full waterproof'' with that show so the mics are built to make it.
  16. Boomboom

    HHB Dat

    I don't know if DAT blank tapes are as easy to find as it used to be, but I might have some of them tossed somewhere in a box from those ''PD4 years'' if ever you needed a few of them… 😉
  17. mmm… not sure you have access to limiters if set up for 32bit... I'd have to read that part of the manual again... One thing's for sure: we have discussions with post production ahead of us for at least a few months, if not more. These people, sometimes, when they have an established workdlow, are hard to get into a new way to work things out.
  18. yeah, you're right. I simply meant: with Mozegear you got an ''audio passthrough'' that allows you to plug a receiver on the unit, Tentacle use an onboard mic.
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